Chapter 73: Insect Queen

Chapter 73 of 100 chapters

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Source-type lifeforms could be said to the most amazing and rare things. Each of the source-type lifeforms had different unique traits.

Lin Yuan’s Source Seed didn’t require any spiritual energy and used fresh blood to form the contract. It could also evolve according to the contractor’s will, and it was different from the other Source Seeds that were recorded.

Lin Yuan had allowed Genius to specifically learn information on Source Seeds.

Upon seeing how the masked man used his spiritual energy to summon the purple flesh cocoon, Lin Yuan had a subtle conjecture that this source-type lifeform was an Insect Queen.

An Insect Queen was like a breeding machine and could use the insects that she devoured in each grade to use as models. It could then produce and replicate insects of the same model and gene.

One could say that an Insect Queen was equivalent to an insect swarm. However, an Insect Queen required an insane amount of spiritual energy from the host. After forming a contract with an Insect Queen, the spirit qi professional wouldn’t be able to form contracts with other feys.

This was the difference between the Source Seed, Red Thorn, and this source-type Insect Queen.

Presently, this Insect Queen was in a near-death state, and its roots must have received a severe injury. The Insect Queen didn’t have a choice but to maintain its life through a cocoon form.

Source-type lifeforms always had a flaw, and after so many years, the Radiance Federation could still not resolve this problem. When source-type lifeforms were severely injured, they could be maintained by using large amounts of spiritual ingredients. However, once a source-type lifeform was in a near-death state, it couldn’t recover like other feys by using spiritual ingredients.

The source-type lifeform was a lifeform that had a hard time getting injured. It also meant that the roots of the source-type lifeform were extremely hard to damage. Since the source-type lifeform was in a near-death state, it had regressed to its initial state. This was already the lowest form for the source-type lifeform to maintain its life.

At that moment, the source-type lifeform could only receive the purest spirit qi, and only a massive amount of pure spirit qi could allow it to recover. This was rather similar to the Spirit-Siphon Goldfish.

However, the spirit qi’s purity required by the Spirit-Siphon Goldfish was far below the near-death source-type lifeform. Spirit qi with high purity could be extracted with the right concoction of spirit ingredients.

However, highly concentrated spirit qi that was extracted from spiritual ingredients had a certain level of medicinal effects. Even if the medicinal effects were mild, it was still fatal for a source-type Insect Queen in the near-death state.

Lin Yuan finally understood why this masked man would be in such a depressed state. Lin Yuan understood the depression and could actually feel it himself.

The depression originated from the injury of the Insect Queen. The requirement of spiritual energy from the Insect Queen didn’t allow the masked man to form contracts with other feys. This was the same as severing the masked man’s path as a spirit qi professional.

Everyone present, even the Class 1 Creation Master, didn’t recognize what kind of fey the masked man’s purple flesh cocoon was.

The world had massive amounts of information, and if Lin Yuan hadn’t used True Data and hadn’t allowed Genius to study information related to Source Seeds, Lin Yuan wouldn’t have been able to recognize it.

The masked man looked at the purple flesh cocoon on his hand for a long time before saying to Lin Yuan, “Place your hand on the insect cocoon, and you will be able to see the scene of me finding the four butterfly cocoons in the depths of the Endless Forest.”

If there were categories among the source-type lifeforms, the Insect Queen was considered a production-type and spiritual-type. The Insect Queen’s spiritual-type trait was to allow for the viewing of memories.

The masked man didn’t mind others’ opinions, and it was fine as long as he could prove the origin of the four butterfly cocoons. As for the doubts of others, the masked man didn’t care at all.

Lin Yuan took two steps forward and placed his hand on the purple flesh cocoon, and he could feel a mild warmth from the flesh cocoon. The lifeform within the flesh cocoon was already extremely frail and weak. It felt as though a small flame that could be extinguished from a breeze.

If this was a regular commotion, when the others saw this method of proof, they would think if this was actually a show. However, with Lin Yuan’s status as a Class 2 Creation Master, no one had such thoughts.

Four butterfly cocoons for 120 Radiance dollars might be an astronomical price, but it was just a small matter to a Class 2 Creation Master. Therefore, it wasn’t worth it for a Class 2 Creation Master to act such a show.

Seeing that there wasn’t any more show to watch, the crowd scattered.

When the middle-aged Class 1 Creation Master saw that his young retainer was still in a state of shock, he was so enraged that he slapped at the neck of the young retainer, waking the retainer up immediately.

The young retainer shrunk his neck after seeing his master’s enraged expression. He then followed the middle-aged Creation Master to exit the Rare Lifeform Pavilion in a dejected manner.

If it was any other time, the middle-aged Class 1 Creation Master would definitely stay behind to see if he could build a good relationship with Lin Yuan, a young Class 2 Creation Master. It would be the same as paving an additional path for himself.

But after recalling how his retainer had spoken out of his turn earlier, the Class 1 Creation Master was afraid that Lin Yuan might take revenge later on. Hence, he didn’t dare to continue staying here and left this place of commotion.

The ‘eye of the hurricane’ had now calmed down, and the Rare Lifeform Pavilion was restored back to normal.

Lin Yuan placed his hand on the purple flesh cocoon and felt the spiritual waves from within the flesh cocoon. His mind formed with a scene of how the masked man collected the four butterfly cocoons.

The masked man had indeed found these four cocoons within the Endless Forest.

Just as Lin Yuan was sensing the scene within his mind, he felt the purple flesh cocoon emitting a painful struggle from within. Lin Yuan was able to sense the pain from the insect cocoon’s spiritual world.

However, the struggle of pain was also pitifully weak. This intense spiritual wave felt like it was the final spurt of energy before death.

The masked man’s expression suddenly became nervous. He could obviously feel the pain of this Insect Queen, and his palm was shaking.

Since Lin Yuan felt the Insect Queen’s pain, he quickly circulated his spiritual power and poured in extremely pure spirit qi into the Insect Queen’s body. If the Insect Queen’s pain was like boiling water that was about to burst out from the edges, then Lin Yuan’s spirit qi was like clean, warm water. When the clean, warm water was added to the boiling water, it might not be able to stop the boiling state immediately like cold water, but it used the most gentle method to restore peace for the Insect Queen.

As expected, when Lin Yuan’s pure spirit qi entered the Insect Queen’s body, it awakened the Insect Queen and its source-type recovery capability.

A few short minutes might not be able to heal the Insect Queen’s injuries, but it was enough to bring the Insect Queen from the dying state back to the near-death state.

Lin Yuan withdrew his hand, and when he lifted his head, he saw the masked man looking at him with fixed eyes.

Different from before, the masked man’s eyes weren’t filled with depression. It looked like there was a rainbow that suddenly appeared within the darkness that lasted for several years. The light in the eyes was hope that broke out and also indescribably joy.

There was some hesitation, too, as he looked at Lin Yuan and wanted to say something but didn’t know what to say.