Chapter 74: Sequence #39

Chapter 74 of 100 chapters

The masked man hesitated for a long time before his eyes gradually became determined. “That, I don’t know if I can…”

The masked man spoke in a stuttering manner, but Lin Yuan could already guess what the masked man wanted to say.

Lin Yuan took the initiative and said, “Follow me to the tea room upstairs before we have a good talk.”

The Rare Lifeform Pavilion’s tea room on the third floor was actually a private room with a graceful and comfortable environment. It had been specially built with sound isolation, so the people inside wouldn’t need to worry that others might overhear their discussion in the tea room or be disturbed.

The masked man quickly replied, “Okay!”

After speaking, he was preparing to follow Lin Yuan. Lin Yuan didn’t expect this masked man, who was always calm and steady, to actually become flustered.

Lin Yuan pointed at the four butterfly cocoons on the counter and said, “Let us complete the trade for these four butterfly cocoons first.”

When Lin Yuan was collecting the four butterfly cocoons, he looked at one of the white and ordinary cocoons with excited feelings. Lin Yuan placed the Blue Flash Butterfly’s cocoon in a box by itself. The Vajra Butterfly that was reserved for Chu Ci had also been put aside specially. As for the two other cocoons, one was a Poison Powder Butterfly, while the larger white cocoon was a Hunter Butterfly.

The Vajra Butterfly was the fey with the most evolution variations among the butterfly feys. It might not be especially rare among the butterfly feys, but the price wasn’t low either. An Elite Vajra Butterfly would cost around 40 Radiance dollars.

The Poison Powder Butterfly and the Hunter Butterfly were both less than 10 Radiance dollars.

Therefore, without the Blue Flash Butterfly, Lin Yuan’s purchase of these four butterfly cocoons would be making a loss. However, since he obtained the Blue Flash Butterfly, it would be considered a pure gain.

After the trade, Lin Yuan was about to transfer the money to the masked man’s Star Web account, but the masked man wouldn’t accept it.

Lin Yuan patted on the masked man’s shoulder and said, “This matter is this matter. Since I purchased your butterfly cocoons, I naturally have to pay you the Radiance dollars. If you have something to say, we can talk in the tea room.”

After hearing Lin Yuan’s statement, the masked man finally agreed.

Lin Yuan looked for the staff and proposed to use one of the tea rooms, so they were directly led to the third floor.

The tea room environment was truly great, and there were several pots of Silver flowers and plants that were blooming brightly, allowing the room to be filled with a graceful fragrance.

After sitting on the tea room sofa and sipping on the spirit tea made with feys, one would involuntarily feel that their fatigue was all washed clean by the tea fragrance.

Obviously, the masked man didn’t have the thoughts to bother about the spirit tea that he would rarely see.

Lin Yuan opened his mouth and said, “What is on your mind? You can just tell me directly.”

Lin Yuan didn’t immediately expose the masked man’s thoughts. These were things that Lin Yuan hoped for the masked man to speak personally, and it would serve as a method to overcome his past.

The masked man looked at Lin Yuan for a long time before he reached out and took off his mask. The face behind the mask wasn’t as old as a middle-aged man that Lin Yuan imagined. The man looked to be around 25 or 26 years old, but his eyes had an aged feeling that didn’t suit his face.

After taking off the mask, the man circulated his spiritual energy. A deep purple rune appeared and revolved around the man. The man then started to circulate his spiritual power too.

There might not be a whirlpool formed, but there was already a current.

Lin Yuan raised his brows and didn’t expect this masked man to have a Willpower Rune. From the looks of it, his spirit qi rank was at the A-rank. If he progressed further and obtained a fantasy breed fey, he could be considered a king-class expert.

Given this man’s age and talent, it was impossible for him to be ordinary. Such talent would be considered top-notch within the Radiance Federation, and not to mention he possessed a source-type lifeform, the Insect Queen.

If the Insect Queen wasn’t severely injured and reached a near-death state, this man should be an expert among the young generation’s top ranks.

Lin Yuan didn’t ask, and it was the masked man who spoke first this time. “Let me introduce myself. My name is Liu Jie, 27 years old. Previously, I was a B-rank combat-class spirit qi professional. I possess the Insect Queen, a Platinum III/Epic lifeform.”

Liu Jie introduced himself in a serious manner while Lin Yuan listened seriously too. After giving an introduction on his personal information, Liu Jie supplemented. “Two years ago, I was also part of the Radiance Hundred, Sequence #39, Heart of Insect Swarm.”

After hearing this statement, Lin Yuan’s eyes widened open, and his pupils contracted. Sequence #39, Heart of Insect Swarm?

Even though Lin Yuan wasn’t really passionate about news, he had still heard of news on Sequence #39, the Heart of Insect Swarm.

During a Class 3 dimensional rift that had opened up in the nearby Cold Frost City, the dimensional rift had been connected to a Dark Subterranean World. The subterranean world’s lifeforms were famous for being greedy and ruthless. They would hunt and kill all living lifeforms.

The Class 3 dimensional rift hadn’t brought much damage to Cold Frost City because of Sequence #39, Heart of Insect Swarm, commanding the insect swarm. He alone had stalled the Class 3 dimensional rift’s subterranean beasts for half an hour. It had been this half an hour that had prevented the Cold Frost City from turning into a purgatory.

However, Sequence #39, Heart of Insect Swarm, had vanished afterward, never to appear again.

Two years weren’t enough to wipe out everything. However, as compared to the other Radiance Hundred, the Heart of Insect Swarm wasn’t as famous as before.

One year ago, the Radiance Hundred had been sorting their Sequence again, and because the Heart of Insect Swarm hadn’t appeared, he had been removed from the Radiance Hundred. It was truly a pity.

However, Lin Yuan didn’t expect that a person who had become a Radiance Hundred and Sequence #39 would be wearing a mask and bringing his injured source-type lifeform around. He had actually been seeking survival by searching and selling butterfly cocoons on the Rare Lifeform Pavilion’s first floor.

This made Lin Yuan feel an indescribable pressure.

Perhaps Liu Jie was able to see the change in Lin Yuan’s expression, so he continued to explain, “After that battle, the Insect Queen and I weren’t supposed to survive. It was the Bamboo Monarch who used three months to heal me. At the same time, he was able to maintain the Insect Queen at a barely near-death state. I am the one that chose my current lifestyle. I didn’t wish to become someone useless who lived in my glorious past.”

Lin Yuan could feel Liu Jie’s pride in his words. Lin Yuan might not be able to understand Liu Jie fully, but he was still filled with admiration.

Perhaps, this was the life of contribution that was chosen by a heroic person.

At that moment, Liu Jie heard Liu Jie speaking again. “But today, you allowed me to see hope again. It is unknown why your spirit qi is able to recover my Insect Queen’s injuries.”

While speaking, Liu Jie knelt on one knee and made a retainer’s posture swearing the oath.