Chapter 75: The First Retainer Knight

Chapter 75 of 100 chapters

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A determined voice echoed. “I use the Willpower Rune as an oath to become Class 2 Creation Master Lin Yuan’s retainer. I shall solemnly obey the responsibilities of a retainer, and if I violate the oath, I shall receive punishment from the willpower of the world.”

Once Liu Jie’s words turned silent, the purple Willpower Rune that was revolving around Liu Jie suddenly stopped. The rune appeared with a layer of mysterious chain, and it was locking up Liu Jie’s Willpower Rune tightly on this end. On the other end of the chain was Lin Yuan’s spiritual energy.

Liu Jie could feel himself and Liu Jie forming a superior and subordinate relationship.

This was a rune oath, and only people who comprehended Willpower Runes could take the oath. Violating it would cause the world’s willpower to form a barrier, disallowing them to feel spirit qi again.

It could be said to be the oath that was most intolerant of violation after the Spirit Qi Awakening. Once the rune oath was violated, an expert who could comprehend the world’s willpower and form the rune would become an ordinary person who couldn’t even feel spirit qi. Such a punishment was even harder to accept for spirit qi professionals than to kill them.

Lin Yuan didn’t expect Liu Jie to suddenly make the rune oath. Lin Yuan looked at Liu Jie and didn’t know what to say for a moment.

After obtaining two retainer crests today, Lin Yuan did think about taking in two retainers. However, he didn’t expect to encounter such a situation and accept a retainer who was once a member of the Radiance Hundred’s top Sequence member.

Liu Jie might not be Sequence #39 of the Radiance Hundred anymore and had been neglected for two years, but if Liu Jie’s Insect Queen fully recovered, it was possible for him to reach the same heights again.

The two neglected years weren’t actually wasted either. He might not have any increase in strength over two years, but the growth in his mental state was something that Liu Jie would have never obtained in the past.

Liu Jie looked at Lin Yuan with an extremely calm expression and said, “With the oath taken, I am now your retainer or guardian knight. I wish to plead for you to help my Insect Queen recover. However, I have nothing on me as a repayment. I can only use myself. If you grant me a new life, I hand over the rest of my life to you.”

After observing Liu Jie’s calm expression for a long time, Lin Yuan asked in return, “Is it worth it to sacrifice the rest of your life?”

When Liu Jie heard Lin Yuan’s question, he recalled how the Bamboo Monarch had said that the Insect Queen could only gradually recover with extremely pure spirit qi that didn’t have any medicinal effects.

It was something that even the Bamboo Monarch couldn’t achieve. If a Class 5 Creation Master couldn’t do it, then it was the same as giving Liu Jie a death sentence.

During the past few years, Liu Jie had tried to look for other Creation Masters, but it was useless. As time elapsed, he no longer had any hopes. But it was unknown why this youth in front of him had spirit qi that could help his Insect Queen recover.

This was Liu Jie’s only opportunity. Let alone saying if it was worth it, since the choosing of a spirit qi occupation, one would have to face various choices and decisions. Each choice would cause the individual to enter a completely different path.

Liu Jie had constantly been making choices, choosing the source-type lifeform, Insect Queen; choosing to strive and become Sequence member of the Radiance Hundred; choosing to protect the Cold Frost City; and choosing to become Lin Yuan’s retainer knight now.

Liu Jie didn’t dare to say that each of his choices was absolutely perfect or were definitely great choices, but Liu Jie would never regret his choices.

Liu Jie suddenly smiled, and that determined face revealed a little silly look. “Worth it.”

The days that Liu Jie couldn’t be a spirit qi professional made him feel as though he was a walking corpse. Right now, the hopeful light was so dazzling that Liu Jie couldn’t turn his eyes away.

Lin Yuan reached out his hand solemnly and shook Liu Jie’s hand.

The duo might not be using much strength, but their handshake was rather firm.

Lin Yuan pulled up Liu Jie and said, “Since you chose to become my retainer knight, then I shall also fulfill my responsibilities. In a few days, I will help you Insect Queen to conduct an initial treatment.”

The rune oath had subtly bound Liu Jie and Lin Yuan together. Liu Jie made the oath while Lin Yuan bearer, the latter could be at ease and accept Liu Jie’s loyalty. In fact, Lin Yuan didn’t have to take responsibility, but Lin Yuan wasn’t such a person.

After receiving Liu Jie’s loyalty, Lin Yuan immediately felt a heavier responsibility on himself.

Liu Jie was an ex-member of the Radiance Hundred Sequence. If Lin Yuan said that such a person was his retainer, no one would believe him.

After hearing Lin Yuan’s response, Liu Jie let out an even sillier smile as Liu Jie knew that he didn’t swear his loyalty to the wrong person.

“Actually, even if you had asked me directly to heal your Insect Queen, I wouldn’t have refused either.”

Liu Jie had risked everything for the Cold Frost City—he had risked his glory and his dream just to offer protection. Such a person was someone that Lin Yuan would definitely respect and admire.

Therefore, since Lin Yuan found out about Liu Jie’s identity, he already had the thought of helping Liu Jie to heal his Insect Queen. However, he didn’t think that Liu Jie would be so straightforward and choose to become his retainer knight.

“Who wouldn’t do everything to walk to the end of their lives? Previously, I couldn’t see any hope, so I could only live my life in a muddle-headed manner. Now that hope appeared, how can I not work hard to grasp it? From today onwards, I shall be the young master’s sword and shield.”

When Liu Jie called Lin Yuan a young master, Lin Yuan immediately said, “Just call me Lin Yuan. Will you go to the Xia Region with me right now? My home isn’t in Redbud City.”

Liu Jie thought for a moment and said, “Lin Yuan, why don’t I look for you in the Xia Region three days later? I have some things to settle for the next two days.”

Liu Jie might be living a muddle-headed life with no hope, but he had earned quite a lot of money during the past two years.

Liu Jie had used the money to provide for over a dozen children and prepared an education fund for these children on the Star Web. The education fund included their school fees and also the expenditure required for choosing feys. Now that Liu Jie received another 120 Radiance dollars from Lin Yuan, it was enough for Liu Jie to save up the education fund’s required money.

Lin Yuan didn’t ask what Liu Jie had to settle. If Lin Yuan knew, he would only feel more admiration. However, Lin Yuan wouldn’t do the same—this might be due to his world outlook, choices, and priority.

Lin Yuan opened up the box containing the two retainer crests.

Lin Yuan had just obtained this box a few hours ago. He would never have imagined he would be giving out one of the retainer crests in just a few hours.

Seeing the retainer crest handed over my Lin Yuan, Liu Jie grasped it in his hand and immediately wore it on his left chest.

Liu Jie was surprised to receive the retainer crest, but it was also within his expectation.

Liu Jie had conducted an oath towards Lin Yuan using his Willpower Rune, and the Radiance Federation didn’t need any laws to ensure that Liu Jie would keep to the oath. But when Lin Yuan handed the retainer crest to Liu Jie, it was Lin Yuan’s approval and validation toward Liu Jie.