Chapter 76: Evolved Red Thorn

Chapter 76 of 100 chapters

Two years ago, let alone Class 2 Creation Masters, Liu Jie had encountered plenty of Class 3 Creation Masters. He had even met one of the three Class 5 Creation Masters—the Bamboo Monarch.

But now, when Liu Jie wore this Class 2 Creation Master’s retainer crest on his left chest, he felt as though the crest was emitting heat and made his heart scalding hot.

Liu Jie looked at the small shield beside the two stars on the crest and knew of his responsibility for the rest of his life.

After parting with Liu Jie, Lin Yuan headed straight to the Xia Region. He wasn’t really at ease with leaving Chimey at home alone. Even if Chimey was a Bronze fey, Lin Yuan was still afraid something might happen to it. Ever since Lin Yuan had brought Chimey back home, this was the first time he had been away from Chimey for such a long time.

After returning to the fey store, Lin Yuan opened the door, and Chimey immediately flew onto Lin Yuan’s shoulder when it heard the sound. It then jumped onto Lin Yuan’s ear and used its little head to rub on his hair to express its yearning feelings.

It had been a long time since Chimey had seen Lin Yuan, and it had truly missed him. In fact, Chimey hadn’t even had the mood to stream its singing, causing a riot among Chimey’s fans.

Chimey had plenty of fans now, and none of the current music streamers on the Star Web were able to compete with it.

Before Lin Yuan had the time to pacify Chimey, he suddenly saw the racks in the house that had all collapsed in a pathetic state. The wooden parts of the racks were all shattered, and the metallic parts had been distorted.

Previously, Red Thorn was only slightly over half a meter in height. After evolving to elite-grade, it had grown to over one and a half meters. In addition, this was only the height of the Mouth of Relinquish.

At that moment, the Mouth of Relinquish was like a wrinkled and thorny sphere. The thorns had several mouths, and they were all baring teeth on the outside.

The previous multi-flora flowers’ corrosive cavities had already transformed after evolving to normal-grade. Presently, there were eight more flowers like the two multi-flora flowers. They formed a circle with ten flowers and surrounded the Mouth of Relinquish.

The multi-flora flowers were as big as a washbowl, and it was opened in an abnormal way.

Lin Yuan could feel the Source Seed’s data changing.

If the ten flowers launched an attack, each of the flowers could spray out five liters of corrosive fluid within an instant. The intensity of the corrosive fluid was able to corrode sandstone and soil.

As for the thorny vines that Lin Yuan asked for Red Thorn to enhance, they were now filled with five-centimeter-long spikes. Each of the vines could reach up to four meters, and there were a total of sixteen of them.

If they started to thrash around, they would probably be able to rip and tear the enemy into pieces within an instant. Some vines were as long as six meters on the outer part, and these were newly grown vines. They didn’t seem to be as lethal as the vines within the inner part. The jade-like vines were filled with three-centimeter-long reversed spikes. During combat, these vines were able to extend and retract.

Lin Yuan noticed Red Thorn’s elite-grade ability, Armor Shatter Rip. He felt that Red Thorn had already evolved into a lifeform that had extremely aggressive attacks.

The Armor Shatter Rip was a great complement to both the outer vines, which had three-centimeter-long reversed spikes, or the inner vines, which had five-centimeter-long reversed spikes. When the vines were brandished, they had the Armor Shatter effect, and even a defense-type fey would have their flesh ripped open after a few lashes from the vines. In addition, the spikes were in a reversed hooked shape, so when the vines pulled, it would definitely rip off a piece of flesh.

After evolving to elite-grade, the Source Seed, Red Thorn had intelligence. The blood contract formed with Lin Yuan allowed Red Thorn to feel close blood ties with him.

Red Thorn then extended one of its inner vines. This vine was similar to the other inner vines, but it didn’t have any spikes.

The vine coiled around Lin Yuan’s wrist, and he was able to clearly sense the intimate emotional waves that were emitted from Red Thorn. It was like a coquettish wheedle.

Lin Yuan was able to vaguely feel Red Thorn’s thoughts. It seemed like this vine was specially grown when Red Thorn evolved to elite-grade due to the intelligence, enabling Red Thorn to get closer with Lin Yuan.

When Red Thorn felt Lin Yuan by its side, it gave off a delightful emotion and quickly influenced Lin Yuan. While looking at Red Thorn, Genius, Chimey, and also Morbius on his wrist, Lin Yuan felt particularly fulfilled.

There was no longer any trace of fear for the unknown future. He was now looking forward to the future and wanted to move ahead at twice the speed.

After preparing the Bronze alien insect flesh for Red Thorn, Lin Yuan logged onto the Star Web.

He was rather apologetic for missing the appointment with Zhou Jiaxin. At the same time, he felt rather regretful that he couldn’t pick out any rare and hidden goods.

Lin Yuan was now planning to purchase a massive number of inferior energy ores.

Firstly, after nurturing several Spirit-Siphon Goldfish batches, including those fish eggs produced by the Five Fortune Ranchu and the female Spirit-Siphon Goldfish, the inferior energy ores were running out.

Secondly, Lin Yuan required a huge amount of pure spirit qi to heal the Insect Queen.

In fact, Lin Yuan didn’t feel that it was difficult to treat the Insect Queen’s injuries. He just had to provide a large amount of pure spirit qi and keep up with the Insect Queen’s consumption.

As a source-type lifeform, the Insect Queen had a certain recovery capability, and with enough spirit qi supplied, it would only need a very short time to recover.

Lin Yuan didn’t send a message to Zhou Jiaxin this time and visited her store instead.

After arriving at Zhou Jiaxin’s store, Lin Yuan quickly entered when he saw her standing inside.

“Big Sister Xin, I had been busy for the past two days, so I didn’t make it for yesterday’s appointment to pick those severely injured feys with damaged roots.”

Zhou Jiaxin was looking through the store’s accounts, and when she saw Lin Yuan, she immediately stood up.

Zhou Jiaxin had thought through many things when Lin Yuan missed yesterday’s appointment. She had sent a message to Lin Yuan but hadn’t received a reply. After making an estimation, she had made a harsh decision to sell off a portion of those severely injured feys that arrived yesterday, but she had left behind the best ones.

She had wanted to wait for Lin Yuan to visit and still have goods for him to choose.

Zhou Jiaxin was a person who had bold ideas and actions. Since she had already determined that Lin Yuan had the backing of a Creation Master, before Lin Yuan expressed an obvious attitude, she was going to do everything that was required of her.

When she was looking through the accounts, Zhou Jiaxin was rather distracted. Now that Lin Yuan visited the store, her heart was immediately at ease.

As she stood up, she saw that Lin Yuan was wearing a Class 2 Creation Master crest. Zhou Jiaxin knew plenty of things about Creation Masters. For Lin Yuan to become a Class 2 Creation Master at such a young age, it had already answered her questions. Lin Yuan must have a huge pool of resources behind him that she could never imagine.

Even if Lin Yuan didn’t have any resources, Zhou Jiaxin felt that it was worth it for her to go all out to build a great relationship with Lin Yuan, who was such a young Class 2 Creation Master.

“Why are you so polite? Big Sister Xin specially reserved a few of the better feys for you to pick. If you don’t fancy any of them, I will sell them later.”