Chapter 77: Sword Horn Speed Antelope

Chapter 77 of 100 chapters

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Zhou Jiaxin’s reply astonished Lin Yuan a little. A severely injured fey with damaged roots was extremely hard to store. Once the fey perished, the price wouldn’t just drop by 10%. On any other normal business day, Zhou Jiaxin definitely wouldn’t do the same. Otherwise, she would surely be making a loss when selling injured feys like this.

Zhou Jiaxin’s store shouldn’t have any Creation Master, but even if there was a Creation Master, wasting a Creation Master’s time to maintain a severely injured fey’s life was a losing business already. It was obvious that Zhou Jiaxin was doing so for Lin Yuan.

No matter the reason, Lin Yuan was going to accept this favor.

“Then I shall thank Big Sister Xin for reserving those severely injured feys for me.”

Lin Yuan’s Spirit Lock spatial zone was already rather big after Morbius evolved to bronze-grade. By working in unison with Pure Land of Bliss and the highly concentrated spirit qi, it was extremely suitable to heal those feys with damaged roots.

The prices of feys with damaged roots were only slightly higher than the price of the feys when broken down into spiritual ingredients. It was unknown how much cheaper it was as compared to a healthy fey. If Lin Yuan were able to purchase such injured feys and heal them before reselling them again, he would be able to earn much more than what he was doing now.

Lin Yuan didn’t just need a massive amount of dimensional lifeform flesh to nurture Red Thorn, but he also had to make preparations to upgrade the Jasmine Lily’s quality to Legend.

Lin Yuan had already made an appointment with the violent-tempered woman for the Revival Soil, and he would be able to obtain it in a few more days. As for the two Mahogany Tree Cores and one liter of Grasswood Fountain Water, Lin Yuan had yet to find a solution.

The Grasswood Fountain Water might be available on the market, but one liter of Grasswood Fountain Water wasn’t exactly cheap. Therefore, the accumulation of resources was Lin Yuan’s first priority. While accumulating resources, Lin Yuan would also be subconsciously increasing his strength.

When Zhou Jiaxin heard Lin Yuan expressing his thanks, her smile was even brighter. She had taken such measures before to build a good customer relationship in the past, but before doing so, the customer must be willing to accept the favor first. Otherwise, even if she did more than expected, it would be useless if the customer wasn’t grateful for it.

“Come, follow me to the warehouse where I reserved three of the severely injured and near-death feys. Those three feys are the best among this batch of delivery.”

After speaking to Lin Yuan, Zhou Jiaxin informed the store staff, who was busy, and brought Lin Yuan toward the warehouse.

Zhou Jiaxin’s store staff was a lively and slightly chubby young lady. When Lin Yuan visited previously, the young lady hadn’t seen him. Thus, this time, she finally encountered him.

The young lady took a few glances at Lin Yuan. As a staff member of a fey and spiritual ingredient store, she noticed the Class 2 Creation Master crest on Lin Yuan’s chest. Due to the instinctive reverence toward Creation Masters, even the lively young lady didn’t dare to approach and greet Lin Yuan.

When Lin Yuan was following Zhou Jiaxin to the warehouse, he could feel that Zhou Jiaxin had something to ask but didn’t know how to ask even though she was making constant conversation.

Lin Yuan didn’t expose it. He had a mere customer relationship with Zhou Jiaxin. If Zhou Jiaxin required his help on business matters, Lin Yuan wouldn’t mind helping. However, Zhou Jiaxin must be able to afford the price. If it was other matters that should be rejected, Lin Yuan wouldn’t hesitate to refuse as he wasn’t a person who tried to be on good terms with everyone.

After walking into the warehouse, Lin Yuan immediately saw a dying fey that was resting on the floor. It was an antelope.

“This is a Sword Horn Speed Antelope, a rather good Silver fey. This Sword Horn Speed Antelope’s sword horn is in a good shape, and it is already at Silver X/Elite. It is just one step away from reaching gold-grade. Therefore, the flesh of this Sword Horn Speed Antelope is a good choice, be it to feed to a fey or for your own consumption.” Zhou Jiaxin introduced the Sword Horn Speed Antelope.

Zhou Jiaxin had put in quite the effort for this Sword Horn Speed Antelope as she had fed plenty of Bronze Usneas to it. Otherwise, the Sword Horn Speed Antelope wouldn’t have survived until now.

Lin Yuan walked over to look at the Sword Horn Speed Antelope and reached out his hand before placing it on the Sword Horn Speed Antelope’s horn. The Sword Horn Speed Antelope struggled to lift its head and took a glance at Lin Yuan before its head sank back down again.

The Sword Horn Speed Antelope obviously knew about its body condition, and given the intelligence of a Silver fey, it already understood the fate awaiting it. The vitality that was slowly leaking made the Sword Horn Speed Antelope feel increasingly weaker.

Lin Yuan checked on the Sword Horn Speed Antelope’s condition and stood back up. Lin Yuan didn’t know the limits of his healing capability, so he was planning to use this Sword Horn Speed Antelope as an experiment. He wanted to see how much the Sword Horn Speed Antelope could recover if he used the Pure Land of Bliss within the Spirit Lock spatial zone and circulated his spirit qi at full force for one hour.

Zhou Jiaxin might already know that Lin Yuan was a Class 2 Creation Master, but as a habit, she still gave detailed information of the Sword Horn Speed Antelope to Lin Yuan. “The injuries of this Sword Horn Speed Antelope might not be visible on the surface, but the injuries are rather bad on the inside. This Sword Horn Speed Antelope received a strong smashing impact, causing its inside organs to displace, and some of the organs have even ruptured. When I was feeding it some Bronze Usneas, it helped the Sword Horn Speed Antelope recover some energy. But from the condition now, the Sword Horn Speed Antelope won’t last for more than five hours.”

Lin Yuan had already inspected the injuries of the Sword Horn Speed Antelope earlier. Still, after listening to Zhou Jiaxin’s explanation, he couldn’t help but lament Zhou Jiaxin’s method of business.

For such severely injured feys, as long as it was still alive, the seller wouldn’t take the initiative to explain about the injuries and predict the time of death. Just like the Sword Horn Speed Antelope, which didn’t have any external injuries, other store owners would never specify that it would die within five hours. By doing so, it would cause the value of the fey to drop drastically.

Lin Yuan was truly filled with admiration toward Zhou Jiaxin’s business method, which was nothing but sincerity.

“Big Sister Xin, what is the price of this Sword Horn Speed Antelope?”

The price of this dying Silver Sword Horn Speed Antelope wouldn’t be very high. Even if the Sword Horn Speed Antelope’s sword horn was in good condition, it wasn’t considered some rare spiritual ingredient.

When using the antelope’s horn as a spiritual ingredient, it would normally be ground into powder form, so there wasn’t a requirement for it to look good.

The price of a Sword Horn Speed Antelope’s sword horn was comparable with the flesh price of a Silver fey that was over 70 catties.

The Sword Horn Speed Antelope was an agile and nimble offense-type fey. It provided great damage and was easy to nurture. Thus, it was considered a rather popular fey.

“100 Radiance dollars will do.” Zhou Jiaxin was very forthright.

Lin Yuan calculated the price. It was rather fitting for 100 Radiance dollars to purchase a dead Sword Horn Speed Antelope. For a Sword Horn Speed Antelope in this condition, the price should be around 150 Radiance dollars. It was evident that Zhou Jiaxin had lowered the price for him.