Chapter 80: First Portion of Resource

Chapter 80 of 100 chapters

After listening to Lin Yuan’s response, Zhou Jiaxin was pleasantly surprised.

Previously, Zhou Jiaxin felt that it would be good if she could import 20 Spirit-Siphon Goldfish and thought that she would only be able to import around 10 pots of Bronze Usneas a month. She never expected Lin Yuan’s supply to be several times more than her imagination.

With these resources, her store would no longer be a store that could only attract customers with the quality of her spiritual ingredients. With these rare goods, she would just need to supply a limited quantity, and the store’s reputation would quickly improve. She would then host some activities to thank the customers.

With such a trump, it was possible for her store to promote into a Class 4 one by the end of the year. It was a dream that she had for many years but didn’t have any method to achieve.

A single statement from Lin Yuan gave her the opportunity to make her dream into reality. The calm and composed Zhou Jiaxin didn’t know what to do for a moment.

Zhou Jiaxin was truly rejoicing from the decision that she made previously. If she hadn’t shown any kindness to this young man previously, he wouldn’t have reciprocated with so.

Given the goods that the young man possessed, other stores that wanted to promote their class grade would be snatching for the chance even if the cost was increased by 10%.

Zhou Jiaxin had already heard of the rumors on the feys that Lin Yuan sold. The quality was incredible, and the price affordable. Every time they appeared on the shelves, they would be wiped out in three minutes. It wasn’t only the case, just the fact that Lin Yuan was a Class 2 Creation Master, it was already worth it for Zhou Jiaxin to build a good relationship.

However, Lin Yuan’s forthright actions made Zhou Jiaxin feel that the two of them didn’t just have a relationship of benefits, but they were more like friends.

“Lin Yuan, Big Sister Xin shall thank you first then. In the future, if you purchase spiritual ingredients from Big Sister Xin’s store, I will sell them to you at cost price. Or if you need any spiritual ingredients that you cannot find, I can also help you to spread the news and find out.”

Zhou Jiaxin had already opened up all her channels and connections to Lin Yuan. Actually, Zhou Jiaxin knew that her connections and channels were nothing for a Class 2 Creation Master. Well, it was more for those veteran Class 2 Creation Masters. For a new Class 2 Creation Master like Lin Yuan, who might still be respected because of his capability, but he wouldn’t have sufficient connections, it was a boon.

From now on, Zhou Jiaxin would become Lin Yuan’s first connection and channel.

“Big Sister Xin, if you wish to aim for the promotion for a Class 4 store, I can provide you with 20 Elite Five Fortune Ranchus next month and 20 pots of Silver Usneas.”

As one of his connections and channels, if Zhou Jiaxin could promote her store to a Class 4 one, it would be beneficial for Lin Yuan. Therefore, Lin Yuan didn’t mind to offer Zhou Jiaxin help at this crucial moment and allow her to promote further. As a result, Zhou Jiaxin would bring more help and advantage to him.

When Zhou Jiaxin heard Lin Yuan’s proposal, she wasn’t just delighted—she was shocked. She was now certain that a veteran Class 3 Creation Master was backing Lin Yuan. It might not be a Class 3 Creation Master—it could even be a Class 4 Creation Master!

In the Radiance Federation, if a Class 5 Creation Master didn’t interfere, the Class 4 Creation Masters were already the limit at the ceiling. Class 4 Creation Masters were existences that Zhou Jiaxin would never be able to encounter even if she wished for it. She finally understood that she had underestimated the strength of Lin Yuan’s background.

She was the one that had sold the Five Fortune Ranchu to Lin Yuan. In order to nurture the mother Five Fortune Ranchu’s babies to elite-grade within a short one month, it was already more than what a regular Class 3 Creation Master could do. Moreover, there was the addition of those 20 pots of Usneas.

Usneas were plants that weren’t at normal-grade at first. It was far harder to evolve it to silver-grade than any other feys. There wasn’t a need for the 20 Five Fortune Ranchus; just the impact of the 20 pots of Silver Usneas was enough for her store to promote to Class 4.

Zhou Jiaxin’s current priority was to prepare enough money to purchase those 20 Five Fortune Ranchus and 20 pots of Silver Usneas within this month. Normally, Zhou Jiaxin’s money was mostly held up by the goods. For her to prepare so much money within a month was a challenge that was facing Zhou Jiaxin.

After completing the trade with Zhou Jiaxin, Lin Yuan ordered another 50,000 catties of inferior energy ores from Zhou Jiaxin. She sold them to Lin Yuan at her cost price, which allowed Lin Yuan to save nearly half the money. It was evident that selling spiritual ingredients was truly profitable.

After logging out of the Star Web, the Ostrich Logistics’ courier arrived.

Lin Yuan poured all of the inferior energy ores into the spirit pool, and after it dissolved a portion of them, there was a thick stack still remaining at the bottom.

Immediately after, Lin Yuan brought the fey storage boxes that contained the Sword Horn Speed Antelope, Cinnabar Osmanthus Haworthia, and Cinnabar Sweet Osmanthus to the Pure Land of Bliss within the Spirit Lock spatial zone.

He then opened up the box that contained the Sword Horn Speed Antelope first. The concentrated spirit qi entered the Sword Horn Speed Antelope’s skin and nourished its body while also repairing the damaged organs within the Sword Horn Speed Antelope while it breathed.

Lin Yuan stroked the Sword Horn Speed Antelope’s body gently and rapidly channeled spirit qi to help the Sword Horn Speed Antelope recover.

The Sword Horn Speed Antelope looked at Lin Yuan with gratitude and used its cheek to rub on Lin Yuan’s hand. Subsequently, it laid down on the Pure Land of Bliss to rest under Lin Yuan’s instruction.

The Sword Horn Speed Antelope was very small and took up a small place within the Pure Land of Bliss. It curled up its body and quickly fell asleep while spirit qi gradually entered its body, slowly healing its injuries.

Next up, Lin Yuan was going to be busy with a huge project.

He opened up the two gold-grade fey storage boxes. Lin Yuan put in a huge effort to plant the charred Cinnabar Sweet Osmanthus at the Pure Land of Bliss’ border. At the same time, he carefully placed the Cinnabar Osmanthus Haworthia in the wrinkled part of the tree trunk. He believed the Cinnabar Osmanthus Haworthia would grow roots on the Cinnabar Sweet Osmanthus soon enough.

Lin Yuan then circulated his spiritual power at full force to channel spirit qi into the Cinnabar Sweet Osmanthus.

After some hard work, even inside the Pure Land of Bliss, the effects weren’t obvious. The Cinnabar Sweet Osmanthus was a Gold fey for a reason. With Lin Yuan’s D-rank spirit qi professional’s spiritual power, it was still rather difficult for him to heal a Gold fey.

Lin Yuan sensed the spirit qi capacity within his body. After many days of effort in evolving feys, Lin Yuan was already making progress from a D-rank spirit qi professional as his spirit qi capacity was only half of a C-rank spirit qi professional.

Lin Yuan immediately purchased a huge number of Usneas. For the next period of time, Lin Yuan was planning to break through and become a C-rank spirit qi professional first. As such, Lin Yuan reverted to the state where he forgot about sleep and food.

He was constantly evolving feys without rest.

Soon enough, three days passed, and Lin Yuan was just one step from becoming a C-rank spirit qi professional.

At that moment, a knocking sound came from the small store’s door.