Chapter 82: Plans for the Royal Capital

Chapter 82 of 100 chapters

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Lin Yuan made calculations. He might not be able to make an accurate calculation of the Insect Queen’s recovery time. Still, after a preliminary calculation, if the Insect Queen recovered in the Pure Land of Bliss inside the Spirit Lock spatial zone, it would take around two months to reach about 80% recovery.

As the Insect Queen’s contractor, Liu Jie was naturally able to sense the Insect Queen’s changes. When the Insect Queen was able to thump constantly, Liu Jie’s heart had also started to thump suddenly.

Liu Jie was able to sense that his Insect Queen couldn’t recover its spiritual consciousness yet, but its body was gradually recovering, and Liu Jie could feel it clearly.

During this one hour, Liu Jie had been carefully holding the cocoon and didn’t dare to move an inch as he was afraid of disturbing Lin Yuan. When Lin Yuan shifted his hand away from the cocoon, Liu Jie asked carefully, “This... How is my Insect Queen’s situation?”

For a person who had just been given hope, he wasn’t able to receive another blow of disappointment.

Therefore, Lin Yuan immediately replied, “If you leave your Insect Queen with me, it will be healthy again in around two months. You will also be able to make it for this year’s Radiance Hundred rankings match.”

Liu Jie already knew that Lin Yuan could heal the Insect Queen, but he didn’t expect Lin Yuan was actually able to heal it so quickly. It was truly a pleasant surprise.

Liu Jie then handed the constantly thumping Insect Queen to Lin Yuan. Lin Yuan held onto the Insect Queen and started to constantly channel pure spirit qi into it.

“Young Master, what instructions do you have for me during this period?”

While Lin Yuan helped him heal the Insect Queen, Liu Jie didn’t want to idle around. He wanted to help out Lin Yuan as a retainer.

Lin Yuan did have something for Liu Jie to do. “Liu Jie, how much do you know about the Royal Capital?”

Liu Jie immediately replied after Lin Yuan asked the question, “I studied in the Royal Capital’s university and lived there for around seven to eight years. I am rather familiar with the Royal Capital and can be considered a local tyrant. However, I haven’t been to the Royal Capital for over two years, so I don’t know how much it has changed by now.”

Lin Yuan nodded and asked another question, “What do you feel if I am to open a store in the Royal Capital after this year?”

Lin Yuan had his own plans too. After Chu Ci finished studying at the Redbud Intermediate Spirit Qi Academy, she should study in the Royal Capital if she wanted to further her studies.

The Royal Capital was the Radiance Federation’s central hub, and it took up the land space of up to four Redbud Cities. Lin Yuan might as well set up a store in the Royal Capital earlier and pave the path for Chu Ci.

Before the end of the year, Lin Yuan was going to strengthen himself several times and upgrade his spirit qi occupation to C-rank. At the same time, he wanted to evolve all his feys to silver-grade and above.

All those things weren’t considered too difficult. The most difficult task was to upgrade the Bronze Jasmine Lily’s quality to Legend quality and transform it into a Fantasy Breed.

The second Willpower Rune that Lin Yuan had comprehended from the massacre was very suitable for Red Thorn. Lin Yuan still had a method to upgrade the Elite Red Thorn’s quality to Epic, but he didn’t think he could upgrade the Bronze Red Thorn’s quality to Legend. It was because Red Thorn couldn’t absorb spirit qi and could only accumulate energy from flesh.

Lin Yuan wasn’t a true Creation Master, after all. He could only use his unique method to evolve feys, upgrade their quality, and heal their roots.

Seeing how Lin Yuan could heal the Insect Queen, Liu Jie couldn’t help but lament at Lin Yuan’s Creation Master skill and potential. Now that Lin Yuan had the intention to develop in the Royal Capital, Liu Jie was definitely approving with both hands raised.

The Royal Capital was a place where only people with true capabilities were able to establish themselves and hold firm. The number of resources and opportunities there weren’t something the Redbud City could compare with.

Given Lin Yuan’s talent and capability, it would truly be a waste if he didn’t develop in the Royal Capital.

“Young Master, I feel that if you wish to develop, it is best to head for the Royal Capital. Only after reaching the Royal Capital will you realize that the difference between a prosperous city and the Royal Capital isn’t just ‘slightly’.”

Lin Yuan went into deep contemplation and felt that Liu Jie naturally wouldn’t be wrong with his knowledge and experiences.

Since Lin Yuan already had the thoughts, he immediately made the decision. He was going to seal up this little store as it would be the warm home that belonged to himself and Chu Ci forever. It was also the place where he started off in the beginning.

Lin Yuan was a person that dared to act on his ideas. He immediately transferred 500 Radiance dollars to Liu Jie’s account. Lin Yuan’s current earning speed was far beyond what he could before. Thus, Lin Yuan wasn’t as frugal as before when spending.

“Go to the Royal Capital and help me to scout out the situation. Find a suitable place for a store, and if a good store is being sold, contact me directly.”

The prices of the stores in the Royal Capital were far higher than Redbud City’s. In order to find a good spot in the Royal Capital to open a store, the prices would definitely be high.

Lin Yuan had the confidence to say such words due to the Five Fortune Ranchus that were about to hatch—they numbered around 1,000! Another reason was due to the piece of land in Redbud City that Ling Xiao had given him when he became a Class 2 Creation Master.

Instead of saying that that piece of land had a store, it was better to say that it was a manor that was more than 1,800 square meters. Lin Yuan had chosen the land, and the land deed had already been delivered by Ostrich Logistics to him two days ago.

Lin Yuan was free to do anything with that piece of land. If there was really a suitable store in the Royal Capital, Lin Yuan could just sell off the manor in Redbud City. This way, he would have the initial deposit required for the store in the Royal Capital.

His earning speed would be increased by several times after some time, especially when he progressed to a C-rank spirit qi professional. Lin Yuan spoke with more confidence due to all these conditions.

“Young Master, do you have any requests for the store?”

“Best if it has a large space. I don’t have any other requests.”

Lin Yuan believed that with his capability and batch production of rare feys, even if he was located in a secluded place in the Royal Capital, it wouldn’t affect his development.

Liu Jie was originally prepared to note down Lin Yuan’s request as this was the first mission Lin Yuan had given him, so he was particularly serious. However, Liu Jie didn’t expect Lin Yuan to only have one request.

After acknowledging the instructions, Liu Jie headed for the Royal Capital. Lin Yuan placed the Insect Queen inside the Pure Land of Bliss and then added plenty of inferior energy ores into the spirit pool.

During the past few days, the consumption speed of inferior energy ores was very fast, so Lin Yuan had to purchase another large batch of inferior energy ores. They were all stocked up inside the Spirit Lock spatial zone and prepared to supply to the spirit pool.

However, after purchasing this batch of inferior energy ores, Lin Yuan already had plans to purchase low-grade energy ores. In terms of value, inferior energy ores were better for the spirit pool, but it took up time for Lin Yuan to add the energy ores into the spirit pool.

Presently, Lin Yuan was no longer as free as before. Different circumstances called for different solutions, and low-grade energy ores were indeed more suitable than inferior energy ores right now.

Lin Yuan then started to enhance feys for seven days without any care for fatigue or hunger. He felt that he was just one step away from becoming a C-rank spirit qi professional.

Just as he was planning to log into the Star Web and order another batch of goods, he noticed that he received information from the Redbud City Lordess, Ling Xiao.

Lin Yuan lifted his brows as he didn’t know why Ling Xiao was looking for him.