Chapter 84: Surprisingly Important

Chapter 84 of 100 chapters

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Other than this Wind Speed Rapid Antelope’s cute appearance, its price could definitely grow by a few times.

Lin Yuan patted the evolved Wind Speed Rapid Antelope with satisfaction and thought to himself, This fellow has really done well and will fetch a good price.

The Wind Speed Rapid Antelope was looking at Lin Yuan with bright, sparkling eyes while using the soft fur and cute horns to rub at Lin Yuan’s hand. It was thanking Lin Yuan for allowing its life to transform. Perhaps, not long after, Lin Yuan would sell off this Wind Speed Rapid Antelope and allow it to have its own spirit qi professional as a partner. It would also be benefiting the spirit qi professional. This was the best outcome for the Wind Speed Rapid Antelope.

At that moment, Lin Yuan felt the return of spirit qi from the Wind Speed Rapid Antelope, allowing him to immediately break through the barrier from a D-rank to a C-rank spirit qi professional.

Once the spirit qi entered his body, the misty spirit qi started to condense within his body. Finally, the misty spirit qi condensed a drop of glistening water droplet. Subsequently, more misty spirit qi gathered toward the water droplet and enlarged the water droplet’s size.

At that moment, Lin Yuan knew that he had officially become a C-rank spirit qi professional.

The alarm that Lin Yuan had set previously had yet to ring, but his phone rang instead. When Lin Yuan picked up the phone, he saw an unfamiliar number. Lin Yuan’s contact list had only a few phone numbers: Chu Ci’s number and a few of the numbers he used for importing goods. The numbers included Yang Mingkai, Liu Jie, Ah Neng, and a few others.

Even Zhou Jiaxin was only contacted on the Star Web.

If his phone was ringing now, it was probably the person that Ling Xiao had sent.

After picking up the phone call, before Lin Yuan could speak, a rather respectful voice was transmitted. “Lord Lin Yuan, I am one of Lordess Ling Xiao’s subordinate officers. My name is Ling Wu, and I am now at the Xia Region’s governor residence waiting for your arrival.”

Lin Yuan never expected for anyone to address him as a ‘lord’. According to Lin Yuan’s status as a Class 2 Creation Master, it was fine for him to be called a ‘lord’, but it depended on the other party.

If it was someone looking for Lin Yuan’s help or some spirit qi professionals, addressing Lin Yuan as ‘lord’ was very normal. However, Ling Wu was the City Lordess Ling Xiao’s subordinate officer, and for Ling Wu to address him as a ‘lord’, Lin Yuan was rather surprised.

Lin Yuan didn’t have many things to pack along, and the Spirit Lock spatial zone already had sufficient stock of energy ores. The Blue Flash Butterfly’s cocoon was also placed on a table within the Spirit Lock spatial zone, and Lin Yuan was just waiting for it to hatch. Lin Yuan reckoned that the hatching would take place in the next two days.

In fact, during the recent period of time, Lin Yuan never channeled any spirit qi into the butterfly cocoon to help with the Blue Flash Butterfly’s hatching process. There was a reason—the Blue Flash Butterfly’s hatching was nature’s work. If Lin Yuan were to hasten this process, it would be as if he was trying to change nature’s divine work to a certain degree.

The Blue Flash Butterfly might hatch earlier, but the vitality and evolution potential would suffer a huge decline as compared to natural hatching. Thus, even if Lin Yuan was in a hurry to make the Blue Flash Butterfly into Morbius’ Bronze spirit-locked fey, Lin Yuan still waited patiently.

Creation Masters might be able to evolve feys and upgrade their quality, and in certain aspects, Creation Masters were just like omnipotent gods. However, when feys were transforming, if a Creation Master interfered, it would only harm the said living creature’s evolution potential.

Since there was nothing to pack, Lin Yuan replied, “After receiving Lordess Ling Xiao’s message, I have already finished packing. I will head over to the governor residence now.”

After hanging up the phone call, Lin Yuan exited from the Spirit Lock spatial zone and circulated his spiritual energy to store Genius, Chimey, and Red Thorn into his Spirit Lock spatial zone.

In normal times, Lin Yuan wouldn’t store Genius, Chimey, and Red Thorn into the Spirit Lock spatial zone, as he preferred to let them live in the outside world along with him. For this long-distance trip, even though Lin Yuan might have methods to bring Genius and Chimey along by his side, they didn’t work for the massive Red Thorn. Hence, Lin Yuan decided to store them all within the Spirit Lock spatial zone.

Originally, Lin Yuan was planning to check his capabilities’ changes after progressing into a C-rank spirit qi professional. He wanted to see how much faster he could evolve Usneas and whether his healing ability could affect the Cinnabar Sweet Osmanthus more. Unfortunately, he didn’t have the time.

After donning a neat attire, Lin Yuan looked into a mirror at a radiant and handsome youth. He let out a smile, revealing his white teeth, before heading straight for the regional governor residence.

Even though Lin Yuan had been living in the Xia Region for many years, he was still very unfamiliar with the regional governor residence. Previously, Lin Yuan had always been living his life in a routine and had never stepped foot into the regional governor residence.

Lin Yuan felt as though he was living another life as he headed to the regional governor’s residence.

After alighting the Thick-Hoofed Donkey Car in the regional governor residence’s vicinity, Lin Yuan walked less than three minutes to reach his destination.

Numerous people were at the regional governor residence’s entrance, and a rather tanned man was in the center, surrounded by the group. Lin Yuan actually recognized a few of the individuals within the group.

As a Xia Region citizen, Lin Yuan naturally knew how the Region Governor looked, and he was none other than the man standing beside the tanned man.

The other individuals standing beside the Region Governor were people that Lin Yuan had met before too. He had to talk with them before opening his little fey story. However, the conversation back then was one way. Lin Yuan knew them, but they wouldn’t remember an insignificant person like the Lin Yuan from back then.

The tanned man had also seen Lin Yuan and quickly walked a few steps forward before he waved and said, “Lord Lin Yuan arrived really quickly. I just arrived here, and Lord Lin Yuan is already here.”

The Region Governor only knew that Ling Wu was the subordinate officer under Lordess Ling Xiao. When Ling Wu had arrived here, he hadn’t said anything apart from that he was waiting for someone.

Thus, they had spontaneously chosen to stand beside Ling Wu and wait. Little did they expect that the person Ling Wu was waiting for a youth. What was even more unbelievable was that Ling Wu addressed this youth as a ‘lord’.

Nonetheless, when everyone saw the Class 2 Creation Master crest on Lin Yuan’s chest, they immediately understood. To have become a Class 2 Creation Master at such a young age meant that the youth had an influential background.

After some conventional greetings, Ling Wu summoned his Platinum fey, the Scarlet Feather Fire Eagle. He then informed Lin Yuan to sit on the fey.

Lin Yuan had already sat on a Platinum fey previously, so he wasn’t as excited and nervous as compared to his first time sitting on a Platinum fey.

This Scarlet Feather Fire Eagle was a formidable power offense-type fey, and its wings would flow with flames when it flapped the wings.

The Platinum fey brought Lin Yuan to Redbud City at a very fast pace.

While seated on the Scarlet Feather Fire Eagle’s back, Ling Wu constantly conversed with Lin Yuan and appeared to be rather friendly.

Lin Yuan understood that when City Lordess Ling Xiao sent Ling Wu to fetch him, it was actually a display of her attitude. She could have asked for Lin Yuan to travel to the Redbud City by himself, but instead, she had asked for her subordinate to fetch him.

If one observed Ling Wu’s reaction, they would notice he was rather respectful toward Lin Yuan. This had indirectly shown that Ling Xiao actually put a lot of importance on Lin Yuan.

Lin Yuan couldn’t understand what sort of benefit would allow a City Lordess like Ling Xiao to treat him with such importance.