Chapter 85: Who Can Compare to This Empress?

Chapter 85 of 100 chapters

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At Radiance Federation, Royal Capital...

It was the most prosperous place in the entire Radiance Federation. When one took a glance over the city, everything looked so harmonious.

It was originally a great afternoon, but all of a sudden, the sky turned gloomy. Thick clouds that were dyed with ink had started to extend their sharp claws across the clear sky. It was just like an avaricious and ruthless demon that wanted to occupy the blue sky.

When the dark clouds covered the sky, it felt as though the sky had lowered significantly and gave off some pressure from above the Royal Capital.

Between darkness and light, a beautiful arc split the sky into two equal parts.

Everything happened within a burst of spark as the dark cloud exploded with bright electric arcs, and they looked just like slithering silver snakes. The dark marsh was actually tumbling and overflowing.

Gusts of wind blew across violently and caused ripples in the lake outside of the Royal Capital. The wind also blew across the trees, causing leaves to fall and produce a magnificent sight.

In the Royal Capital’s Leaning Moon Mountain, inside the garden of the Radiant Moon Palace...

A lady in moon-colored long robes lifted her head to look at the sky, which portrayed gloominess and brightness, darkness and light, pressure and ease, heaviness and lightness, all of which complemented each other.

While looking at this wonderfully fused scene, she sighed and said, “Darkness clears up when encountering the morning sun, while the afternoon sun will turn dark when encountering the shades of rain.”

A breeze gently blew across the lady’s fringe, giving her additional gentle beauty.

The clash of extremities would always be nature’s most charming display, and the charm could cause a shock that could cleanse the mental state.

The lady lowered her head and stirred up the water jar with a lotus flower within. The lotus flower felt as though it was spiritual and was emitting fragrance when the lady was fiddling with the water.

At that moment, an icy cold female voice echoed beside the lady. “Moon Empress, this Sunset Jade Leaf Lotus has been nurtured by you in this garden for slightly more than two years and has already evolved to diamond-grade.”

The Moon Empress lowered her head, picked up an amber bottle, and sprayed the fluid within the Sunset Jade Leaf Lotus bottle. The Sunset Jade Leaf Lotus glowed with multi-colored sunset light as though it treasured the fragrant mist produced from the amber bottle.

“This Sunset Jade Leaf Lotus might have already reached diamond-grade, but the diamond-grade ability isn’t a support-type ability. It is an offense-type ability,” The Moon Empress’ voice sounded a little regretful as she replied to the woman with the icy cold voice.

“Cold Moon1, bring this Sunset Jade Leaf Lotus and put it in the lotus pond behind the palace. It is a waste of the lotus fragrance and sunset colors if it is placed in this garden.”

Cold Moon nodded, and a set of footsteps resounded. As the footsteps were getting closer, a gentle male voice echoed. “Moon Empress, the information I provided to you previously belongs to that young prodigy who immediately passed the Class 2 Creation Master exam at Ling Xiao’s Redbud City. I have already confirmed that all his three lifestyle-class spirit qi occupation exams did obtain full marks. Elder Ning set the questions, and they were said to be much craftier than the lifestyle-class associations.”

The man’s voice made the Moon Empress raise her head while her eyes were filled with bright light.

“Completing the Class 2 Creation Master exam at the age of 18. Furthermore, he actually got full marks for all three lifestyle-class spirit qi occupation exams. He is truly worthy for his title as a ‘Young Prodigy’!”

The man’s gentle voice continued. “Moon Empress, I have already informed Ling Xiao to bring that young prodigy over.”

“You have done well, Mystic Moon.”

Once the Moon Empress finished her words, the noisy wind inside the garden suddenly stopped, and there was no more wind. It was unknown if it was a coincidental stop or whether the words stopped the wind.

Mystic Moon quickly bowed. “These are things that I ought to do. There is another thing, the Royal Capital’s Creation Master Association heard that the Moon Empress has the intention to accept a disciple. They have chosen and sent the number one genius among the young Creation Masters, Creation Master Tribunal Sun.”

Before the Moon Empress could speak, Cold Moon’s cold voice echoed first. “Creation Master Tribunal Sun? A young Creation Master actually has a title? Could he be a Class 4 Creation Master at a young age?”

Mystic Moon looked at Cold Moon and laughed lightly before replying in a gentle tone, “No matter how much of a genius a person is, Class 4 Creation Masters aren’t something that the youth generation could reach. This Tribunal Sun is only a Class 2 Creation Master, but I heard that he is already qualified to progress to Class 3. Tribunal Sun is a title that is given by the Creation Master Association’s three Vice Presidents. He is now 24 years old.”

Cold Moon’s face didn’t change, and her voice was still as cold. “Tribunal Sun? The heavens have offered a tribute of the light of the sun? This title is truly majestic. Is the Tribunal Sun going to govern the entire Radiance Federation?”

The Moon Empress chuckled and said, “Cold Moon, how can you bear to say such things? But from the looks of it, Creation Master Tribunal Sun must have been carefully nurtured by the Creation Master Association.”

After hearing the Moon Empress’ words, Cold Moon pursed her lips and said, “After learning that the Moon Empress wants to accept a disciple, the Creation Master Association has already sent over seven or eight individuals. If this Tribunal Sun is really exceptional, why didn’t they send him earlier? He even has a title now? Who knows if this title is newly conferred?”

Mystic Moon nodded. “Cold Moon guessed correctly. This Tribunal Sun is called Cheng Rui, and he was the first person that the Creation Master Association sent. Back then, he was rejected because Moon Empress was busy. They gave him a title and sent him again. I wonder what the Moon Empress’ opinions are?”

The Moon Empress shook her hand. “Forget it, since the Creation Master Association is sending him a second time, it wouldn’t be nice for this Empress to reject again. When that young prodigy comes over, ask the Creation Master Association to send that self-titled Tribunal Sun to come along too.”

Mystic Moon acknowledged. “Yes, Moon Empress. But at the same time, Dean Wang from the Creation Master Academy of the Royal Capital’s Advanced Spirit Qi University has also recommended someone. This person isn’t just a Creation Master. He is also Sequence #3 of the Radiance Hundred. His title is Overflowing Sea.”

The Moon Empress replied, “Then send him over together. Let the young prodigy see the strength of those who stand at the apex of the young generation.”

After hearing the Moon Empress’ statement, Cold Moon’s cold voice was suddenly filled with surprise. “For Moon Empress to consider so much for the young prodigy, is Moon Empress going to immediately accept him as your disciple? Does that mean that Mystic Moon and I will have a young lord?”

The Moon Empress smiled. “I will only know if I accept him after seeing him and personally testing him.”

The Moon Empress might be saying this, but she recalled the information on Lin Yuan that Mystic Moon had sent over previously.

The lines of words stated that he was a youth that sought survival with his younger sister.

After his parents’ honorable death, he had sent his younger sister to school with diligence and determination. He had done everything he could to prepare a fey for his younger sister.

He always stuck to his principle when doing business and was never proud or rash. These were all character qualities that the Moon Empress admired.

A person’s character was actually more important than talent at times. However, she would still need to see Lin Yuan personally before it counted.

As one of the Moon Empress’ two Moon Envoys, Mystic Moon was going to relay the Moon Empress’ message to the Creation Master Association and the Royal Capital’s Advanced Spirit Qi University. However, when he left, his heart already knew he had an additional young lord.

Otherwise, with the Moon Empress’ temperament, she would not have divulged any biased feelings.

“Cold Moon, follow me to the breeding room. As a mentor, my welcome gift must be appropriate.”

The Moon Empress was now thinking of how the Chef Supreme and Bamboo Monarch treated their disciples as treasures.

The Moon Empress felt that it was nothing.

Comparing who dotes on their disciple more? Who can compare to This Empress?