Chapter 86: Blue Jade Pegasus

Chapter 86 of 100 chapters

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The Scarlet Feather Fire Eagle traveled at extreme speed and arrived at Redbud City swiftly.

Lin Yuan stood on the Scarlet Feather Fire Eagle’s back, but he couldn’t even see the entire view of Redbud City. It showed how massive Redbud City was.

The Scarlet Feather Fire Eagle didn’t land at the area where Redbud City specifically reserved for flying feys to land. Instead, it flew straight toward the city lordess residence and landed at the limestone stairs outside.

“Lord Lin Yuan, please enter with me. Lordess Ling Xiao must have been waiting for some time.”

This statement made Lin Yuan raise his brows. When Ling Wu had contacted Lin Yuan, he had already headed for the Xia Region’s regional governor residence almost instantly without delay. Therefore, even if Ling Xiao had been waiting for some time, it wasn’t because Lin Yuan was late. It was due to the fact that Ling Wu felt that Ling Xiao wanted to see Lin Yuan urgently.

Since Lin Yuan wasn’t able to think of a reason, he simply put his thoughts aside first. After all, once he saw Ling Xiao, she would probably give him an answer.

After following Ling Wu into the city lordess residence’s main hall, there was only Ling Xiao in there alone. Once Ling Wu informed Ling Xiao he had brought Lin Yuan here, he excused himself to deal with his other tasks.

When Ling Xiao was looking at Lin Yuan, her expressionless face might not show any trace of delight, but Lin Yuan could feel happy emotions from her actions.

“It must have been a tiring journey. Have a casual lunch with me, and I will bring you to the Royal Capital in the afternoon.”

After hearing the two words, ‘Royal Capital’, Lin Yuan felt as though he cleared up his previous doubts.

It seems like the benefit that even Elder Ning felt envious of is in the Royal Capital.

Benefits that are connected to Creation Masters in the Royal Capital and even the Class 4 Creation Master, Elder Ning, is envious. Could it be related to the three esteemed ones that are above the clouds?

“City Lordess, this one isn’t tired. May I know why we are going to the Royal Capital?”

Ling Xiao hesitated for a moment and said, “The Moon Empress wishes to see you.”

There were no other words.

Originally, in case Lin Yuan didn’t ask, Ling Xiao wasn’t planning to say anything and would just bring Lin Yuan to the Moon Empress. As for the Moon Empress’ plans to accept a disciple, Ling Xiao might know of it, but she wouldn’t divulge it to Lin Yuan.

Ling Xiao truly hoped that the Moon Empress’ disciple would originate from Redbud City, and the mentioning of it might give Lin Yuan some advance notice to perform well in advance. However, Ling Xiao understood that some things could be said while some others must not.

As for the Moon Empress’ plans, Ling Xiao didn’t dare to say too much. Staying silent was the best choice.

Lin Yuan couldn’t believe that he had guessed correctly. It seemed like the great benefit that Elder Ning mentioned was related to the Moon Empress.

Ling Xiao sized up Lin Yuan and said, “After the meal, go for a shower and get a change of clothes. I will ask someone to prepare clothes for you. When meeting the Moon Empress, you must not be lacking in manners.”

Lin Yuan suddenly felt that he was being despised. He looked at the jeans that had faded after all the washing and the short-sleeved shirt before looking at Ling Xiao’s eyes again. Lin Yuan was certain now that he was being despised.

Ling Xiao immediately called for two individuals. They were the city lordess residence staff members, and she instructed them to bring Lin Yuan to shower and change his clothes.

After some dressing up, when Ling Xiao saw Lin Yuan again, her eyes lit up. She had picked spirit qi clothes that were definitely conforming to the norms of society.

The black spirit qi clothes had some dark patterns, with appropriate trims, and a matte texture. Some simple metallic decorations accompanied them. Seeing Lin Yuan in the extremely simple spirit qi clothes, even Ling Xiao involuntarily muttered, “A beauty in the high places is like a jade, while a handsome young man is unmatched.”

This young man wasn’t just a sunshine-boy, handsome and bright, but there was even a type of composure. This was a quality and aura that Lin Yuan had been wearing but in secret. When the hidden aura was released, it really added a manly feeling to Lin Yuan.

The lunch that Lin Yuan ate wasn’t simple. It was a full table of eight courses, and they were only for himself and Ling Xiao. Among the dishes, most of them used ingredients from Gold feys. This meal allowed Lin Yuan to understand what it meant to be rich and imposing. This entire meal was the same as eating half a Gold fey, which cost close to 10,000 Radiance dollars.

However, after consuming these delicacies, Lin Yuan had a subtle feeling that his spirit qi was constantly increasing. The food cooked with Gold spiritual ingredients actually had the effects of gradually increasing one’s cultivation.

Upon seeing the Lin Yuan was almost done, Ling Xiao said to the butler behind her, “Go and prepare a portion of Spirit Luster Rhino’s milk and make it into a double skin milk dessert for Lin Yuan.”

The Spirit Luster Rhino was a Platinum fey, and it was said that its milk had great effects on strengthening the bones. To think they would actually use it to make a double skin milk dessert...

After eating this meal, Lin Yuan understood that one’s cultivation was really the same as rolling a snowball. It was very strenuous to roll a small snowball into a large snowball. If one used too much strength in the middle, the snowball would scatter.

However, when the small snowball became a large snowball, no matter how it was rolled on the ground, there wasn’t a need to worry that it might scatter. But it would be hard to feel the size of the snowball getting bigger.

Hence, in order to make the snowball bigger, one must not even miss out on any snow and fuse them all into the snowball. This was why high-ranked spirit qi professionals would use food nutrition to support their cultivation.

Upon feeling the transformations to his spirit qi and bones, Lin Yuan couldn’t help but think that he could still afford food made with Bronze spiritual ingredients. In fact, he could also afford the occasional meals that were made with Silver spiritual ingredients.

Should I give Chu Ci and myself some food that is made with these spiritual ingredients?

After the meal, Ling Xiao summoned her aerial fey.

Lin Yuan was looking at this spirit horse that was entirely white with a blue jade-like horn. It even had a pair of giant white wings that had spots of blue gemstones. It was suave and graceful.

When using True Data, Lin Yuan finally found out that this graceful horse was actually a Diamond Fantasy Breed, the Blue Jade Pegasus.

After riding onto the Blue Jade Pegasus’ back along with Ling Xiao, Lin Yuan never expected there would be a day where he could actually ride on a Fantasy Breed.

The Blue Jade Pegasus flapped its wings and soared into the sky. The sharp horn on its head was emitting a fantasy- and jade-like blue luster. It felt like a blue field where the sun warmed the jade and produced magnificent colors.

The Blue Jade Pegasus was flying at an extreme speed, and when Lin Yuan looked down, he felt that the mountains were all fuzzy images that were just like illusions.

“It will take over one day to reach the Royal Capital from Redbud City when traveling on the Blue Jade Pegasus. During this period of time, you can rest up on the horse’s back.”

Lin Yuan had also nodded and agreed.

“City Lordess, if even the Blue Jade Pegasus will need over a day to reach the Royal Capital, then we must be very far away from Redbud City!”

Lin Yuan looked down at the illusory mountains and couldn’t help clicking his tongue again.

Previously, he had been lamenting at the speed of the Blue Jade Pegasus, and right now, he was lamenting at the distance between Redbud City and the Royal Capital. Or it should be said that he was lamenting at the size of this world.