Chapter 87: Fantasy, Five Transformations

Chapter 87 of 100 chapters

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Ling Xiao looked at the mountains they were passing by like an illusion and the brilliance of lights when the Blue Jade Pegasus was flapping its wings.

“Redbud City isn’t considered far from the Royal Capital. Among the 32 cities, Redbud City is situated on the central-southern side and is considered the 14th closest major city to the Royal Capital. Cold Frost City in the extreme north, Scorch Flames City in the extreme south, and Dwelling Pool City in the western Great Pool are cities that are considered far from the Royal Capital. With the Blue Jade Pegasus’ speed, it will need around half a month to complete the journey.”

Ling Xiao didn’t talk much normally, but she was willing to give a thorough explanation to Lin Yuan.

After listening to Ling Xiao’s explanation, he felt that all the books’ knowledge was just numbers. Numbers weren’t as shocking as when he was seated on a Fantasy Breed fey. He could feel the speed and use time to measure the Radiance Federation’s vast land.

“If we traveled across water, wouldn’t the time be shortened?”

Lin Yuan realized that Ling Xiao had been instructing the Blue Jade Pegasus to travel above land. Even if they went across water regions, it would be over rivers and lakes, but not the sea region.

Ling Xiao used her hand to stroke the Blue Jade Pegasus’ neck and combed up its hair. However, her expression was much more serious.

“When you possess a fey that can fly across the horizon, the first lesson to learn is that you must not fly above the ocean.”

After the Spirit Qi Awakening, the ocean that allowed humans to hunt freely was now the world’s most treacherous place. No matter how spacious the land was, it occupied only less than 40% of this planet. The remaining 60% was made of the ocean.

The ocean was deep and immeasurable. Even in the coastal waters, there were chances of encountering wild Gold feys. A Gold fish-type fey could easily overturn a fishing boat in the sea.

Occasionally, Platinum feys would also visit the coastal waters, making it very dangerous even in the coastal waters.

If one was flying above the sea region and encountered a giant whale fey, they might be accidentally injured by the water pillars that the giant whale feys blasted out.

After hearing the serious tone in Ling Xiao’s words, Lin Yuan immediately memorized Ling Xiao’s statement.

He might have memorized the statement, but he still asked, “Not even a Diamond/Fantasy fey?”

Ling Xiao turned back to look at Lin Yuan with a face of approval. She didn’t expect Lin Yuan to immediately recognize that this Blue Jade Pegasus was a Diamond/Fantasy fey.

It wasn’t hard to see that the Blue Jade Pegasus was a Fantasy Breed, but in order to let Lin Yuan have a comfortable journey, Ling Xiao had already withdrawn the Blue Jade Pegasus’ imposing aura.

Lin Yuan was still able to see that the Blue Jade Pegasus was a Fantasy Breed, nonetheless. This level of knowledge and experience wasn’t something that a new Class 2 Creation Master would have.

Ling Xiao might have given her approval, but she still sounded particularly stern.

The stern words made Lin Yuan feel as though his hair was standing on end. “Because there is a possibility of Myth Breed feys appearing in the deep sea.”

“Myth Breed?” Lin Yuan asked in return.

Myth Breed was something that Lin Yuan had never heard before. In fact, there wasn’t any mention among the information on the Star Web.

It was unknown why the words ‘Myth Breed’ gave off a magically stunning sensation.

“Yes, Myth Breed! It is an existence that is beyond the Fantasy Breed. When a fey reaches the Legend quality and is fused with a Willpower Rune formed by the world’s willpower, it will be known as a Fantasy Breed. Fantasy Breed feys are lifeforms that are already beyond the range of science. They are feys that only exist in fantasies.

“As for Myth Breed, it is to gradually transform fantasies into realistic myths. Whenever a Myth Breed fey appears, it is the same as a new myth being born. Each of them possesses the power to create a myth and legend.”

When talking about the Myth Breed, Ling Xiao’s eyes were filled with respect and also expectations.

This conversation had opened up a door to the new world for Lin Yuan. Previously, he always thought that Fantasy Breed was the peak.

Lin Yuan knew that Creation Masters could evolve feys limitlessly, but he didn’t think that there was a Myth Breed above the Fantasy Breed.

Ling Xiao looked at Lin Yuan’s shocked expression and thought silently. It isn’t considered too early for me to say such things. If Lin Yuan became the Moon Empress’ disciple, Lin Yuan would be able to make contact with a myth. Because the Moon Empress is a living myth.

“Lin Yuan, the Myth Breed is the Radiance Federation’s secret that isn’t circulated in the Star Web. Therefore, you must not divulge it. Apart from that, do you know the different grades of Fantasy Breeds?”

Ling Xiao’s question was something that Lin Yuan didn’t know either. However, these questions had already stimulated Lin Yuan’s thirst for the unknown.

“This junior doesn’t know. Will the City Lordess please enlighten me?”

Ling Xiao pointed at the Blue Jade Pegasus below and said, “This Blue Jade Pegasus is a Fantasy I fey. Fantasy Breed feys are graded by the Fantasy Five Transformations. Each transformation is taking one step closer to heaven. Five transformations will be equivalent to an ascension.”

Lin Yuan had recorded the words, ‘Fantasy Five Transformations’ into his mind.

Ling Xiao looked at Lin Yuan and suddenly said, “If possible, as you progress as a Creation Master, your combat capability should not lag behind too.”

With regards to Ling Xiao’s words, Lin Yuan had deep sentiments. Creation Masters were just a great option to evolve feys. It was also considered a kind of strength, but there were times when a combat-class spirit qi professional’s capability was a true lifesaver.

After reaching this subject, Ling Xiao and Lin Yuan didn’t speak anymore.

The sun was setting in the west and night was descending. The thin air in the sky was filled with cold temperatures.

After October, it was already considered autumn.

The bright moon suspended in the horizon, and when Lin Yuan was looking at the moon, he felt as though he could touch it. However, when he reached out, the bright moon felt as though it was infinitely far away.

Lin Yuan was observing the night with the bright moon until daybreak when the sun and moon switched places.

During the switch, Lin Yuan had a sudden comprehension, and a Yin-Yang Willpower Rune appeared within his mental world.

Lin Yuan closed his eyes to feel the Willpower Rune that was derived from the switch between the sun and the moon.

Ling Xiao’s eyes were wide open. Even if Ling Xiao had lost her emotions, she still wished she could yell out, What a goddamn prodigy!

While riding on my Blue Jade Pegasus, this kid was actually able to comprehend a Willpower Rune just by looking at the sunrise.

When had it been that easy to comprehend a Willpower Rune?

If Ling Xiao didn’t possess any Willpower Rune and if Lin Yuan wasn’t so close to her, Ling Xiao wouldn’t have been able to sense the formation of Lin Yuan’s Willpower Rune.

However, Ling Xiao didn’t know that Lin Yuan didn’t just have one Willpower Rune. He had a total of three Willpower Runes constantly revolving in his spiritual energy.

If Ling Xiao knew, she would have wanted to kick Lin Yuan off her Blue Jade Pegasus’ back.