Chapter 88: Sequence #3, Overflowing Sea, Long Tao

Chapter 88 of 100 chapters

Ling Xiao was amazed by Lin Yuan’s talent as he was able to comprehend a Willpower Rune just by looking at the sunrise, and she even wanted to trample on Lin Yuan a little. However, she was circulating her spiritual power, using it to isolate the air currents in the sky.

It allowed Lin Yuan to be in the most suitable environment for him to comprehend, while Ling Xiao quietly protected Lin Yuan.

Ling Xiao only withdrew her spiritual power after Lin Yuan opened his eyes. She then said to Lin Yuan in a serious tone, “By comprehending a Willpower Rune, you have taken a step closer to obtaining a Fantasy Breed. But remember my words. If you wish to let your fey become a Fantasy III fey, you must not allow it to become a Fantasy Breed after evolving to the grade of Platinum.”

After hearing Ling Xiao’s statement, Lin Yuan subconsciously asked, “Then what about Fantasy V?”

“I am not exactly sure on how to achieve Fantasy V, but your fey should become a Fantasy Breed during the grade of Gold. Otherwise, unless there is a huge fated opportunity, the fey would only reach Fantasy III.”

Lin Yuan memorized Ling Xiao’s explanation. Such information was truly precious for a combat-class spirit qi professional who had just comprehended a Willpower Rune.

“Then what if a Bronze fey’s Legend quality is upgraded to Fantasy. Would there be a chance to reach Fantasy V?”

Ling Xiao took a deep breath and fixed her eyes on Lin Yuan. “Do you think the difficulty in upgrading a Bronze fey into a Fantasy Breed is the same as to upgrade a Gold fey into a Fantasy Breed? To upgrade Bronze feys to the Legend quality is more than 100 times harder than to upgrade Gold feys to the Legend quality. Even if a Class 4 Creation Master did their best, they might not be able to achieve it. In addition, do you think Willpower Runes are that easy to comprehend?

“Even among the young generation’s Radiance Hundred, not everyone possesses a Fantasy Breed. Most of their feys are either stuck at the Legend quality, or they do not have any Willpower Runes.”

It was true. After becoming a Sequence member of the Radiance Hundred, one could enjoy the Radiance Federation’s resources and also access to Creation Masters.

Even if a Gold fey’s quality couldn’t reach Legend, it shouldn’t be a problem to reach the Legend quality at platinum-grade.

As for Willpower Runes, Lin Yuan didn’t feel any difficulty at all. His three Willpower Runes had come smoothly and naturally without obstructions, just like how he drank water.

Ling Xiao’s words also reminded Lin Yuan something. Subconsciously, Lin Yuan had thought that the difficulty in upgrading a fey to the Legend quality was the same from Bronze and above.

Be it Bronze, Silver, or Gold, as long as the spirit qi reached a certain point, all feys’ quality could reach Legend with the correct combination of spiritual ingredients.

However, Lin Yuan realized he had thought it wrongly. Such situations were only suitable for him and not for other Creation Masters.

Lin Yuan didn’t have to worry about feys not being able to reach the Legend quality, but he didn’t have any idea on how to upgrade his source-type lifeform, Red Thorn. Red Thorn’s progress was considered the greatest challenge that Lin Yuan faced so far. Even now, Lin Yuan still didn’t have any solution.

After one entire day of flight, Lin Yuan was already able to see the Royal Capital’s outline under the rising sun. The grand Royal Capital was truly spectacular, and it made Lin Yuan feel like he was on a heroic journey. Royal Capital, I, Lin Yuan, am here!


“Oh? Isn’t this Lord Overflowing Sea, the Radiance Hundred’s Sequence #3? The Radiance Hundred should currently be participating in the tribulation missions. Why is Lord Overflowing Sea here at the Leaning Moon Mountain?” The one speaking was a youth with thin lips.

The youth might have a genuine smile while speaking, and his actions were passionate too, but they were still unable to cover the feeling of pretense.

Cheng Rui looked at Long Tao, who stood beside him, with arrogance. He was Sequence #3 of the Radiance Hundred and also known as Overflowing Sea. It gave Cheng Rui a pressure that was several times heavier.

Long Tao might be Sequence #3 of the Radiance Hundred, a formidable combat-class spirit qi professional to boot, but he was also an extremely talented Creation Master.

Cheng Rui’s combat capability wasn’t comparable to Long Tao, but in terms of Creation Master talent, Cheng Rui was certain that he was better even though they had yet to compete.

After all, he was known as the best Creation Master among the young generation and already had the title of Tribunal Sun as a Class 2 Creation Master.

Long Tao didn’t even look at Cheng Rui. Instead, he looked at the elder standing behind Cheng Rui as he said, “If you aren’t genuinely calling me as Lord Overflowing Sea, then don’t. I have never liked such pretentious behaviors. To have a title as a Class 2 Creation Master... Our ages are similar, but why didn’t the Creation Master Association give me, Long Tao, a title too?”

Long Tao’s words weren’t just targeting Cheng Rui, but also the Royal Capital’s Creation Master Association that backed Cheng Rui.

As for the Royal Capital’s Creation Master Association’s action, it didn’t just dissatisfy Long Tao, but it had also dissatisfied the Creation Master Academy of the Royal Capital Advanced Spirit Qi University.

Even if one’s potential was great, they would naturally receive a title with honor when the individual reached that status. But to receive a title at Class 2 and openly declare that Cheng Rui was the No.1 Creation Master among the young generation, it would certainly cause dissatisfaction among all the extremely talented youths.

Cheng Rui’s face was turning white and green while the elder standing behind Cheng Rui quickly responded, “Little Long, you are being too much with your words. Cheng Rui is indeed capable enough to receive this title.”

This elder behind Cheng Rui was the Vice President of the Royal Capital’s Creation Master Association, and he was famed for a very long time.

Long Tao’s words might be criticizing and overbearing, but with his status as Sequence #3 of the Radiance Hundred, the elder didn’t dare to berate him. In addition, standing beside Long Tao was the Dean of the Creation Master Academy of the Royal Capital Advanced Spirit Qi University.

The Royal Capital Advanced Spirit Qi University’s Creation Master Academy had always been competing with the Royal Capital’s Creation Master Association. If the elder from the Creation Master Association were to say more, the old rival would have joined the battlefield.

Long Tao still had the same expression and didn’t look at Cheng Rui. “A few days ago, I successfully passed the Class 3 Creation Master exam at the Creation Master Association in Ascending Dragon City. If Cheng Rui is capable enough for this title, I wonder if I can also receive my title from the Creation Master Association in advance? However, even if the Creation Master Association wishes to give me a title, I will not accept it. Once I become a Class 4 Creation Master, I will naturally seize the title that belongs to me.”

Long Tao’s words were like slaps after slaps. There was nothing wrong with his words, but they were slaps that ruthlessly smacked on Cheng Rui’s face. His words had also caused the Vice President of the Creation Master Association to turn gloomy.

However, Long Tao’s words weren’t wrong at all.

Had it not been for the Moon Empress accepting a disciple, even if Cheng Rui was talented, he wouldn’t have obtained a title as a Class 2 Creation Master. The conferring of a title was to elevate Cheng Rui’s status as the No.1 Young Creation Master.

But now that Long Tao was already a Class 3 Creation Master, even if Cheng Rui also had a Class 3 Creation Master’s potential, he still wasn’t one yet.

As the Vice President of the Royal Capital’s Creation Master Association, he no longer had as much confidence in Cheng Rui as before. However, he thought for a moment and felt that it should be the Moon Empress who would make the decision in the end. The Moon Empress would take just a split moment to make her choice, and it didn’t mean that Cheng Rui didn’t have a chance.