Chapter 89: An Important Person

Chapter 89 of 100 chapters

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The dean of the Royal Capital Advanced Spirit Qi University’s Creation Master Academy stood there while twirling two jade spheres in his hand. He looked at the Creation Master Association’s Vice President and said, “Old thing, right now, even the Royal Capital’s Creation Master Association is inferior to our academy when nurturing Creation Masters. Therefore, the No.1 young Creation Master of this generation isn’t from your association. He is from our academy!”

After criticizing, the elder with the jade spheres laughed heartily. It was a burst of very forthright laughter, and it was genuinely from the bottom of his heart.

However, it was also this laughter and angered the Vice President of the Creation Master Association so much that his body was shaking gently. He was obviously quite enraged.

“You old thing, what is there worth being happy for?! In the end, Long Tao is registered as a Class 3 Creation Master under our Ascending Dragon City’s Creation Master Association. He is still considered a member of our Creation Master Association.”

The Dean from the Creation Master Academy had stopped twirling the jade spheres too and said in a flabbergasted tone, “You idiotic old man are too shameless! How can you even say something like that!? Shouldn’t you ask if the Ascending Dragon City’s Creation Master Association admits if they are on the same side with your Royal Capital’s Creation Master Association? If you can say it like that, then I can also say that all the students in the federation are students from our academy!”

Creation Master Associations between cities had a competing relationship as they would strive for more resources for their city’s Creation Masters. When a Creation Master participated in the city’s Creation Master Association exam, they would be recorded as the city’s Creation Master.

The Royal Capital’s Creation Master Association might be in the Royal Capital and was just like a headquarters for all the Creation Master Associations, but the truth wasn’t so. Instead of saying they were the headquarters, it was better to say that they were the top rival for each Creation Master Associations.

The two elders started a dispute as soon as they met under the Leaning Moon Mountain. It made Cheng Rui and Long Tao rather embarrassed.

Cheng Rui didn’t dare to mention that he was the No.1 young Creation Master in front of Long Tao. In fact, he was no longer proud of his title like before and actually felt rather ashamed.

However, Long Tao was obviously not planning to let go of Cheng Rui. “I have watched your interview on the Star Web. You don’t look the same as you do in real life as compared to the Star Web. On the Star Web, you look as though you are really the leader of the young generation!”

Long Tao might be speaking indifferently, but this statement was more like a heavy punch as compared to the slaps earlier. Cheng Rui was so agitated that his expression turned from green to red.

“Long Tao! You are too much! You are one year older than me. One year later, I will definitely become a Class 3 Creation Master too! Your Creation Master talent might not be better than mine! I am just one year younger, that’s all.”

Instead of looking at his weakness, he found an excuse. Just by this attitude, Long Tao felt that Cheng Rui was a weakling.

Long Tao believed that after he entered the Radiance Hundred Sequence, all of the competitors he faced were all senior to him. The eldest would be ten years older than him, as a Sequence member could remain in the Radiance Hundred for ten years.

Long Tao had been on a path of obstacles and used four years to reach his position as Sequence #3, while his Creation Master’s progress didn’t get delayed either. This was because Long Tao had never found an excuse for himself to fail. He confronted failure, analyzed failure, and treasured failure. He treasured failure because the number of failures was getting increasingly low and close to zero.

Cheng Rui’s attitude was something that Long Tao despised.

“You are not thinking to say that the river that flows to the east for thirty years will flow to the west for the next thirty years, so I shouldn’t bully you just because you are young, right?”

Cheng Rui did want to say these words, but they were exposed by Long Tao first. At that moment, Cheng Rui understood that he wasn’t going to be a match for Long Tao in terms of words. The more he said would just be seeking more trouble for himself.

Cheng Rui had never met with Long Tao before this. In the matches, Long Tao always had the dominant and aggressive style, while his interviews were seldom as conversational. Cheng Rui didn’t expect Long Tao to be such foul-mouthed, and his words to be truly infuriating.

There was a gentle and clear voice that echoed throughout Leaning Moon Mountain.

“I am here on the Moon Empress’ orders to receive Elder Du and Elder Meng.”

The gentle voice caused Long Tao to narrow his eyes. The voice felt as though it was right beside him, but there was no one to be found. After a period of time, Long Tao still couldn’t find the source of the voice.

Elder Du, the Vice President of the Royal Capital’s Creation Master Association, and Elder Meng, the Dean of the Royal Capital Advanced Spirit Qi University’s Creation Master Academy, suddenly spoke loudly toward the air. “We have troubled Envoy Mystic Moon.”

Once Elder Meng and Elder Du responded, a man with long silver robes suddenly appeared in the passageway leading to the Leaning Moon Mountain. The man was walking over unhurriedly, but in less than two steps with ease, he had traveled across dozens of meters and arrived in their vicinity.

“Elder Du and Elder Meng still look so brilliant. However, we cannot ascend the mountain yet as we still need to wait for an important person to arrive.” Mystic Moon turned silent after speaking.

Elder Du and Elder Meng looked at each other and could see the astonishment in each other’s eyes.

Mystic Moon was a king-class expert, and he was already at the pinnacle of king-class. His contracted feys were all mainly spiritual-type, and he might be a support-class spirit qi professional, but any of the same class experts would say that the most troublesome foe they faced were spirit qi professionals with spiritual-type feys.

Putting aside Mystic Moon’s strength, just his status as one of the Moon Empress’ two Moon Envoys, he represented the will of the Moon Empress wherever he went.

Mystic Moon might look gentle, but his way of doing things was abnormally tyrannical. He was just like a razor-sharp thread hidden in the snow—there was no shadow or form. But once someone made contact, they would be severed into pieces.

Mystic Moon might not be as emotionless as Cold Moon when dealing with matters, but he was abnormally arrogant.

We are supposed to wait for an important person here?

The words ‘important person’ stated that this person should be rather familiar with the Moon Empress and could already be considered one of her own. Otherwise, the words would be an important guest and not an important person.

For Mystic Moon to mention the word important, it was easy to imagine the status of that person.

Elder Du and Elder Meng pulled Cheng Rui and Long Tao to the side.

Even Long Tao, who was Sequence #3 of the Radiance Hundred, had also withdrawn his aura and was abnormally obedient.

At that moment, a snow-white figure with a blue jade horn flew over from far away. A pegasus with wings glistening with a blue jade-like texture was flying toward the Leaning Moon Mountain.

The gentle and expressionless Mystic Moon put on a smile.

The Blue Jade Pegasus finally landed.

Ling Xiao led Lin Yuan and leaped off the pegasus.

Elder Du and Elder Meng took a glance at Ling Xiao and immediately averted their gaze before fixing their eyes on Lin Yuan.

Lin Yuan’s hair was rather messy due to the wind, but when he was standing under the sunlight, he gave off an indescribable aura that lit up the eyes of Elder Du and Elder Meng.