Chapter 91: Apex Battle Between the Youth Generations

Chapter 91 of 100 chapters

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After Long Tao and Cheng Rui received instructions from their elders, they stepped forward and walked toward the platform.

As soon as they stood on the platform, one of the four female attendants that stood in the four corners of the palace hall stepped forward as well. The attendant arrived on the platform with a flash.

The female attendant looked around 30 years old, but she gave off a tender and delicate feeling.

“I am one of the Radiant Moon Palace’s tea attendants. My name is Cai Cha, and I am here to inform you that the treasure in the golden box is superior to the one in the gray box.” After speaking, she bowed to Cold Moon. Once Cold Moon nodded, Cai Cha withdrew to the platform’s side instead of the corner of the palace hall.

The platform had two boxes, one was gold, and the other was gray. Lin Yuan immediately saw Long Tao and Cheng Rui’s hands reaching toward the gold box.

At that moment, Long Tao’s spirit qi burst out and caused Cheng Rui to take a few steps back, allowing Long Tao to open the gold brocade box.

Once the gold box was opened, Lin Yuan could smell a refreshingly sweet smell. There was a light purple pearl within the box, and it was the size of a thumb.

It might be a light purple pearl, but it was emitting a mild purple light. The refreshingly sweet smell felt like it didn’t come from the pearl itself but from the mild light.

Next to the light purple pearl was an exquisite wooden token, and apart from these two things, there was nothing else.

Cai Cha, who was standing at the side, said, “This treasure is a pearl produced by the Diamond Purple Coral Shellfish. It is greatly beneficial for water-type feys, and there is a chance to help a water-type fey evolve.”

Cai Cha’s words caused Long Tao’s indifferent face to turn grave, and his breaths were heavier. His eyes were filled with extreme delight.

Lin Yuan looked at the light purple pearl, and involuntarily clicked his tongue. This wasn’t just a Diamond spiritual ingredient, but it was also a Diamond spiritual ingredient from the deep sea. Shellfish feys had another name—deep-sea treasure. It was because shellfish feys could produce pearls and only formidable individuals were qualified to explore the deep sea.

Just because of the danger level, the pearl produced by the Purple Coral Shellfish was considered a priceless treasure, let alone the astonishing effects of the Purple Coral Shellfish’s pearl.

Lin Yuan wasn’t able to estimate the price of the Purple Coral Shellfish’s pearl. However, just by looking at Ling Xiao’s envious eyes, he knew that the Purple Coral Shellfish’s pearl was very rare.

Long Tao held the Purple Coral Shellfish’s pearl in his hand and picked up the wooden token beside the pearl. The wooden token was carved with a small sword.

Cai Cha continued talking. “The wooden token is carved with a small sword and is the Radiant Moon Palace’s sword tablet. You can carry out a contest with those who possess a sword token. The sword token possessor would have strength that is equivalent to yours. If you win, you can use this sword token to exchange for another treasure. It is fine if you lose too as it is only a contest.”

Long Tao turned around to look at Elder Meng and saw the latter nodding at him. Long Tao then asked Cai Cha, “I wonder if the contest is referring to a contest between combat-class spirit qi professionals or between Creation Masters?”

Cai Cha smiled and said, “Since it is a sword token, it is naturally a contest between combat-class spirit qi professionals. If the token is carved with a tool, then it is a contest between Creation Masters.”

Long Tao gripped the token in his hand and said loudly, “I am willing to accept the contest.”

Since Long Tao took the Purple Coral Shellfish’s pearl, Cheng Rui was looking at Long Tao with such gloomy eyes that a tear might drip out. However, no one was paying any attention to Cheng Rui’s expressions as all the attention was gathered on Long Tao, especially Lin Yuan, who didn’t think that he would actually be able to see a match fought by Sequence #3 of the Radiance Hundred.

After watching this match, Lin Yuan would be able to understand the standard of combat strength for Sequence members at the top of the Radiance Hundred.

Lin Yuan had watched the match between the White Devil and the Unknown Flame. At the end of the battle, White Devil’s Revival Swallowtail Butterfly had been released from the cage and transformed into a Disaster Swallowtail Butterfly. It had allowed the White Devil to end the battle with overwhelming dominance.

In addition, White Devil might be Sequence #18 of the Radiance Hundred, but she was a healing-type spirit qi professional, and she was more proficient in tactics rather than actual combat.

However, Long Tao was Sequence #3 of the Radiance Hundred and had the Overflowing Sea title. He was a true combat-class spirit qi professional.

Cai Cha waved the sword token in her hand, and all the female attendants with similar attire came out of the palace hall’s corner and stood on the platform.

Lin Yuan looked over and noticed that all four female attendants actually looked exactly the same. The only difference would be the hair accessories on their heads.

Cold Moon looked at Lin Yuan’s reaction and gave an explanation. “Cai Cha, Xi Cha, Peng Cha, and Yin Cha1 are the Radiant Moon Palace’s tea attendants. They are quadruplets, and the Moon Empress found them when they were babies 30 years ago. They have been serving the Radiant Moon Palace ever since.”

Lin Yuan nodded. However, he didn’t understand why Cold Moon would give him such a detailed explanation of the Radiant Moon Palace’s members, as though he would need to know them later on.

“All four of us share this sword token. I am the strongest among all of us, while the three of them have similar strength. You can choose any of us as your opponent,” Cai Cha said to Long Tao.

Long Tao didn’t have any trace of hesitation as he chose Cai Cha, who was speaking and also the strongest.

After seeing this scene, Lin Yuan felt that Cai Cha’s thoughts weren’t simple as her simple statement was actually an open conspiracy.

Cai Cha might have stated who was strong and weak, but in this situation and with Long Tao’s temperament and pride, he would definitely pick the strongest among the four.

When Elder Meng saw that Long Tao and Cai Cha adopted their fighting postures, Elder Meng quickly asked Cold Moon, who was standing beside Lin Yuan, “Envoy Cold Moon, would a fight in the Radiant Moon Palace cause damage to the items here? What if Long Tao doesn’t reserve himself and severely injures the tea attendant?”

This wasn’t Elder Meng’s first time at the Radiant Moon Palace, and he naturally knew about the four tea attendants. Every time he visited the Moon Empress, he would be able to drink the spirit tea brewed by the four tea attendants. However, Elder Meng had never heard that the four weak-looking tea attendants could actually fight.

Cold Moon responded with a cold voice, “The palace hall is constantly supported with the ability, Harden of a Fantasy V, Resolute Diamond Resplendent Tortoise. If a junior could easily destroy it, then the Radiant Moon Palace would have been destroyed a long time ago. As for the contest, it was specified by the Moon Empress.”

After Cold Moon finished speaking, she circulated the spiritual power within her body and enveloped herself and Lin Yuan in a qi barrier.

Since Cold Moon had already said so, Elder Meng naturally didn’t dare to go against the Moon Empress’ intention.

Elder Du pulled Cheng Rui over and reserved the space for Long Tao and Cai Cha.

Lin Yuan heard Cold Moon’s words clearly. She wasn’t polite at all when speaking with Elder Meng. Since the Moon Empress had specified it, Elder Meng didn’t even dare to make an additional statement.

Elder Meng was the Dean of the Creation Master Academy in the Royal Capital Advanced Spirit Qi University. But he didn’t dare to showcase any of the authority he possessed in the Royal Capital.

After thanking Cold Moon for using her qi to protect him, Lin Yuan put all his attention into this apex battle between the youths.