Chapter 93: The Result is Evident

Chapter 93 of 100 chapters

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Water was always this world’s softest thing, however, when the Sea King Cretaceous Dragon activated the Sea Bite ability, sharp fangs formed with seawater appeared outside of the boundary Cai Cha had created.

The sharp claw might be formless, but the stirred up water flow allowed for a rough view of the fangs’ shape.

The size of the fangs was almost the same as the mouth of the Sea King Cretaceous Dragon. The intense pressure caused an ear-piercing boom as though metal plates were clashing.

At the crucial moment, Cai Cha quickly scattered the white mist produced by the small black deer that was fused into the pipa strings and fused it into the strings by the neck, causing it to suddenly tighten.

The devastating pressure from the sharp fangs nearly deformed Cai Cha’s boundary.

Lin Yuan was obviously able to see seawater leaking into Cai Cha’s boundary. There were clear bite marks on the boundary, and the seawater was seeping inside from the bitemarks.

However, as Cai Cha was using all her strength to strum, the boundary was able to withstand the pressure and rapidly mend the cracks.

Lin Yuan was astonished. The Sea Bite ability was truly a divine ability within the water region. If the Sea King Cretaceous Dragon wanted to rip its prey, it didn’t even need to fight at close range. Any place in the water region with a flow of water could be turned into the Sea King Cretaceous Dragon’s sharp fangs.

The Sea Bite ability could be executed formlessly, and the enemy could only endure the attack. In addition, the strength of the Sea King Cretaceous Dragon’s bite didn’t come from the pressure—it was the penetrative power of the sharp fangs. It was the sharp fangs that made an opening in Cai Cha’s boundary.

Long Tao stood on the back of the Sea King Cretaceous Dragon and said to Cai Cha, “Shall we end it here? Your boundary is already broken, and I am not adept at controlling my power in combat.”

Long Tao didn’t try to cover the meaning in his words and immediately stated that he had already controlled his attack power earlier and didn’t wish to injure Cai Cha.

Cai Cha’s face turned grave in response, but she smiled and said, “It is rather boring to settle the match like this. You might not be adept at controlling your power, but I am.”

After speaking, that small black deer lit up with a luster was like the dark night. It quickly swallowed all of the visible light in the sea region before letting out a clear cry.

All of the light gathered toward Cai Cha’s fingers, and in a split moment, the water within the violent sea region was forcefully isolated by Cai Cha’s pipa sound. Everywhere the pipa sound passed through, the water elements vanished.

“Rain Cutting Zither Sound.”

The seemingly gentle and night mist-like pipa sound made Long Tao feel as though the surroundings were bizarre.

The two lightly injured Deep Blue Dragon Jellyfish that were floating beside Long Tao and the Sea King Cretaceous Dragon had produced a water barrier. When the pipa sound smashed into the water barrier, the night mist scattered.

The pipa sound was like a light drizzle that entered through all gaps. The pipa sound fused into the water but was able to slice the water barrier.

Long Tao responded decisively and commanded the Sea King Cretaceous Dragon, “White, Eight Dragon Shadows!”

All of a sudden, the eight illusory dragon shadows appeared in front of the Sea King Cretaceous Dragon. Eight dragon shadows rushed at the pipa sound, and the Sea King Cretaceous Dragon executed the Sea Bite simultaneously.

The pipa sound still managed to shatter the eight dragon shadows. The residual force damaged the Deep Blue Dragon Jellyfish and left them in a severely injured state. Long Tao then withdrew them into his spiritual spatial zone.

Long Tao said in a cold tone, “Since there isn’t a need to reserve anymore, then I shall not hold back anymore.”

Three of his Long Tao’s feys were severely injured, so he was truly enraged.

Elder Meng knew it wasn’t good and circulated the spiritual power within his body. If Cai Cha wasn’t able to resist the attack, he would immediately rescue her. Elder Meng knew clearly how powerful Long Tao’s attack was. Even if he was to receive this attack, he wouldn’t end up good.

The water elements gathered again, and the sea region instantly expanded by over two times.

The Sea King Cretaceous Dragon’s exclusive skills, Water Overseer, and Extremity of Sea were now utilized fully. The sea was moving violently, and such violent movements weren’t possible with just the use of Whirl Flow. When the sea moved violently, Cai Cha’s boundary shrunk down until it was only one meter.

Cai Cha suddenly yelled, “Last move!”

In an instant, Cai Cha threw the pipa, which was transformed from Dark Dream Fragrant Tea using Tool Transformation, into the sky. The pipa reverted into the Dark Dream Fragrant Tea’s original state.

The moment the Dark Dream Fragrant Tea appeared, its body lit up with green radiance. The boundary that was originally shrunk down to one meter was instantly expanded to ten meters. It was just like a clean land in the midst of the ocean.

As the seawater was shaking more intensively, the boundary that Dark Dream Fragrant Tea expanded was shrinking again.

Cai Cha circulated all the spirit qi in her body.

“Dark Dream Fragrant Tea, Dream Transformation.”

“Dream Beast of Night, Dream Consume.”

With a burst of spiritual power from Cai Cha’s body, the Dark Dream Fragrant Tea’s entire tree body suddenly shrunk down into the size of a tea leaf. The small black beast jumped up and consumed the tea leaf into its body. All of a sudden, an aura of nature descended and shrunk the sea region, emptying out a piece of land that contested with the sea region.

After the small black deer consumed the tea leaf, its hornless head suddenly grew out giant deer horns.

The deer horns were like branches that were blooming with white flowers. The black pelt of the deer turned white instantly, and its size increased by several times. It was now a white stag that was over four meters in height. Wherever the hoofs stepped on, green grass would grow.

The Dream Beast looked at Cai Cha, and the latter said gently, “Go on.”

The Dream Beast’s horn lit up with green radiance and great power as it smashed at the Sea King Cretaceous Dragon.

Long Tao didn’t let the Sea King Cretaceous Dragon gather the surrounding water anymore and gave the command. “White, Wrath of the Ocean! Sea Emperor’s Dragon Breath!”

At that moment, the sea finally stirred up. As compared to this moment, the sea was just playing around previously. The sea movements were so violent and loud that Lin Yuan could easily hear the sounds even when he was inside Cold Moon’s spirit qi barrier.

Lin Yuan watched as the wrath of the ocean, along with the Sea King Cretaceous Dragon’s white dragon breath, collided with the pure white stag.

Elder Meng, who had been standing by, suddenly rushed out, used his spirit qi to protect Cai Cha, and stood beside her.

When the stag smashed toward the seawater, the clash was even, but the white dragon breath shattered the deer horn and was rushing at Cai Cha.

The white dragon breath finally vanished after smashing into Elder Meng’s protective barrier.

Elder Meng’s face looked very unpleasant right now. Not because Long Tao’s attack was powerful, but he was rather upset as to why this Long Tao didn’t hold back at all.

This battle allowed Lin Yuan to finally know why the Radiance Hundred of the Radiance Federation was the federation’s glory.

The prowess of Sequence #3, Overflowing Sea, allowed Lin Yuan to find out the standard of the young generation that stood at the apex.

Lin Yuan knew deeply that he was indeed still far inferior. However, he wasn’t in a hurry to diminish his worth. After all, it had only been two months since he had changed from an ordinary person into a person who could sense spirit qi. The road ahead was still long, and no matter how high a mountain was, one would always start from the bottom.