Chapter 97: Ironman Triathlon

Chapter 97 of 100 chapters

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Marquis Jing Shi had been truly influential in the Royal Capital back then. Plenty of king-class experts had met with setbacks from Marquis Jing Shi. With a Diamond X/Fantasy III, Desert Mad Lion, along with the old marquis backing him up, few of the same age dared to confront him.

Nonetheless, when the intolerably arrogant Marquis Jing Shi had had a few drinks in a banquet and spoken disrespectfully to Envoy Cold Moon, he had even started to provoke her in public. The result was having both his legs frozen to the bones, nearly shattering. It was truly pitiful.

Elder Du quickly replied, “Envoy Cold Moon, how would I dare to not teach him the rules of the Radiant Moon Palace? It is Cheng Rui who is slow-witted and didn’t learn them well. I will bring Cheng Rui back to give him a harsh lesson and teach him well on the rules of the Radiant Moon Palace.”

When Elder Du was speaking, his back was already drenched with cold sweat. As a Class 4 Creation Master, Elder Du believed that he was considered outstanding among the other Class 4 Creation Masters, however, he still had a very long way before he could reach the pinnacle of Class 4 Creation Master. As for Class 5 Creation Master, Elder Du didn’t even dare to think about that level from a Class 4 Creation Master’s perspective.

Even among king-class experts, his combat capability was far inferior to his own Creation Master capability. He was only barely a king-class expert, and his status was simply negligible in the Radiant Moon Palace. If he said something wrong, he might be crippled, and there was a chance that he might not even be thrown off the Leaning Moon Mountain.

Cold Moon seldom ventured out for the past dozen years, but her title as ‘Ironman Triathlon’ was still etched in many people’s memories due to the Marquis Jing Shi’s incident.

Ironman Triathlon didn’t refer to Cold Moon’s sports capability. It was her style of handling matters—iron wrist, iron fist, and an iron heart.

Cold Moon’s bone-chilling aura didn’t reduce, and all of a sudden, her eyes looked as though they appeared with a pair of whirling frost. Within a split moment, Elder Du felt as though he was being buried under a giant glacier. Elder Du was able to support Cheng Rui earlier, but now, even Elder Du was getting unsteady.

The blood color in Cheng Rui’s eyes had already scattered, and after sensing Elder Du shivering, he suddenly felt that he was at his wits’ end and lost all reliance. When Cheng Rui panicked, he yelled out with a sobbing tone, “My grandfather is Cheng Wu, a pinnacle Class 4 Creation Master!”

Cheng Rui yelled out very loudly as though he was trying to use his yells to give himself some courage.

When Cold Moon heard the statement, her emotionless face suddenly revealed a smile, and brilliance of frost immediately burst out.

As soon as Cheng Rui yelled out that his grandfather was Cheng Wu, Elder Du knew things weren’t going to end well.

In the Radiant Moon Palace, let alone your grandfather is a pinnacle Class 4 Creation Master. Even if the Class 5 Creation Masters, Bamboo Monarch, and Chef Supreme were here, Cold Moon wouldn’t let this matter rest so easily.

The Moon Empress had always been dominant, and the two Moon Envoys represented the Moon Empress’ will. Pinnacle Class 4 Creation Masters were still Class 4 Creation Masters, after all. The gap between Class 4 and Class 5 Creation Masters was like a chasm between heaven and earth.

A Class 4 Creation Master’s limit was to nurture a fey to Fantasy V, while Class 5 Creation Masters were qualified to ascend into myths.

Looking at the tense situation, Lin Yuan felt as though his heart was getting suspended too. Cold Moon’s aura might not be targeted at him, but he could still feel a pressure within his soul. It was a pressure as though someone was looking down at you from the clouds. It was a feeling that couldn’t be resisted.

Cheng Rui’s Creation Master capabilities were considered exceptional, especially on his usage of the Spine Gu. He was basically at the standard of a Class 3 Creation Master. For the current Lin Yuan, Cheng Rui was considered a formidable foe. But after seeing Cheng Rui’s earlier performance, Lin Yuan didn’t treat Cheng Rui as a formidable foe anymore.

All of a sudden, Cold Moon turned to look at Lin Yuan and asked, “Tell me, how should rude individuals be punished?”

Lin Yuan looked at Elder Du, who was perspiring with cold sweat, first. It was unknown why Lin Yuan felt as though he could see Elder Ning’s shadows behind Elder Du. They were all Creation Masters that were helping the Radiance Federation to enhance and rescue feys, to help spirit qi professionals with the breakthrough of their feys’ limits.

From the looks of Cold Moon’s expression, if Elder Du and Cheng Rui didn’t pay a certain price, they wouldn’t be able to leave unscathed.

When Lin Yuan looked at Cold Moon, he realized that Cold Moon was very seriously looking at him. As of now, Lin Yuan still didn’t know what to say. However, he didn’t wish for Elder Du to perish in this place just because of a few statements. Since Cold Moon asked him, Lin Yuan followed his heart and said, “A rude individual should naturally be punished, but there is a reason for the rude words. Elder Du did so to protect Cheng Rui, therefore, his intention is to protect the young generation.”

Cold Moon’s aura suddenly pressed harder, allowing Lin Yuan to feel the pressure that Elder Du and Cheng Rui were feeling earlier. Lin Yuan’s forehead was already starting to sweat. However, due to his three Willpower Runes—they didn’t just enhance his spiritual energy, but they also toughened Lin Yuan’s spiritual defense to a certain extent—he didn’t look miserable.

When Cold Moon saw it, she was rather surprised.

Cold Moon spoke. “Do you mean that all of this is Cheng Rui’s fault and punishing him alone is enough?”

Since Lin Yuan had already spoken, he shook his head in response to Cold Moon’s question. “When judging a person, I will never see how high their capability can bring them. Instead, I will see how low their mistakes can drop them. Cheng Rui’s words have implicated the person beside him and the elders in his family. After returning, he will have plenty of punishments waiting for him. As such, why don’t you allow Elder Du to bring Cheng Rui back for some teachings and also to tell Cheng Rui’s elders about his wrongdoings today?”

Lin Yuan remained silent for three seconds before speaking again. “Creation Masters are precious resources in the Radiance Federation. Even if they should be punished, they should be punished by asking them to heal more feys.”

After Lin Yuan finished speaking, he felt Cold Moon’s aura suddenly being withdrawn. When he looked at Cold Moon again, he noticed that Cold Moon’s eyes had already changed. She was now looking at him with approval and compassion.

Cold Moon looked at Lin Yuan. I didn’t expect this young prodigy to actually be rather kind. He is finding all sorts of reasons and hoping that I will not be too harsh. In the end, Lin Yuan’s reasons are all in consideration of the Radiance Federation.

From Lin Yuan’s information, Cold Moon felt that Lin Yuan should be a young man who had basically received zero benefits from the Radiance Federation. His ability to look for the light even when he was in desperate straits was truly a quality that was very rare and precious.

When Cold Moon asked Lin Yuan the question, she wanted to test him and see what Lin Yuan answered. This question didn’t have a model answer. Nonetheless, Lin Yuan’s answer gave Cold Moon a pleasant surprise.

When Cold Moon withdrew her aura, Elder Du pulled Cheng Rui and thanked Lin Yuan. But when Cheng Rui bowed to give his thanks, the fear in his eyes had already scattered, and they were now even redder than before. His eyes concealed a bitter tinge of resentment that was slowly accumulating.