Chapter 98: The Perturbed Moon Empress

Chapter 98 of 100 chapters

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Cold Moon didn’t bother about Elder Du, who bowed to thank Lin Yuan, and immediately walked to the platform. She then said to Elder Meng, who was watching the show, “You may return after receiving the gift from the Moon Empress. Three days later, I will deliver another 20 drops of Silver Stamen Gold Luster Cassia nectar to Elder Meng. After all, Elder Meng has been forced to watch a charade at the Radiant Moon Palace.”

Elder Meng quickly bowed to Cold Moon. The earlier situation with Elder Du had really shocked Elder Meng, and if he were to speak out of turn, he might suffer the same fate. However, the additional 20 drops of Silver Stamen Gold Luster Cassia nectar made Elder Meng so overjoyed that he couldn’t cover his mouth.

“Envoy Cold Moon, then I shall bring Long Tao back.” Elder Meng could see what was happening.

Just by looking at Cold Moon’s attitude toward Lin Yuan, he already knew that Long Tao and Cheng Rui were just here to put on a show. However, this trip’s gifts were already enough to compensate for Elder Meng’s disappointment.

As Elder Meng was preparing to lead Long Tao back, he turned to see Long Tao standing with Lin Yuan.

“Thank you for helping me to recover my spiritual power. Otherwise, I would have made a joke of myself.”

Lin Yuan laughed heartily and said, “It is just a small matter.”

After hearing and seeing Lin Yuan’s smile, Long Tao didn’t know why he started laughing too. “If Brother Yuan is going to have a meal in the Royal Capital, remember to look for me for a drink.”

Elder Meng then departed with Long Tao from the Leaning Moon Mountain.

Elder Du quickly apologized to Cold Moon again before he dragged Cheng Rui away from the Leaning Moon Mountain in an unpleasant mood.

When going down the mountain, Elder Du especially stopped midway the mountain before he continued on his way down again. Elder Du didn’t have the face to meet with Elder Meng, who had received great rewards, right now.

Apart from Cold Moon and Lin Yuan in the Radiant Moon Palace, only the four tea attendants that were looking at Lin Yuan curiously and Ling Xiao were left.

Ling Xiao might be standing there and looking at Lin Yuan with calm eyes, but her heart was filled with joy. She could naturally see how Cold Moon and Mystic Moon treated Lin Yuan. She could also see how protective Cold Moon was toward Lin Yuan. Therefore, the chance of Lin Yuan getting picked as the Moon Empress’ disciple was already 70%.

Cold Moon walked toward Lin Yuan and said, “The two contests today were arranged by the Moon Empress. She wanted you to witness the Radiance Generation’s young generation’s pinnacle standard, be it in Creation Master capability or spirit qi professional capability. Walk toward the inner palace yourself. After walking through the hallway, you will reach the inner palace. The Moon Empress is waiting for you there.”

Lin Yuan never expected that these two exciting contests had actually been prepared for him. At first, Lin Yuan had been wondering why he hadn’t needed to go through any contest. But after watching the two contests and understanding their standards, Lin Yuan knew that his strength was still not competent enough.

While walking in the hallway, Lin Yuan was feeling apprehensive. He was about to meet one of the three Class 5 Creation Masters of the Radiance Federation, the Moon Empress. In the past, Lin Yuan would have never imagined that he could make such close contact with a pinnacle expert of this era.

Lin Yuan was very smart. When he had been ascending the Leaning Moon Mountain with Mystic Moon, he had been paying attention to the conversation between Elder Meng. Elder Du, and Ling Xiao. He had found out that the purpose of coming to this place might be to become the Moon Empress’ disciple, and it was the great benefit that Elder Ning had been envious of.

At that thought, Lin Yuan became even more nervous. Unbeknownst to Lin Yuan, another person was more perturbed than him.

In the inner palace was a lady that was arranging brocade boxes on a rack by the side of the lotus lake while muttering something, “...96, 97, 98, 99, 100. 100 gifts should be enough! I don’t know how to be a Master either. Will it be too stingy to only give 100 gifts to a precious disciple on the first meeting?”

The lady in the moon robes was holding her chin and looking at the brocade boxes on the rack. She was uncertain whether she should bring out more precious treasures.

If someone else was watching from the side, even Cold Moon and Mystic Moon would be shocked. Was this the Moon Empress who was always calm like the lonely moon? 100 boxes of treasures were enough to shock the entire Radiance Federation, so who would actually feel it was stingy?

The Moon Empress looked at the brocade boxes and couldn’t help but recall the scene when she was young and with her master. While reminiscing, the Moon Empress was so angry that the roots of her teeth started to ache.

Apart from teaching me knowledge on the Creation Master profession, that old bastard would bring me to all sorts of treacherous places and was always so fierce. But when I became a Class 3 Creation Master, that old bastard actually passed away.

It was a painful memory that was etched in the Moon Empress’ heart. After so many years, she had removed the pain, and it had now turned into yearning.

The Moon Empress never had any disciple, so now that she was going to accept one, she was a little out of place. However, after recalling her late master’s way of teaching, she decided that she would pamper her disciple.

Since the moment the Moon Empress had decided to accept a disciple, she had already been prepared to give herself another status as a master. Therefore, when Lin Yuan had appeared, and she found out about Lin Yuan’s history, she might not have mentioned it, but she had already had plans in her heart.

With this thought, and since Lin Yuan had arrived at the Leaning Moon Mountain, the Moon Empress used her spiritual energy to sense everything Lin Yuan said and did. She had been very satisfied until the moment Cold Moon tested Lin Yuan. When Lin Yuan spoke in defense of Elder Du and Cheng Rui, the Moon Empress had a deeper impression of Lin Yuan. It allowed the Moon Empress to have a more solid impression of Lin Yuan.

Originally, the Moon Empress had been planning to test Lin Yuan, but she was now busy considering how to pamper her disciple.

When Lin Yuan’s footsteps got nearer, the Moon Empress could already hear them clearly. She took a deep breath and reverted to her regular attitude.

When Lin Yuan arrived at the inner palace, he was shocked by the scenery. It couldn’t be just described as luxurious, as it wasn’t due to the precious decorations. It was the number of powerful and rare feys within this place.

The inner palace was just like an immortal realm. The massive lotus lake had dozens of species of lotus flowers that he didn’t know the names of. But after using True Data to check, none of the lotus feys were lower than diamond-grade.

However, before Lin Yuan could notice the information, he was attracted by a figure in a moon-colored robe. Lin Yuan didn’t know how he should address her, but the Moon Empress walked forward and asked, “Do you have any request to become my disciple?”

The Moon Empress was thinking of how to be more amiable on her approach, but she immediately asked for any request when she spoke.

After speaking, the Moon Empress was rather regretful. Does it seem too obvious that I want to accept him as a disciple?

Lin Yuan didn’t think that the Moon Empress, a Class 5 Creation Master, would actually ask such a question for her first statement. However, while Lin Yuan had been on his way there, he had already thought about it. Even if he were to become the Moon Empress’ disciple, he had to tread on the path of becoming an expert on his own and with determination.

“Moon Empress, I don’t have any request to become your disciple. However, I wish that I can rely on my own diligence to walk on my own path.”

These words instantly threw off the Moon Empress.

If that’s the case, didn’t I prepare these 100 precious treasures for nothing? Why is my disciple so considerate!?