Chapter 99: Master and Disciple

Chapter 99 of 100 chapters

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Lin Yuan sat on the chair, feeling rather dizzy. However, he quickly sorted out the thoughts in his mind.

When speaking with the Moon Empress, Lin Yuan was originally very nervous, but he had a subtle feeling that she was even more nervous than him. After some idle conversation, the Moon Empress didn’t mention the matter of accepting a disciple.

It was already rather late, so the Moon Empress arranged for Lin Yuan to stay in the pavilion inside of the Radiant Moon Palace’s inner palace.

When Lin Yuan was looking at this room’s furnishing, an orchid started emitting a faint fragrance. The orchid’s leaves were lush green, and the stalk was straight. Within the lush leaves was a spotlessly white flower that bloomed. Just by watching, it would invigorate a person.

If the Moon Empress said that she wanted to take Lin Yuan as a disciple, he felt that it was rather sudden, and he wasn’t mentally prepared at all. If the Moon Empress was really accepting a disciple, no one would refuse. But Lin Yuan was different.

Since young, Lin Yuan had a pitiful number of constraints. As of now, apart from Chu Ci, Lin Yuan’s only constraint was Liu Jie, who he had recently accepted as a retainer.

Since ancient times, once a Master, always a father. The term ‘Master’ carried a deep constraint. It was a relationship that could be considered as close as kinship.

The affection between Master and disciple was very important, but now, Lin Yuan didn’t have much affection toward the Moon Empress. At best, it would be respect. Therefore, if Lin Yuan had to call the Moon Empress his Master, he really didn’t know how to deal with it.

While Lin Yuan was in contemplation, the Moon Empress was gently swirling the water within the lotus lake.

At that moment, large fish that were half a meter in length emerged from underneath the lotus leaf. They looked like peonies that were blooming in the water. Their tails were like dresses that were layered and filled with grace and grandeur.

If Lin Yuan saw these fish, he would certainly be astonished as they were all Spirit-Siphon Goldfish. These Spirit-Siphon Goldfish in the lotus lake had already evolved to platinum-grade.

The Moon Empress was currently using her fingers to swirl in the water and causing ripples. The Spirit-Siphon Goldfish had all come closer to the Moon Empress. When she was swirling the water, she was thinking about her first meeting with Lin Yuan.

The Moon Empress was very satisfied with Lin Yuan and admired him. After knowing about Lin Yuan’s experiences when growing up, she was actually filled with tender affection toward him. However, she too knew that she had treated the acceptance of a disciple too simply.

The Moon Empress was always dominant and dealt with matters with extreme simplicity, but after today’s conversation, she suddenly realized that the acceptance of a disciple wasn’t as easy as how a Creation Master evolved a fey.

The Moon Empress recalled her casual question to Lin Yuan. “What is most important between a Master and disciple?”

“Affection is the most important between a Master and disciple.”

Lin Yuan’s answer caused the Moon Empress to ponder carefully.

Originally, the Moon Empress had been planning to accept Lin Yuan as a disciple today, but now, she didn’t think it was that urgent anymore. Since the most important thing between a Master and disciple was affection, it was something that had to be accumulated through time and slowly formed.

At that moment, the Moon Empress heard footsteps.

Cold Moon walked into the inner palace and saw the Moon Empress, who was swirling the lotus lake’s water and seemed to be considering something. At the same time, she didn’t see Lin Yuan.

Cold Moon silently thought, Is the Moon Empress not satisfied with Lin Yuan?

Just as Cold Moon was trying to guess the Moon Empress’ thoughts, she heard the Moon Empress asking softly, “Cold Moon, do you think that after standing in a high place for a long time, we should learn to consider problems from the angle of an ordinary person?”

Surprise replaced Cold Moon’s regularly cold expression due to the Moon Empress’ question. Cold Moon thought deeply and replied, “I feel that after a person becomes formidable, they should consider problems from the angle of an expert.”

Cold Moon’s answer was what the Moon Empress was thinking.

For a person to become an expert, they had to go through hardships and overcome obstacles, as well as toil for long hours and experience difficulties, along with outstanding talent.

In this world, experts represented special rights. Why would they lower their statuses to consider matters as an ordinary person? Wasn’t it better to consider matters in a simpler and more direct manner as an expert?

The Moon Empress stood up, and all the water from the lotus lake slid off her white jade hands before returning back to the lake.

Cold Moon saw the Moon Empress shaking her head and smiling. “Your ideals are right and also wrong. Cold Moon, bring a spiritual ingredient recipe book for me. Since affection is needed to accept a disciple, then I shall start with the simplest action!”

Cold Moon’s mouth opened so wide that she could actually swallow an egg. What? Did I hear wrongly!? The Moon Empress is actually going to cook a meal, and it is to nurture the affection of the master-disciple relationship between her and Lin Yuan!? When has the Moon Empress made a meal before? This is simply too surreal!

It was impossible that the Moon Empress was unsatisfied with Lin Yuan—she was simply too satisfied with Lin Yuan. However, Cold Moon didn’t understand why it was so complicated to accept a disciple. Wasn’t just a single statement from the Moon Empress enough?

When Lin Yuan was getting extremely bored by being so reserved in the room, he heard two clear and distinct voices from outside his pavilion. “Lord Lin Yuan, we are here on the Moon Empress’ orders to deliver a change of clothes for you and also to prepare the hot water in the pavilion’s bath.”

After hearing the voices outside the door, Lin Yuan allowed the duo to enter. It was two young girls, who were of similar age to him, with bright eyes and white teeth. They were both wearing light yellow robes.

However, it was obvious that one of them had exquisite makeup while the other didn’t have much makeup. The pavilion’s bath was connected to an underground hot spring. During normal times, the spring’s mouth would be sealed up. When it was time to use it, the spring’s mouth would be opened up, and spring water of a perfect 40°C would flow out.

After the preparations, the young girl with the exquisite makeup looked at Lin Yuan with glittering eyes and handed him the spirit qi clothes. “Lord Lin Yuan, do you need me to help you bathe and change your clothes?” she asked softly.

Lin Yuan quickly shook his head and said, “I can do it myself.”

The young girl with the exquisite makeup looked rather disappointed. “Then we shall dismiss ourselves for now, Lord Lin Yuan.”

The two young girls headed to the pavilion and did some simple cleanup.

Lin Yuan observed and noticed that the young girl with the exquisite makeup had been standing beside him and trying to open up a conversation topic. On the other hand, the young girl without much makeup was doing all the work, and she was obviously exhausted after unsealing the restriction on the spring’s mouth.

These two young girls were wearing robes that were light yellow in color. Earlier on, the Moon Empress had given Lin Yuan a simple introduction to the Leaning Moon Mountain departments.

These young girls with light yellow robes should be part of the Radiant Moon Palace’s spirit attendants. These spirit attendants were all rather talented individuals among the young generation of Creation Masters, and they were all young females.

These spirit attendants should have equivalent status, but it was obvious that one was bullying the other. Even if this was the cause, Lin Yuan couldn’t interfere. After all, any place with humans would be a harsh world.