Chapter 1 - Airport Encounter

Chapter 1 of 100 chapters

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The spacious airport was filled with noisy hustle and bustle.

Xia Ning was not expecting this when she got off the plane. She was extremely familiar with the people not far from her, looking around with cameras – reporters.

She pressed down her hat and frowned. “Didn’t I say my whereabouts should be kept secret?” she said to the person next to her.

Xia Ning, a rising movie star, won the most prestigious Golden Lion Award for Best Newcomer within a year after her debut. The person next to her was her manager, Lu Qing.

“Yeah, I definitely didn’t tell any outsiders about you coming back from Z city today,” Lu Qing looked at Xia Ning innocently.

She should be the one who would hate the most to see Xia Ning being photographed by the reporters. Just as Xia Ning was having small signs of becoming popular, there was a bunch of dirt on her immediately. The agency was already unhappy about it. Otherwise, they would not have to rush back the second the advertisement at Z city was done.

Xia Ning glanced at Lu Qing quickly. Her lips twitched a little, but nothing else came out.

Lu Qing felt some goosebumps with Xia Ning’s look. Right at that moment, the assistant that was sent to gather information, Wen Jing, came back.

Wen Jing shouted to Xia Ning happily, “Sister Xia Ning, I got the information! Those reporters are not here for you.”

There are reporters at the airport but they are not here for you.

Why does it sound like I’m not popular enough with those reporters?

Xia Ning was a bit upset. Did Lu Qing hire this gal just to give her headaches?

“Are you afraid that people don’t know Xia Ning is coming back today?” Lu Qing stepped up to hit Wen Jing on her head. “Be quiet!”

“Well, if they are not here to catch us, let’s go.” Xia Ning pushed up her sunglasses and walked forward with her backpack.

“Er, sure!” Lu Qing nodded and followed Xia Ning. Looking at Xia Ning’s back, she felt upset too.

Xia Ning was very beautiful. Her beauty was unassuming, but it grew on people. Her body was well-proportioned, 5’6” tall, with a pair of gorgeous legs that would make any girl jealous. She had an incredibly slender waist and her long, smooth hair rested casually on her back. She was a real beauty in every way possible.

It is a pity that she was becoming popular too fast. Even a face like this was said to be created by plastic surgery.

Wen Jing dragged the suitcase and followed. “Don’t you want to know who the reporters are after?”

Xia Ning walked in the front as if she didn’t hear, while Lu Qing was thinking how to keep this a secret.

Another assistant, Xiaosheng, was focusing on pushing the luggage and didn’t even pay attention to Wen Jing.

But Wen Jing was not embarrassed at all. “Actually, the reporters are here for Li Shanshan.” As if she was talking to herself.

“Li Shanshan? The national goddess?” Xiaosheng said suddenly. “Her acting skills are not as good as Sister Xia Ning.”

Wen Jing glanced at him and sneered, “Acting skills aren’t as useful as publicity. Haven’t you heard that Li Shanshan and the president of Shengshi traveled to Venice together? President Qiao is among the best of the rich, a real diamond bachelor. Li Shanshan will be flying to the top this time…”

She stopped talking as Xia Ning stopped moving forward. She realized that Lu Qing was staring at her coldly. Shoot! The wrong gossip came out.

Wen Jing’s heart skipped a beat. “Sister Xia Ning, I didn’t mean to…”

Xia Ning looked over to the arrival gate. Even with sunglasses, the flashlights could almost burn her eyes. Her hand holding the bag suddenly tightened.

At the arrival gate, a group of six to seven people walked out, all black suits and steady paces. In the middle was a man in a black haute couture suit.

The man was tall and strong. His facial features were deep and elegant, with a pair of black, cold eyes. He looked straight ahead as if he was a king looking down at his subjects. His presence was unapproachable.