Chapter 10 - The Sensible Enoch

Chapter 10 of 100 chapters

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Lu Qing went and came back with a big bag of food. She stuffed them into the fridge.

“I bought you fresh cooking ingredients. Pay attention and don’t give the kid too many snacks.” Lu Qing closed the fridge and looked at Xia Ning suspiciously. “You can’t even take care of yourself. Are you sure you can take care of the kid?”

Lu Qing got kicked out just now persuading her not to be with Qiao Yu. So this time, she focused on Enoch’s well-being.

Lu Qing knew Xia Ning well. She seemed like she was not paying attention to anything, but in truth, she was very sensible. She knew her position so Lu Qing trusted her a lot. Of course, leaving aside all the random scandals, she could be seen as the perfect actress.

Xia Ning poured some milk into a glass. “You are overthinking. He is only going to be here for a day.”

“It’s not me who is overthinking. This Qiao Yu trusts you enough to leave his kid here. And you are saying nothing is going on between you two?” Lu Qing stared at Xia Ning.

Xia Ning ignored her and walked to the TV. She put the milk in front of Enoch and asked, “Do you like milk?”

Enoch looked up at Xia Ning, smiling widely. “Yep!”

Hearing that, Xia Ning felt somewhat relaxed. She nodded. “Let me know if it’s not enough.”

“Mummy, can you watch the cartoon with me?” Enoch looked at Xia Ning with hope.

Xia Ning patted him on the head and her heart melted. She smiled. “Sure.” She sat down next to him, ignoring Lu Qing on the side.

Lu Qing saw the good-tempered Xia Ning and could not help but yell silently.Watching a cartoon? That’s crazy. Maybe kids are the real conqueror of the cold Xia Ning?

After cleaning up, Lu Qing saw Xia Ning still paying zero attention to her. She could not help but remind her, “Xia Ning, don’t forget about the audition the day after tomorrow. A lot of people have their eyes on the leading role. You don’t even have the invitation. Pay more attention.”

Xia Ning turned her head to Lu Qing and said in a low voice, “Be quiet.”

She had been in scandals constantly. Any clever investor and director would not use her as the leading actress. The chips were down, but she was still so relaxed. Lu Qing was upset and walked up planning to remind her again. But she saw Enoch lying in Xia Ning’s arms. At this moment, she felt the tenderness between the two. This was the first time she had seen Xia Ning being so gentle.

Is this kid drawing the motherhood out of Xia Ning? The idea made Lu Qing shiver. As she walked out of the door she said again, “Just don’t forget the audition.”

And cut it with Qiao Yu. Those words almost went out of her mouth, but she did not say it out loud. Mentioning these in front of the kid would not be good and she knew this.

The door shut silently.

After some time, the cartoon on the TV was already finished. Xia Ning turned her head to the side and saw Enoch asleep next to her. He was really quiet, and not noisy at all, just like a soft kitten. The only time he spoke loudly was to call Mum and Dad, with a crisp and sweet sound, like a bell.

Xia Ning grabbed her phone and put in a number. She hesitated, but still dialed in the end. She did not know if he had changed his number. If she could, she would avoid this number forever in her life.

Why did she still remember? Maybe it was because the pain was so real and unforgettable.

The ringtone rang over and over again. Just as Xia Ning was about to hang up, the deep voice of a man came.