Chapter 100 - Blackmailing Li Shanshan

Chapter 100 of 100 chapters

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Lu Qing saw Xia Ning’s eyes which seemed as if they could eat Li Shanshan alive and she felt nervous. This girl was never afraid of anything. God, please don’t let her do it. Otherwise, she would be in the headlines again tomorrow.

All of a sudden, Li Shanshan was pushed away. She staggered to the side and almost fell on the ground.

“Xia Ning, what are you doing!” Li Shanshan said with anger.

Xia Ning looked at Wen Jing next to her. “If a dog bites us, we can’t really bite back. Otherwise, what’s the difference between us and the dog.”

“Xia Ning, you!” Li Shanshan’s face turned colorful. She was calling her a dog!

Xia Ning continued to Wen Jing, “In fact, you should thank Miss Li for the slap. Now you can pay for your brother’s tuition. Miss Li lacks everything but money. I think Miss Li would be very willing to help you.”

“Xia Ning, don’t cross the line!” Li Shanshan gained balance on her feet and glared at Xia Ning. “Why would I…”

“Why? Because you, the national goddess, was slapping people!” Xia Ning looked at Li Shanshan with a smile. “I suppose a lot of people would want to buy this piece of information.”

“You think people are just going to believe what you say?” Li Shanshan sneered.

“Maybe they won’t, but I forgot to tell you, there is a surveillance camera in this dressing room.” Xia Ning stared at Li Shanshan. “But Miss Li might already be used to her bad videos going viral on the Internet.”

This sentence hit Li Shanshan where it hurt. Last time, the Elevator Gate cost her a lot of fans. Her company spent a lot to rebuild her image. If this time, the video of her hitting people got out, it would be very bad.

“Let’s go, Wen Jing. I am taking a half-day off today to go to the hospital with you.” Xia Ning touched Wen Jing’s face. “That slap might not only hurt your face but also cause a concussion…”

The makeup artists around them almost laughed out loud. This Xia Ning was really funny.

Li Shanshan was so mad that she wanted to stomp her feet. She wanted to use Xia Ning to create some headlines for herself but did not expect to be checkmated by Xia Ning. She headed for the door with her assistant in fury.

“Miss Li, I will ask my assistant to give you her bank info.” Xia Ning yelled at Li Shanshan’s back.

Li Shanshan slammed the door open. Bang! The door hit the wall, and she walked out with anger.

“Hahaha!” Wen Jing laughed out loud.

Sister Xia Ning really had a way of torturing people. Seeing Li Shanshan’s bad face felt even better than beating her up.

Lu Qing looked at Xia Ning and felt both upset and funny. She was really scared to death by Xia Ning, thinking she was really going to slap someone.

But Xia Ning’s action was better than hitting Li Shanshan. If she really slapped her, not only would she be affected but Wen Jing would definitely also be revenged at by Li Shanshan and her people. That would not be worth it.

Xia Ning said to Wen Jing, “You don’t have to follow me today. Lu Qing, take Wen Jing to the hospital.”

“For real?” Lu Qing looked at Xia Ning with confusion.

“You think Li Shanshan’s money could be given to you that easily? We are asking for compensation for a real loss!” Xia Ning looked at Lu Qing. “Also, remember to put Wen Jing’s cost for the day off in the claim as well.”

Since when did she start paying attention to details! Lu Qing was speechless.

But that solved Wen Jing’s problem. Wen Jing was a stubborn girl and did not want to take their money. The compensation from Li Shanshan, she would have no problem accepting.

“Well, that’s it. I will go to the hospital with Wen Jing and ask for money from Li Shanshan. You do your job. Beware of Li Shanshan’s revenge while I’m away.”

Xia Ning picked up the chair from the ground and sat back down. She said to the makeup artist, “Please.”

The makeup artist moved her lips. Now she remembered her. They were completely in their own world when they asked Li Shanshan for money. She had never seen people blackmailing in broad daylight. But, she wanted to say, Xia Ning, good job!