Chapter 11 - He Was The Nightmare

Chapter 11 of 100 chapters

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Xia Ning lay on the couch, holding the phone, and said nothing.

No sound came from the other side of the phone either, as if the man’s answer just now was an illusion. There was only Enoch’s even breathing in the room.

After a long while, Xia Ning broke the silence. “It’s me.”

“I know.” The voice of the man came right after, with a dull tone. No emotion was in that voice.

Xia Ning stopped a second before she continued, “When are you going back to Britain?”

The man did not answer immediately. “I don’t know. Might have to wait till I finish all the work here.”

Xia Ning took a look at Enoch who was next to her, with all the tenderness in her eyes. “If you can, let Enoch stay with me for a few more days,” she said.

“Why?” The voice from the other side was still emotionless.

Xia Ning tightened her lips without saying anything.

“I remember not too long ago you didn’t even want to see him.” Qiao Yu reminded her of her resistance to Enoch before.

“Sorry, my bad.” Xia Ning hung up the phone quickly. She held the phone tightly and stayed on the couch, staring at Enoch. Did she not want to see him? She thought he’d never show up in front of her. And she did not dare to see him. But now, she got greedy with him calling her Mummy. Yes, she must have gone crazy!

Ever since her divorce with Qiao Yu, she could never show up in front of him.

Xia Ning held Enoch’s head and stood up holding him. She saw his quiet sleeping face. After a few years, she would not be able to hold him like this. And then, he would need her even less.

In the conference room, Qiao Yu was staring at his phone. Nobody knew what he was thinking.

All the senior management of the S City branch of Shengshi Group looked at Qiao Yu’s serious face in confusion. Boss had spaced out for five minutes now after he got the call.

This was the first time they saw Boss losing it. Was it a lady that he was on the phone with? Because Boss was talking with much more emotion compared to his tone with them.

They saw the news about Boss getting married and having kids. Maybe it was Boss’s wife on the phone just now?

“Dang!” Someone knocked over a water bottle accidentally when getting water.

Qiao Yu returned to himself. He darted a look down. Everyone collected their thoughts and started looking at the reports in their hands.

“Keep reporting!” Qiao Yu put his phone away and started reading the documents on the table.

Everyone’s heart lightened. Although they were shocked that Boss wanted to meet right after coming back, he seemed to be in a good mood because he did not yell at anybody!

After coming back from Z City, Xia Ning was very tired too. She went to bed early.

In a little while, her nose got a bit itchy as if something was moving around her. Xia Ning frowned and opened her eyes slowly. Qiao Yu’s cold face came into sight. She was covered with blood and begging him to save her. But he was holding some other women’s shoulders and talking, not even looking at her.

She cried out loud. But all that was left was endless desperation. Her heart ached so much that she could not even breathe.

On the bed, Xia Ning opened her eyes and sat up in a shock. She looked around and it was already getting bright outside. It was a dream just now!

“Mummy, what’s wrong?” Enoch’s soft voice came from the side.

Xia Ning’s heart jumped. She tilted her head and saw the face that looked exactly like Qiao Yu’s. Her face turned pale immediately. She jumped off the bed and ran straight to the bathroom.