Chapter 12 - Rumors Getting Worse

Chapter 12 of 100 chapters

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Xia Ning looked at herself in the mirror, feeling cold all around her body. So Qiao Yu was still a nightmare for her.

“Mummy…” Enoch’s voice came from behind.

Xia Ning turned around. The little bun was standing next to the door looking at her, his face full of frustration and fear.

Xia Ning realized that she was being too emotional just now. She went over to take his hands and smiled. “Mum had a nightmare just now. Sorry that I scared you. Let’s wash up and eat breakfast, okay?”

“Sure!” Enoch nodded amenably.

Breakfast was a simple western style – bread, milk, and a fried egg.

Just as Xia Ning was taking the breakfast out to the table, her phone rang. She handed a piece of bread to Enoch before she picked up. She could hear Lu Qing’s screams immediately.

“Xia Ning, did you offend the gods recently? Terrible scandals are coming one after another. All of them are quite something. Being your agent is taking at least 10 years off my life…”

Xia Ning rubbed the center of her eyebrows. “What is happening?”

“What is happening? Do you not watch TV or read any entertainment newspaper? The rumors are getting worse.”

Xia Ning frowned. “Like you said they are just rumors. Why should I care?”

“…” Lu Qing’s voice from the phone paused for a few seconds as if she was calming herself down. “Simply put, someone took photos of you at the airport coming back from Z City. Now the scandals are saying you went out with some rich guy and returned alone, looking like you were abandoned. Even your normal cold face was said to be because of sadness and depression.”

Xia Ning hung up immediately and searched for today’s entertainment headlines. The one on top was of herself coming out from the airport with luggage. It was well shot from a good angle. She looked pretty.

But the entire article was saying she came back heartbroken. It was speculating her being abandoned by a rich guy. The wife came, so the mistress had to leave.

The author who wrote the article was also implying her misconducts and degenerate personal life.

The comments below were even worse.

“A slut will always find a man.”

“On the endurance of Xia Ning’s boyfriends.”

“If you look at Xia Ning’s rumored boyfriends, they are either rich or famous. Yet Xia Ning changes boyfriends faster than she changes her outfit. What makes Xia Ning so confident? Good looks? Or the Best New Actress Award?! Cheng Feixuan from the same agency won the Best Actress before and is more beautiful as well. Even she is not living such a degenerate life like Xia Ning.”

Xia Ning read a few comments without showing anything on her face and was preparing to turn off the phone. She noticed the news below was Qiao Yu showing up at the airport. She saw it on TV yesterday already. There was a huge title, ‘Shengshi’s CEO Not Denying, National Goddess Getting Married?’

She frowned and turned off her phone. Then she passed the milk to Enoch. “Drink more milk. It helps you grow.”

“Mummy, you should eat too.” Enoch held the bread in his hand to Xia Ning’s mouth.

Xia Ning took a bite on the bread. She patted him on the head and smiled. “Tastes good.”

Enoch immediately grinned and also took a bite. He ate without making any noise. Very good manners.

Xia Ning looked at the sensible kid, feeling both happy and regretful. She was regretting not being able to be there for his childhood.

“Mummy, is Daddy picking us up soon to play?” Enoch blinked his eyes and said to Xia Ning suddenly.

Xia Ning stopped. Yeah, Qiao Yu said he was going to pick up Enoch today. She wanted Enoch to be with her for a few more days. But now it was clear that Qiao Yu could give him a better life.

Ding-Dong… The doorbell rang.

Enoch jumped off the couch and ran to the door. “It must be Daddy. Let me get the door.”