Chapter 13 - Qiao Yu’s Warning

Chapter 13 of 100 chapters

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Enoch’s tiny arms could not reach the door handle. Xia Ning walked over to open the door for him. The second the door was opened, a tall shadow covered her.

Qiao Yu’s dark eyes glanced over her calm face, just for a second. He bent down to hold Enoch up and asked, “Did you behave? Did he make any trouble?” The second half was obviously for Xia Ning.

Xia Ning looked at the gentle dad holding the kid and found it hard to link him to the cold and arrogant person from the past.

“Daddy, I was good. I slept with Mummy yesterday. Mummy made me breakfast this morning too,” Enoch said as if he was bragging.

Qiao Yu moved his eyes from his son to Xia Ning and asked, “You can make breakfast now?”

Xia Ning heard that and frowned even more. It felt like he was mocking her.

“Wait there for a second. I will pack up Enoch’s stuff.” As she was saying that, Xia Ning stepped back and was about to shut the door.

But Qiao Yu was faster. He stepped in with one foot and blocked the door. He looked at her with a pressing feeling. “Enoch might need some more food. After breakfast, I will take him with me. Plus…” He stopped for a second. “I didn’t have breakfast either.”

Xia Ning frowned. What does him not having eaten have to do with her?

But Qiao Yu was already inside. He shot a glance at the room and his eyes stopped on the golden fried egg. “This egg is fried well.”

Was he making fun of the blackened eggs she made before? Xia Ning sneered. “Can’t match your cooking skills, President Qiao.”

“Sure, I can teach you some other time.” Qiao Yu put Enoch down. Enoch ran straight to the table and started eating his breakfast as if he was afraid someone would take it away.

“…” Who would do that? Xia Ning looked at the tall man in front her as if he was crazy. Was there something wrong with him? To be honest, it really sucked to be talking to the ex-husband for two consecutive days.

She was too lazy to react and went to the dressing room to pack Enoch’s stuff.

Enoch watched his dad take a piece of the fried egg away and his face sunk. He grabbed the rest of the egg from the plate and stuffed it all in his mouth, glaring at him. His eyes were saying, Mummy prepared this for ME so you should not be taking it away.

Qiao Yu ate the fried egg slowly, ignoring his son’s anger.

When Xia Ning came out, Qiao Yu and Enoch were already done eating.

She pushed the luggage to the door and opened the door, looking at Qiao Yu. “All his stuff is packed.” It means you should leave.

“Mummy, aren’t you going out with us?” Enoch looked at Xia Ning sadly, his pretty eyes filled with sorrow.

Just as Xia Ning was about to explain, Qiao Yu interrupted, “Your mum has work to do.”

“Mummy, please think of me.” Enoch looked at Xia Ning. His lantern-like eyes became watery and the tears were about to drop. It was heart-melting.

Xia Ning’s heart softened completely. The coldness on her face went away and she said in a low voice, “Sure!”

Qiao Yu held Enoch by the door and said suddenly, “I agree with what you said on the phone yesterday. If I have time, I will send Enoch here. But I don’t want him to have a mum with so many scandals.” He did not even look at Xia Ning on the side and lifted the suitcase and walked out.

Xia Ning watched the tall figure walking into the elevator with surprise. He agreed? She frowned. Was he mocking her bad personal life, while he had been in scandals with Li Shanshan all over the place?