Chapter 14 - Denying The Relationship

Chapter 14 of 100 chapters

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Lu Qing looked everywhere to find out that the kid was gone. She said to Xia Ning, “Is Qiao Yu’s son really gone?”

“Yes.” Xia Ning was going over a script.

Lu Qing walked over to sit next to Xia Ning and looked at her with curiosity. “Who came to pick him up? Qiao Yu?”

“Yes.” Xia Ning turned a page.

Ah, Qiao Yu was here! Lu Qing almost screamed. Why did she sleep in today? Otherwise, she could have been standing in front of a diamond bachelor like Qiao Yu and breathing the same air in the same space. She had completely forgotten how much she disliked Qiao Yu yesterday.

“What’s your relationship with Qiao Yu? Please don’t tell me Qiao Yu is the sponsor behind you. Xia Ning, you have to let me, your manager, know about this. Otherwise, if the relationship hits the news…” Lu Qing was using her imagination now. Although Xia Ning had a lot of scandals, she knew that if Xia Ning was not clean, nobody else in the entertainment business would be clean. But she had to make sure because the other party was such a good quality man.

Xia Ning closed the script and looked at Lu Qing with a vague smile. “It would be a huge waste of your imagination if you don’t write scripts.”

Urgh, Lu Qing pouted. How could she imagine less when Xia Ning all of a sudden knew Qiao Yu, and he even sent his son to her house?

“I do know Qiao Yu, but we are definitely not in that kind of relationship that you have in mind. I’m a bit sleepy so I’m going to take a break. Remember to close the door when you leave. Send someone to pick me up for the audition tomorrow.” Xia Ning threw the script on the couch and went into the bedroom.

Lu Qing saw her closing the door, feeling a bit helpless. Her personality was way too cold. Suddenly realizing something, she tapped her forehead. Completely forgot to tell her about that matter. Ah, that’s fine. She will know tomorrow.

A good director knew how to organize and direct a movie, just as a good actor knew how to interpret a role. Zeng Jun was the flag of the movie industry. Every one of his movies was popular and he had won so many awards both domestically and internationally.

Therefore, if someone was picked by Zeng Jun to be the leading actor, that meant they were one step closer to the awards.

The place for the audition was in the famous AS International Hotel under Shengshi. Reporters knew it was the day for Zeng Jun to hold the audition for the new movie and had been waiting outside.

The moment Xia Ning got off the car, she was circled by a bunch of reporters.

“Miss Xia, are you here for the audition of the leading character for Director Zeng Jun’s new movie? It was said that you didn’t get an invitation because of all the scandals.”

“There are a lot of stories about you on the Internet. Are you planning on explaining to the public?”

“Miss Xia, the Internet was saying that you crossed someone. That’s why you got all the dirt thrown on you. Is that true? Might it be because you are close with the rich businessman with the last name Qian and someone is jealous?”

Xiaosheng and Wen Jing covered Xia Ning to walk ahead. “Please give us some space. Miss Xia will not be making any comments.”

Xia Ning glanced at the critical faces of the reporters and frowned. She looked at one reporter and said coldly, “I am here for the audition today. As for the scandals, I will be responding through my agency. I understand that the media likes to catch the wind, but it does not mean I can always tolerate that. If it crosses the line, you should be ready to hear from my lawyer.” As she talked, she passed by the reporters and went straight into the hotel quickly.

The reporters behind stared at each other. Er, didn’t they say Xia Ning never responded to the media? What was with the outburst today? But the fire in her eyes, that was something.

In fact, everyone knew the rumors were not true. It was said that she had crossed someone and was getting revenged.