Chapter 15 - The Silly Girl

Chapter 15 of 100 chapters

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The audition was held in the banquet hall on the fifth floor.

Inside the elevator, Xia Ning was frowning and did not look like she was in a good mood.

“Sister Xia Ning, if I didn’t see you talking back to the reporters just now, I would think you didn’t even care about the rumors.” This was the first time Wen Jing saw Xia Ning losing her temper.

“Someone at home likes to watch TV,” Xia Ning said calmly.

It was the family who suffered the most from all the celebrity scandals.

Wen Jing tried to comfort her. “Sister Xia Ning, don’t worry. All your fans on the Internet are backing you up. Take a look at this fan with the ID ‘Lemon Under the Bridge’. He posted a technical analysis of the whereabouts of all the people in your rumors on that day. He also attached high definition photos. A little comparison will show that the ones you are in were photoshopped. That’s a real slap in the face!” She handed her phone to Xia Ning.

Xia Ning took a glance. ‘Lemon under the bridge’ was her fan. Ever since her debut, he had been supporting her.

She did not really like to read forum posts or check Weibo. But back in the days, there was way too much dirt. So she saw this name occasionally when Lu Qing showed her the news.

There were three people involved in the rumors with her. The first one was a real estate developer. He wanted her to accompany him to dinner and she refused. Maybe he got angry because of the rejection and wanted to defame her.

The second one was a fuerdai 1 . She really had no impression of him.

The last one was an actress from a TV series that she was also in. Coming out of the closet? Even she would admire the imagination of the paparazzi.

Stepping out of the elevator, Xia Ning saw Lu Qing who had been waiting for a long time.

Lu Qing grabbed her hand and pulled her to the side. “I heard you talked back to the reporters. Xia Ning, didn’t we say that the agency is going to handle this? Normally you are pretty calm about it.”

“If I don’t ever respond, they will think I have a guilty conscience. And also, what I said was not wrong,” Xia Ning frowned and said. “If President Zheng wants to blame someone, let him blame me.”

“Is this about someone getting blamed?” Lu Qing looked at Xia Ning, annoyed. She pushed Xia Ning forward. “Well, it happened already. Hurry up. All the other actresses are already here for the audition.”

Xia Ning frowned. “I don’t remember being late.”

“Who cares if you are late or not. The point is, you didn’t get an invitation, so you need to work even harder.” Lu Qing wished she could understand the situation better. Did she know how important this role was? Yet Lu Qing was the one worried to death, and it was driving her nuts.

Xia Ning was speechless. “Audition results are not determined by who comes earlier.”

If that was the case, everything would have been easier.

Lu Qing ignored her and pulled her into the hall.

The crowded hall quieted down immediately the moment Xia Ning went inside. Everyone turned their head around to look at her.

Xia Ning stood steadily on her feet. She looked up and saw all the actresses staring at her.

“Yo, isn’t this Xia Ning?” A young and good-looking actress walked over. She was wearing a maxi dress. “You’ve been in the headlines for a couple of days. That’s really enviable.”

Xia Ning saw the unfriendliness in her eyes and did not reply.

“The Internet is saying that the photos were photoshopped.” someone commented. But the person next to her pulled her away and asked her not to get involved.

“Nothing is baseless. Who knows if it’s true or not.” Wu Fei sneered immediately and glanced at Xia Ning with mockery. “They say Director Zeng hates actresses with scandals. I don’t remember him sending you an invitation. So maybe you will get kicked out before you get on stage.”

Xia Ning shot her a look and smiled. “Miss Wu, you are really as naive and nice as the characters in your TV series. You are the first one who seems to be concerned about my audition. I thank you for your consideration.”