Chapter 16 - Qiao Yu's Arrival

Chapter 16 of 100 chapters

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People around them burst into laughter. Who didn’t know Wu Fei had been playing in stupid girl roles ever since her debut? This Xia Ning had a really sharp mouth.

Wu Fei was dissed and she glared at Xia Ning. “I hope you will always be this confident.” She walked away with her high heels.

The rest of the people took a look at Xia Ning and silently went back to reading the script.

“Why does she hate me so much?” Xia Ning glanced at the people around and frowned.

Lu Qing rolled her eyes at Xia Ning. “You dissed her just now and you don’t know why?”

Xia Ning looked at her, confused.

“My god, you don’t remember? She was competing with you for the supporting role Yuan Xiaorong in ‘Chasing’. She was the one who got scolded by the director for ‘being stupid’ and turning the role of a cold cop into a stupid girl.” Lu Qing looked at Xia Ning, speechless. This girl didn’t have her wits about her.

Wen Jing continued immediately. “She thought she could win an award with her performance for Yuan Xiaorong. Boo! I heard she brought investments with her. If it was not for her really bad acting, the director would not have dropped her.”

Xia Ning did not like gossips. She ignored them and started looking for seats. She did not get far before someone in front of her stopped her.

“Miss Xia, what a coincidence. Did you know that I am here and came to buy me dinner?” A man’s playful voice sounded.

Xia Ning looked up and saw the handsome man in front of her. It was a coincidence indeed. They saw each other a few days ago.

“If you want to increase publicity, I don’t mind,” Xia Ning said calmly.

Lin Nan touched his nose. He was just joking with her and did not expect her to be so uncooperative.

“Are you here for the audition too? I thought it was for the leading actress today,” Xia Ning spoke first.

Lin Nan smiled mysteriously. “Nope, I’m a judge.”

Hearing this, Xia Ning was surprised for a second. But she immediately understood. “Director Zeng has very good taste. You as the leading actor will guarantee the box office.” Earlier she had heard this movie had already settled on a leading actor. She did not realize it was Lin Nan.

“Being selected by Director Zeng is my pleasure. Plus, I had no reason to turn down such a great script,” Lin Nan smiled and said. The other day, Director Zeng asked him on the phone who could be the leading actress in his mind and was complaining about the scarcity of good actresses nowadays. He had thought of her at that moment. And here she was.

Xia Ning nodded. “Hopefully I will have a chance to act together with Movie King Lin.”

“We’ve met so many times and can be counted as friends. Call me Lin Nan and cut the formality. Too much work,” Lin Nan laughed and said.

Xia Ning grinned. “Even so, I should call you Brother Lin.”

Lu Qing and Wen Jing next to them were surprised. When did Xia Ning and Lin Nan become so close?

But with Mr. Lin’s attention, they seemed to be useless here. So they walked out.

Just when they walked out, Lu Qing and Wen Jing saw a group of people marching towards the front door. Lu Qing saw them surrounding a man in a suit and tapped her head. She forgot to tell Xia Ning about this. Never mind. She will know in a second.

“Director Zeng is here. Director Zeng is here!” Somebody said. The entire hall quieted down immediately.

Lin Nan said to Xia Ning who was next to him, “I heard another big name is coming this time.”

Xia Ning looked at him, confused. A big name?

Bang! The lights in the hall were turned on. The front gate was pushed opened and the group came in.

The lights were too bright. Xia Ning could not help but cover her eyes with her hands. Lin Nan on the other hand was blocking the lights for her considerately. She squinted towards the front.

Director Zeng Jun walked in front. He was over 50 years old. He looked very serious and felt unapproachable. Behind him were the Assistant Director and other assistants.

But the man walking after them was as stunning as the sun, attracting everyone’s eyes. He was in an Italian haute couture suit. His handsome face was coldly unapproachable. He was like a king moving forward with the crowd surrounding him.