Chapter 17 - The Audition Begins

Chapter 17 of 100 chapters

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“Wow, that’s President Qiao of Shengshi. He is all over the news lately. Didn’t expect to see him here today.”

“I heard the movie was invested solely by Shengshi. And Shengshi was planning to expand into the movie industry. President Qiao being here shows how much Shengshi values this.”

“Am I the only one realizing how handsome President Qiao is? He beats even Mr. Lin.”

The discussion got loud in a sudden. Xia Ning was surprised to see him coming. That was why even Lin Nan was saying it was a big name. She darted a quick glance to the tall figure and moved her eyes away.

“Ah, I’m late. Good thing the audition has not started yet.” A female voice sounded.

Everyone including the judges sitting in the front seats turned to the back door to find the elegant Li Shanshan wearing a red maxi dress.

It seemed like this Li Shanshan really had something to do with President Qiao. The two showed up one after another. Of course, a busy person whose time is valued in seconds like President Qiao came to the audition for a reason.

It would take nothing for someone at the level of President Qiao to make an actress a star.  You’re reading on NovelFull .Tks!

Lin Nan glanced at Li Shanshan and said to Xia Ning in a low voice, “Don’t worry. For the leading actress, Director Zeng has his own idea. You go be yourself, and I trust you. Now it’s time for a bad judge like me to get seated.” As he finished talking, he went straight ahead.

Xia Ning sat down and started going over the script. People who noticed Lin Nan looked at Xia Ning with more jealousy. Despite all the scandals involving her; she had still gotten her way to Movie King Lin, she was way too lucky.

A glance landed on Xia Ning suddenly but moved away quickly.

‘The City of Desperation’ is a crime action movie. It is a story set in a certain town on the border of H Country and M Country. The main male character Gao Sen is in charge of an organization called the Shadow Door. He is the most infamous drug dealer on the border. The main female character is Yi Sha, who is thought to be the No.1 killer within the Shadow Door.

One is as enthusiastic and innocent as fire, while the other is cold and overbearing. When a ray of light reaches the cold and cruel world, it will certainly lead to upturned turmoil.

The script that Xia Ning and the group got was about Gao Sen finding out the betrayal of his disciple Lu Cong, who was also close to Yi Sha. He killed Lu Cong and Yi Sha saw it.

Yi Sha got into a big fight with Gao Sen because of Lu Cong. Their relationship got to the worst point.

Xia Ning studied the script. This should be a highlight of the movie. If it was acted out well, it would be very eye-catching.

Because it involved the other actor and Director Zeng had very strict rules, Lin Nan, who was the leading actor, had to come up the stage to help the audition.

The actresses who came for the audition were mostly newcomers in their 20s and 30s. Because Director Zeng had his own persistence, he needed a smart and active actress to interpret Yi Sha’s double personalities. He did not want experienced actresses who seemed to have perfected their acting skills while in reality, they were just too rigid. Thus, new actresses like Xia Ning would have a chance.

But the actresses were too young and inexperienced. When they faced the award-winning Lin Nan, they could not handle it. A few of them even stammered.

Zeng Jun frowned a lot as he saw the performances. When it was Wu Fei’s turn, she saw Gao Sen killing Lu Cong. Yi Sha looked at the gun in Gao Sen’s hand and cried out loud. She said sadly, “You killed him.”

Bang! Zeng Jun threw away the pen in his hand. He stood up and yelled at Wu Fei, “He killed your brother, and all you are showing is frustration? Do you think you are doing a youth idol drama? Get out!”