Chapter 18 - Qiao Yu’s Attitude

Chapter 18 of 100 chapters

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Wu Fei’s face turned red from the humiliation. She did not dare to offend Zeng Jun, so she had to hold back her anger. Tears ran straight down her face. She looked to Qiao Yu who was sitting down there and hoped he would step up to help her. But he was holding his head down and not even looking at her. She stamped her feet and ran down.

The actresses waiting for their auditions were all silenced by Zeng Jun’s sudden outburst. The atmosphere for the audition got even more intense. Many actresses started looking at the judges and could not focus at all. Zeng Jun was so mad that he asked them to get out directly.

“The person who is acting with you is Lin Nan, not some judge here. Whoever is half-hearted, better leave now!” Zeng Jun spared no mercy in saying that.

It was obvious who he was referring to when he said some judge. But that person had kept his head down all this time as if the audition was a mere formality.

The actresses’ faces turned red after Zeng Jun bared the truth. But the performances did actually get better.

As the National Goddess, Li Shanshan, also acted in many youth idol dramas. Therefore, she thought she had the spirit of the character down. Plus, she had prepared beforehand so she did not panic when she was facing Lin Nan.

After the round of performances finished, Zeng Jun’s face was finally not that black. He looked at his watch and stood up. “Well, it’s time to call it a day for the audition. Go home and wait for the announcement.”

“Director Zeng, I’d like to audition for this role.” A girl’s voice came from behind.

Zeng Jun frowned and did not say anything. But the Assistant Director looked at Xia Ning and said awkwardly, “Miss Xia, we didn’t send any invitation to you for the audition.”

Xia Ning walked up and looked at Zeng Jun. “I believe in one idea, and that is, opportunities are for the prepared. I like this script so I would like to try. I also prepared for it. Director Zeng, you can decide whether to pick me or not after my performance.”

Zeng Jun frowned, still not saying anything.

Li Shanshan looked as Xia Ning and smiled. “Everyone knows that our Director Zeng does not like leading actresses with scandals. Come back for the audition when you can take care of your personal life, Miss Xia.”

Xia Ning darted a glance at Li Shanshan. “Are you recognizing my acting skills then, Miss Li?”

Who said anything about that? Li Shanshan glared at Xia Ning. Concerned about the number of people around, she held back her anger. “The audition is already over. Director Zeng and President Qiao are very busy, not to mention Mr. Lin is very tired. Nobody wants to see your performance.”

“I don’t mind.” Lin Nan walked over and smiled at Zeng Jun. “It depends entirely on Director Zeng and President Qiao.”

As a matter of fact, Zeng Jun was not completely satisfied with any of the actresses’ performance just now. He saw the shirt and jeans on Xia Ning and suddenly looked at Qiao Yu next to him. In the end, the busier person here was this president of the Shengshi Group.

All the others turned to Qiao Yu. As the sole investor, he had no less say in this than Zeng Jun. For commercial films, many times, the director had to adapt to what the investors wanted.

Ever since Li Shanshan met Qiao Yu in Venice, she had been trying to get connected with this rich man. To her surprise, he told the reporters that he was married. But that was fine because nowadays every rich man cheated. He did not know her before and now was the time to let him remember her.

“President Qiao, I think you are too busy to say yes to this kind of actress who is not even invited.” Li Shanshan said to Qiao Yu sweetly.

Xia Ning glanced at Li Shanshan but her eyes finally stopped on Qiao Yu. That man was writing with a pen with his head down. As if he felt something, he looked up and caught her eyes.