Chapter 19 - You Two Have Good Acting Skills!

Chapter 19 of 100 chapters

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The handsome face did not show much emotion. The dark eyes were cold as usual.

The sudden eye-to-eye look at each other felt strange for Xia Ning. It was like deja vu.

Back then, she was chasing after him and wanted to join his circle. But he turned her down mercilessly.

He said he had no time nor energy to handle her.

Sure, because of the lack of time and energy, he was indifferent to her even after they got married.

“Coming without an invitation is a violation of the rules.” The cold voice of the man sounded. Li Shanshan felt relieved the second she heard this.

Her agent told her that Xia Ning was among the newcomers who had better acting skills than her, even though she did not want to admit it.

Xia Ning was not surprised. Why would he let her have what she wanted?

But this was her battlefield. Even back then, she eventually joined as per her wish.

She looked up and stared at Qiao Yu. “Even if President Qiao says so…”

“But Shengshi only cares about profit,” Qiao Yu moved his eyes away to Zeng Jun next to him and said. “In terms of picking actresses, I trust Director Zeng’s experience.”

When it came to film casting, directors usually picked actors and actresses based on popularity, acting skills, and publicity.

Xia Ning merely debuted a year ago. She won a Newcomer’s Award so her acting should not be bad. But the rumors and scandals were countless. Now the whole Internet was condemning her. If this was counted as publicity, she did have incomparable publicity.

Zeng Jun shot a glance at Xia Ning and frowned. “I will let you audition. Last one today.”

Xia Ning nodded. “Thank you, Director Zeng.” Her eyes stopped on Qiao Yu for a moment. She did not expect him to say yes.

She walked onto the stage and started to get ready with Lin Nan.

Li Shanshan foamed at the mouth in anger. She refused to believe that Xia Ning could act better than her.

As Yi Sha arrived at the execution ground, the sounds of the shooting had just faded. Lu Cong fell onto the ground.

Gao Sen was wiping the ‘Desert Eagle’ in his hand elegantly. No fluctuation of emotions could be detected in his eyes.

She stopped walking and looked at the handsome but cold man, and then at Lu Cong who was lying on the floor, dying with a grievance. Blood soaked the shirt on his chest. As if her throat was blocked by something, she opened her mouth and whimpered for a long time. Finally, she closed her eyes, but her voice was contained unexplainable calm. “You killed him.” Her voice was trembling.

Gao Sen kept wiping. He did not even look at Yi Sha and said coldly, “He deserved to die!”

“You forgot last time at the Great Sand Ground, it was he who took the bullet for you. You should not pay kindness with ingratitude.” Yi Sha tightened her fists as if she was holding something back.

“Are you questioning me? Questioning me for some other man?” Gao Sen suddenly walked to Yi Sha and held her head. His eyes were cold and bloodthirsty.

Yi Sha laughed at herself. “Questioning you? I don’t dare.” She suddenly opened her eyes without any struggle. She looked straight to the man right next to her. Her hatred burst out from her eyes all of a sudden. “Gao Sen, I cannot stop you from killing anyone else. But Ah Cong, he was my best friend. Why did you kill him, why, why!!”

Gao Sen narrowed his eyes. “Why? He coveted you, so he ought to die!”

“Gao Sen, you are crazy!” Yi Sha’s voice suddenly raised up, her eyes filled with deep fear. She stepped back as if she wanted to get away from this crazy man.

But Gao Sen walked up to hold Yi Sha tightly. “I am crazy. Yi Sha, don’t you dare leave me. You are mine. The second I saved you, you belong to me, alive or dead!”

The light went on suddenly, and there came a clap.

“You two have good… acting skills.” A cold voice came from under the stage.