Chapter 2 - Of Course President Qiao Disdains Me

Chapter 2 of 100 chapters

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“President Qiao, President Qiao, are you back from Venice with Miss Li Shanshan?”

“It is said that you are planning to expand into the movie industry. Was it because of Miss Li Shanshan?”

“What are your thoughts on Miss Li Shanshan missing out on the award this time?”

The reporters went up with microphones. The bodyguards separated them to the side, not allowing them to approach the king-like man.

The passageway was jam-packed. Xia Ning turned around suddenly. “I need to use the restroom.”

Lu Qing nodded, staring at the handsome man. That guy is really good-looking!She said to herself. Much better than the so-called stars in the entertainment business. How did he fall for a boring doll like Li Shanshan? Ugh, guys are just that shallow.

The king-like man suddenly glanced over. Lu Qing’s heart jumped. Is he looking over?! But the man’s gaze did not stay. He moved forward with the help of the bodyguards.

The crowd followed the king-like man away. The arrival gate finally quieted down.

Lu Qing saw Xia Ning walking out and said, “This President Qiao of Shengshi is really good-looking. If Li Shanshan is truly affiliated with him, it would be worth much more than an award. Of course, an empty vase 1 like her would never win the award unless the judges are all blind.”

Xia Ning stared at the departing crowd, pushed down her hat and said quietly, “Let’s go.”

Lu Qing was very used to Xia Ning’s coldness. She asked Xiaosheng and Wen Jing to walk faster so that the reporters would not see them.

Soon after Xia Ning and the group left the arrival gate, another group of reporters came, but they were for another leading actress.

“Miss Li, is it real between you and President Qiao of Shengshi?”

“Miss Li, you traveled to Venice together and came back together. Does it mean the relationship is confirmed?”

“Miss Li you didn’t win anything at the Venice Film Festival. Did President Qiao say anything about it?”

In the middle of the crowd was a dazzling girl wearing a long, bright-red tube top dress. She said with a smile, “For me, it’s the same whether I win an award or not. I don’t do movies for awards. As long as the people I like enjoy them, it’s enough. Also, I will let you all know when there is good news.”

“Miss Li, are you admitting to the relationship?”

“Miss Li, are you and President Qiao getting married soon?”

Li Shanshan did not answer any further. She moved forward among the cover of her retinues.

A bunch of reporters went up to dig deeper, but she stopped talking.

Not long after, the arrival gate returned to its silence.

“Take a look and see what’s the art of speech. Not admitting yet not denying either, and leaving others to speculate. That will increase a lot of publicity.”

Xia Ning glimpsed at her. “Are you sure you want me to increase publicity?”

Lu Qing sneered. Please don’t. No one believed her even when she explained the scandals she was involved in. It would only be worse if she did not explain.

Look at this, she just went to Z city but has already been in the tabloids three times. This gal really isn’t the well-liked type!

“Let it go. Someone like you would never interest people like President Qiao.” Lu Qing sneered and struck her down deliberately.

Xia Ning looked at her without a word. Her eyes were as dark as black ink, with something Lu Qing could not understand.

Lu Qing’s heart sunk when she saw Xia Ning’s eyes. Did she accidentally break this kid’s fragile heart?

Just as Lu Qing was about to comfort her, Xia Ning looked up suddenly and smiled. “You are right. Of course President Qiao disdains me. Well, let’s go. Don’t blame me if we run into reporters again.”

Lu Qing thought so as well. She just wanted to hide this trouble-maker now.