Chapter 20 - The Audition Ends

Chapter 20 of 100 chapters

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Everyone snapped back to reality and started to clap as well. Xia Ning and Lin Nan on stage also let go of each other.

Xia Ning stepped forward and bowed. “Thank you. My performance is over.” She looked up and stared into Qiao Yu’s eyes. Those eyes were like… Gao Sen. She frowned. Maybe she was too deep into the acting.

Zeng Jun stood up and looked at Xia Ning with appreciation. He did not say anything, but anyone who knew him well could tell that he was satisfied.

Li Shanshan’s fingers were clinging to her dress. She looked at Xia Ning with clenched teeth. She was not anticipating Xia Ning to throw a wrench in the works.

Qiao Yu stood up and buttoned his suit. He said to Zeng Jun, “I have to run.”

Others stood up to see him off. Qiao Yu nodded to tell them not to. His eyes glanced over to Xia Ning and finally stopped at Lin Nan for a moment before he left.

Lin Nan did not notice Qiao Yu’s eyes. Rather, he was looking at Xia Ning with a smile. He really did not pick the wrong person.

“The audition is over for today. Wait for further notice.” Zeng Jun left with this line. He did not forget to dart a look at Xia Ning before he left.

All the other actresses felt deflated. The look from Director Zeng to Xia Ning was saying that he had recognized her.

Even they would have to admit that, Xia Ning did a better job than all of them.

Li Shanshan saw Qiao Yu leaving and followed. As long as she could take down the President of Shengshi, would there be any need to worry about the leading role?

“It looks like Director Zeng was very happy with your performance,” Lin Nan said to Xia Ning. “I knew you would do well.”

Xia Ning looked at him and smiled. “It was you who performed well. I was led into the role by you.”

Lin Nan smiled slightly. “I’ve seen the full script. But you only saw the screenplay for the audition and acted so well. You have a bright future ahead.”

“No matter how much you praise me, I don’t have time to buy you a meal today. I have to go now.” Xia Ning nodded and walked out of the hall.

Watching her leave, Lin Nan touched his nose. Was he really getting old? He could feel that she was not attracted to him, not even a little.

The moment Xia Ning walked out, Lu Qing and Wen Jing surrounded her.

“I heard you did a great job. Perfect cooperation with Mr. Lin.” Lu Qing looked at Xia Ning with sarcasm. She poked Xia Ning in the arm. “Speak up. What’s your relationship with Mr. Lin? You guys look like you know each other well.”

Xia Ning looked at her. “You want more publicity?”

“Never mind me,” Lu Qing mumbled.

Wen Jing next to them was playing with her phone and said, “Do you know that ‘The City of Desperation’ was not invested by President Qiao in the beginning? It was said that he paid an awful lot to get rid of the other investors and become the sole investor. This President Qiao is really awesome and rich! But the Internet says he did this to make some actress the star. Many are guessing Li Shanshan.”

“This President Qiao’s taste is so weird. How could he like someone like Li Shanshan?” Lu Qing pouted and looked at Xia Ning. It looked like President Qiao was all business today. They should be clean.

“But, Xia Ning, you should watch out for Li Shanshan…” Lu Qing reminded her.

If Li Shanshan really had something to do with Qiao Yu, this role might not be Xia Ning’s.

Xia Ning did not speak. In fact, they should wait and see first whether Director Zeng had the slightest idea of having her as the leading actress or not.

“Sister Xia, Sister Xia, look, that’s Li Shanshan and Qiao Yu!” Wen Jing started shaking her phone suddenly and shouted to Xia Ning.