Chapter 21 - A Slap On Li Shanshan’s Face

Chapter 21 of 100 chapters

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Lu Qing grabbed Wen Jing’s phone from her. “She doesn’t care about these. You are wasting your saliva. Come on, let me see.”

She stared at the screen for a while and suddenly burst into laughter. “Haha… Is Li Shanshan just being funny?”

Wen Jing watched with Lu Qing next to her and said, “I told you President Qiao disdains Li Shanshan. This time, it’s a real slap in the face. Look at President Qiao’s eyes, so arrogant and supercilious. Yet she went in regardless and got blocked out like a criminal. Now everybody says she was throwing herself at him.”

In the video, Qiao Yu was walking into the elevator accompanied by his assistants and bodyguards, while Li Shanshan was forcing her way in.

“President Qiao, sorry to disturb you with my abrupt entrance. I didn’t know it was you in here.” Li Shanshan leaned forward. Her cleavage was jumping out.

Qiao Yu did not speak, as if he did not see her.

Li Shanshan immediately showed frustration on her face. She moved a little closer to him and said in a coquettish voice, “President Qiao, I actually had a lot of questions to ask you when we were in Venice. Do you have time now? Shall we… Ah!”

The surrounding bodyguards suddenly blocked the area in front of Qiao Yu. Li Shanshan was scared and almost fell. She stepped back and hit the wall of the elevator directly.

“What are you doing?” Li Shanshan said in panic. She looked at Qiao Yu who was protected by the bodyguards, and said as if she was wronged, “President Qiao, they…”

Ding! The door opened. Qiao Yu walked out.

The person next to him looked at Li Shanshan and said, “Miss Li, this is a private elevator. You should be able to read Chinese. Also, our CEO is a neat freak and he does not like weird smells. Please keep your distance.”

And the group walked out of the elevator. Li Shanshan was left to be mad and humiliated in the elevator, stamping her feet.

What were the strange smells from Li Shanshan? It was referring to her being coquettish! This assistant was insulting her without using vulgarities. Good job!

“Looks like not all guys are blind,” Lu Qing said in satisfaction and returned the phone to Wen Jing. She suddenly felt a head next to her and dodged. When she saw who that was, she cursed, “You scared me to death!”

Wen Jing saw Xia Ning and tried to please her. “Look at this, Sister Xia Ning! Don’t you think it helps you vent?”

“I thought you were calmer than this. It seems like you are still interested in this kind of gossip.” Lu Qing twitched her mouth.

“You should think about how this video got leaked out. I am driving myself back. Help yourself.” Xia Ning went past her and walked towards the outside.

Lu Qing and Wen Jing stared at each other. Why was Xia Ning always focusing on something different?

But she was right. This video was spreading out too fast. It might either be Hotel AS’s security issue or something else.

As she walked out of the hotel, Xia Ning saw Li Shanshan surrounded by a bunch of reporters. The National Goddess looked a little awkward now.

Was Qiao Yu’s rejection of Li Shanshan a surprise? No, it was not surprising at all. Back then, he turned down a lot of girls who were more beautiful and better than Li Shanshan. And she was one of those that were turned down.

Even if that man did not say any cold words, his coldness was enough to make people step back. Because it was harsher than any words.

The rain started pouring suddenly. Xia Ning stopped the car at the curb. She leaned back on the seat and suddenly her eyes stopped at the gate of a tall building. A boy was handing an umbrella to the girl next to him. The girl took it with her head down, her face full of shyness.

She was lost in thought for a moment. No amount of flowers could compare with a man’s meticulous care. Women were always easily touched by such tiny gestures.