Chapter 22 - I Just Decided To Like Him

Chapter 22 of 100 chapters

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The British weather was very unpredictable. When you got up in the morning, the sun would be shining, but at night, it would be raining cats and dogs.

Outside the library, the rain was falling. A student wearing a knee-length skirt was holding a stack of books and frowning at the grey clouds in the sky. Who knows when the rain will stop.

She checked her watch. It was already five o’clock. Zheng Ziming was still not here. Her phone was dead and he would not be able to find her anyway. All the umbrellas were gone in the library. Did she have to go home in the rain?

As she was debating, an umbrella appeared in front of her. She hesitated and tilted her head. She saw a handsome but cold face. Simple shirt and trousers could not cover his elegance. He was very tall, almost a head taller than her. Looked like a Chinese.

“Is this for me?” she asked in English.

The man did not say no, but his arm remained the position.

She took it and said with a smile, “Thank you.”

He nodded and walked into the rain without any expression.

“Hey, you…” She looked at his figure leaving in the rain in surprise. He had only one umbrella and gave it to her…

She went to the library afterward but never saw him again.

Later she learned from the international students’ circle that he was indeed an international student from China. His major was Economic Management. He had very good grades and was popular in the circle. His name was Qiao Yu. What a warm name! But he was very calm and cold. She could not resist being curious about him.

Heavy coursework stopped her from thinking about the guy she had only met once. But she did not expect to see him again on the street. And it was when some girl was confessing her feelings for him.

“Asteria, you have a lot of studies to do today. We need to go home earlier… Asteria, what are you looking at?” Zheng Ziming next to her finished packing his stuff and looked over. Following her eyes, he frowned. “Qiao Yu? How come we see girls confessing to him every other day?”

She did not reply and kept staring at the guy. He actually directly walked away in front of the girl, not even looking back.

“Another loser!” Zheng Ziming was not surprised.

She stared at Zheng Ziming. “Do you know a lot about him?”

“The finance boy. Everyone knows.” Zheng Ziming hummed. “This guy is very popular with girls. Even those blondes in our school like him. This kind of situation happens a few times a week.”

“Does he have a girlfriend then?” she asked calmly.

“Probably not. I’ve never heard of any girl getting close with him.” Zheng Ziming answered without thinking. Suddenly he realized something and looked at her with caution. “Why are you asking about this? Please don’t tell me…”

But when he looked back, the girl was gone.

She walked to the man who was shining like the sun and smiled at him. “Hello, my name is Asteria. I’m from China. Oh, my Chinese name is Xia Ning.”

Qiao Yu darted a look at her and moved forward, ignoring her as usual.

Xia Ning followed him. “Don’t you remember? Last time outside the library, you lent me your umbrella. I really want to thank you for that. Sorry for making you get wet. I didn’t bring the umbrella today. Could you give me your contact info? I will return the umbrella to you soon.”

“No need,” he said as if he was saving his words, without stopping his steps.

She followed on. “I can’t do that. I need to return the borrowed stuff.”

“You can throw it away,” Qiao Yu said coldly.

“How can I just throw it away? It’s not broken.” She frowned.

“I don’t use anything touched by others. Don’t follow me.” Qiao Yu walked faster and left her.

Zheng Ziming walked over and frowned at her. ” See, you got the cold shoulder. Asteria, don’t go crazy and fall for him. You will suffer…”

She stood at the same place, watching him leave and smiled suddenly. “I don’t care. I just decided to like him.”

Because no one knew how she felt. It was like a closed world was finally embracing a ray of light. Suddenly, it was spring.