Chapter 23 - A Press Conference

Chapter 23 of 100 chapters

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It was still raining and the couple at the gate left. Xia Ning returned to herself. She checked the time and drove away.

Inside the CEO’s office at SE, Xia Ning was standing in front of the desk, looking at the tabloid in hand. The title was, ‘Newcomer confronting reporters, who is behind this arrogance?’. In the photo, she had a poker face. To those who read the paper, she looked like she was upset.

Sometimes, even she admired the efficiency of the paparazzi. What happened in the morning showed up on paper in the afternoon.

President Zheng felt a headache when he saw Xia Ning. “How many times have I told you not to respond to the reporters? We’ve already planned a press conference to clear the air for you. But now, people will throw dirt at you for going to Zeng Jun’s audition without an invitation.” As he was speaking, he felt angrier and yelled at the assistant at the door, “Go find Lu Qing! I want to ask her how she is managing all this.”

“President Zheng.” Xia Ning looked up at the angry middle-aged man in front of her and put the tabloid on the desk. “Auditioning for Director Zeng’s movie was my idea. It had nothing to do with Lu Qing. Also, I don’t think responding to the reporters was wrong. I’ve never done all those things. We should have the press conference as planned.”

Looking at her jade-like eyes, President Zheng’s face changed. This girl was only in her twenties, but the look in her eyes was as if they belonged to a powerful person. What an actress. He frowned. “But now this press conference won’t make a difference! People will still think you have someone behind you.”

Xia Ning listened and smiled slightly. “Of course it makes a difference. I have to tell others that I have nothing to do with the three gossips from before. As to whether there is someone behind me, they can guess however they like.”

President Zheng stared at the calm girl in front of him and had the urge to kick her out.

In fact, it would normally be okay to respond a little to the gossips. Plus, the media liked catching the wind. Even someone like Lin Nan still had dirt thrown at him. It was just that recently, SE did not have any actresses with potential except for Cheng Feixuan. He naturally did not want Xia Ning to fall on her way, therefore it was inevitable that he worried about her a lot.

Just as President Zheng was losing it, the door opened. A man walked in.

“Yo, are you still not done yet, President Zheng? This is getting too long. Please don’t add more gossips to Miss Xia. But Miss Xia is probably not into your kind.” The man looked like he was in his twenties, with his hands in his pockets. He was handsome and had a straight nose with thin lips. His smile was very playful.

President Zheng looked at his frivolous son and got mad. “What nonsense are you talking about?”

Zheng Ziming smiled a little. “Just livening up the atmosphere here! I was afraid that you will get too depressed. The press conference is ready. So can I pick up our future Best Actress Miss Xia now?”

“Okay, go do whatever you need to do. Get out of my face now.” President Zheng looked at the two with displeasure and kicked them out.

Xia Ning nodded and walked out directly. Zheng Ziming smiled at his dad, walked out with her and closed the door.

“I’ve been out for a month and your scandals are flying everywhere. Did you offend the Goddess of Love? Should I take you to a temple?” Zheng Ziming turned his head and looked to Xia Ning next to him and started making fun of her.

Xia Ning darted a glance at him. “Not as many as yours. You’ve changed five or six girls during your month away.” She walked straight into the elevator and looked at the guy outside. “What’s the matter? Don’t we have a press conference? Let’s move.”

Zheng Ziming looked at the girl in the elevator and wanted to explain. But he saw her emotionless eyes. He walked in without saying anything.