Chapter 24 - Did I Throw You On The Casting Couch?

Chapter 24 of 100 chapters

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The press conference was crowded. All the reporters down there were taking photos and everyone was dazzled by the flashes.

Zheng Ziming stood up to tell the reporters to stop taking photos and listen to him. The whole crowd quieted down immediately.

“Recently, there have been a lot of rumors on the Internet about Miss Xia Ning, an actress under SE. I believe if you’ve read them online, you would have already known those stories are untrue. But you are still after them. SE had to host this press conference for the sake of the reputation of its artists. This is Xia Ning’s schedule for April 3rd to April 6th, when she was allegedly traveling with a rich businessman in Japan, in a hotel with a fuerdai, and with another actress in a bar. At that time, she was at Z City shooting a commercial for Haicheng Real Estate, a subsidiary company under Haicheng Group. Below is the statement from Haicheng Real Estate.” Zheng Ziming showed the statement in his hand. The reporters below started taking photos.

Xia Ning sat next to Zheng Ziming and was almost blinded by the flashes. She mildly admired Zheng Ziming’s calmness. No wonder he was from a family in the entertainment business.

Zheng Ziming put the statement on the desk and continued. “SE will send the statement from Haicheng to everyone. Today, I want everyone to acknowledge Xia Ning’s innocence. Although she only debuted a year ago, she is a very hard-working actress. Otherwise, her first movie would not be able to win her the Best Newcomer Award. Anyone with a brain would know one person can’t be at four places in one day. We don’t know who is throwing dirt, but we want to tell that person, the gods are watching what you are doing. It is only a matter of time when karma gets you.” As he spoke, he nodded at Xia Ning.

Xia Ning understood him and stood up to walk out under Lu Qing and the others’ cover.

The reporters saw that and immediately surrounded her.

“Miss Xia, the Internet says you offended some big name and that led to the dirt. Is that true?”

“Miss Xia, we heard you went to audition for Director Zeng’s new movie, but you did not get an invitation. How did you audition successfully?”

“Miss Xia, since your debut, you have had non-stop gossips. Does your family know about this? Do you have anything to explain? Also, everybody knows that it’s difficult to audition for Director Zeng’s movie. Many say you threw yourself on the casting couch…”

Since the earlier rumors were cleared, the reporters would not hang on to it. Naturally, they wanted some other topics. The only one left was Xia Ning’s audition with Director Zeng today.

Xia Ning suddenly stopped and stared at the excited reporters, her eyes cold as ice. “You know that my family will be disturbed. So what’s with the gossips filled with your exaggerations? You said I threw myself on the casting couch. Were you distrusting me or Director Zeng? Also, I don’t think I have that kind of charm. Can I take it as you are complimenting me?”

That reporter did not think Xia Ning would refute her question directly. She went blank for a second under Xia Ning’s cold eyes. When she returned to herself, she stuck her neck out. “Then how come you were able to audition for Director Zeng’s movie without an invitation?”

“I also did not invite you today. Why did you come?” Xia Ning arched her eyebrows up and looked at her with a ghost of a smile. “Did I throw you on the casting couch?”

The crowd quieted down immediately and it was followed with waves of laughter. No one knew whether it was for the reporter’s rudeness or Xia Ning’s humor.

That reporter did not expect Xia Ning to ask her something like this. She was left in shock as Xia Ning walked out with the crowd. How come Xia Ning is so different from what they described?