Chapter 25 - Grew Up In The Same Pants

Chapter 25 of 100 chapters

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Sitting in the car, Xia Ning was casually browsing on her phone. Zheng Ziming in the passenger seat turned around to look at her and could not help but smile. “I thought your claws were gone. Didn’t realize your mouth is still that smart. But you did a good job confronting that reporter. I saw your fans are supporting you on the Internet.”

Xia Ning looked down and started browsing the Weibo topics. ‘Did Xia Ning throw a female reporter on the casting couch?’

In only a short time, the views had reached a few million.

“Lemon 1 is so awesome. Love you, love you. @SKXiaNingV.”

“That reporter is brainless, looking at people through colored spectacles. You dig people’s dirt for money shamelessly and won’t even let others work hard for opportunities?”

“As an anti-fan, I have to say Xia Ning’s reply touched my heart. I’m her fan now.”

“The reporter is right. Xia Ning is a nameless actress with only one newcomer award. Without an invitation, how did she audition for Director Zeng’s movie? I don’t believe at all that nobody is backing her.”

“The commenter above is stupid. Director Zeng has said a long time ago that he would not use any famous actress for the leading role. He wants a new actress instead. Xia Ning is only striving for opportunities so what’s wrong about that? The commenter above must be a useless loser with no purpose in life.”

“I don’t know who Xia Ning is, but am I the only one who is curious about the audition results?”

Xia Ning went through the posts and her eyes fell onto the one titled ‘Li Shanshan’s Elevator Gate’. She quickly turned off her phone and looked up to see Zheng Ziming’s sarcastic look. She frowned. “Why are you in the car?”

“…” Zheng Ziming was a bit speechless. So did you think it was just air that has been sitting in front of you?

Lu Qing glanced at Zheng Ziming and said coldly, “Young Master Zheng wanted to send you home, but I was worried.”

Zheng Ziming heard that and glared at Lu Qing. “With me here, what are you worried about?”

“It is you being here that makes me worry.” Lu Qing smirked. How could she let Xia Ning be alone with a playboy like him? It might then become a headline like ‘Newcomer falling for scion: A complete revelation of Xia Ning’s casting couch stories’, and Xia Ning would never be able to clear her name.

Zheng Ziming looked at Xia Ning who was sitting in the back. “Asteria, look at your agent. What an attitude.”

“You should blame yourself for your own reputation.” Xia Ning arched her eyebrows up. “But I do want to thank you for today.”

“Don’t be so polite with me. We have a better relationship than that.” Zheng Ziming smiled.

Lu Qing looked at the traffic lights and asked curiously, “What relationship do you have?”

“We grew up in the same pants 2 .” Zheng Ziming glanced at Lu Qing provocatively.

Lu Qing heard that and shot a look at Xia Ning sitting in the back, whose face was emotionless. She measured Zheng Ziming with her eyes, and suddenly shivered a little and looked back forward again, driving.

Zheng Ziming realized something he did not know surfaced in her head. He frowned. “What’s with your attitude?”

“Young Master Zheng, I understand. Please relax. I will not discriminate against you.” Lu Qing nodded with seriousness.

Zheng Ziming almost spat out blood. Come on, I don’t care if you discriminate against me or not. No your eyes are not right. I like girls! And no, I don’t want to be a girl!

When Xia Ning got home, Zheng Ziming walked out first. He shouted at her as she was about to walk up the stairs, “Asteria, he is in S City.”

Xia Ning walked forward as if she did not hear him.

Zheng Ziming watched her disappear in front of him and sat back on the passenger seat with anger.

Bang! He shut the door.

“Please, Young Master Zheng, take it easy on the door. It didn’t do anything.” Lu Qing saw his unpleasant face and asked, “Who were you talking about when you said to Xia Ning about someone coming back?” It was after that that his face changed.

Zheng Ziming sneered. “He is an arrogant, mean and shameless bastard and everyone hates him. What are you doing, drive!” He glanced over at a black Bentley nearby and found it very familiar.

“Sure.” Lu Qing started the car obediently. She knew Zheng Ziming was not happy now and there was no need to upset him more. But she was thinking in her mind, is that person as bad as you?