Chapter 27 - Don’t Show Up In Front Of My Face Again

Chapter 27 of 100 chapters

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That was her endless entanglement with Qiao Yu. She did not blame it on anyone, but she could not let him just say it out loud to humiliate her. Xia Ning felt fire rising from her heart. She said coldly, “Since you know I was the one who lost, and you have the battle, you should leave.” She started pushing him out.

Qiao Yu saw Xia Ning getting angry, so he switched to another topic. “Do you actors really get all huggy and kissy when you act in movies? Don’t they have subs? You are Enoch’s mum. Do you want him to see the scenes where you get intimate with others?”

“Stop humiliating others. That’s part of my job and of course he knows they are not real. And look at yourself. You are his father and you have gossips flying around. Take care of yourself first.” Xia Ning pushed him to the door and stared at him, irritated. “Qiao Yu, I am doing everything in the divorce papers. There is nothing between us anymore. Don’t show up in front of my face again.”

“I don’t want to show up but Enoch misses his mother.” Qiao Yu looked at Xia Ning with coldness on his face. “You are his mother. I can’t stop him from looking for you.”

Xia Ning heard that and laughed. She looked to Qiao Yu sarcastically. “If that’s the case, you shouldn’t have told him who his mother is. Do you know you are bothering me by doing this?” Her hands were pulling on the corner of her shirt as if she was holding back something.

Qiao Yu frowned and his face sunk. He warned her, “This kind of things, you better not say in front of Enoch.”

Xia Ning sneered. “So don’t bring him to me anymore. Do you know how I felt when I saw that face? Humiliation. Only humiliation and nothing else. Qiao Yu, that’s what you brought me. Even I’m surprised that you would care for anybody.”

Qiao Yu looked at her shaking shoulders and said suddenly, “Do you have time the day after tomorrow? Enoch wants to see you…”

“No, I don’t have time. I told you, do not send him here anymore,” Xia Ning said without thinking.

Qiao Yu stared at Xia Ning’s cold face and frowned. “Do you really hate your own son because you hate me?”

“That’s right. Therefore, do not show up in front of me anymore!” Xia Ning stepped back and slammed the door.

Qiao Yu looked at the shut door, his ears still trembling from the conversation. He took a look at the water bottle in his hand, stayed in silence for a bit and finally walked towards the elevator.

The man outside left. Xia Ning leaned on the door and breathed heavily. She ran to the sofa all of a sudden and grabbed her bag to take out a bottle of pills. Her hands were shaking when she took a few out and put them in her mouth. The bottle fell to the ground and the pills poured all over the floor. Her body collapsed to the side of the sofa, her eyes empty.

The car went out for a few miles and stopped at a traffic light. Zheng Ziming was browsing through the Internet. He saw a picture and his expression changed suddenly. “Go back, now!”

Lu Qing looked at him in surprise. “Young Master Zheng, where to?”

“Of course to Xia Ning’s place. Quickly! Now!” Zheng Ziming said anxiously. He should have noticed that there was something wrong with the car. He did not think it was a coincidence that the car was there. He would not give him any more chance to hurt her.

Lu Qing saw Zheng Ziming’s straight face and her face changed. Did something happen to Xia Ning? She did not dare to delay any further. As the traffic light turned green, she made a U-turn.