Chapter 28 - You Scared Me To Death

Chapter 28 of 100 chapters

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Qiao Yu walked straight to the parking lot after he got off the elevator. He got into the car and threw the water bottle casually onto the seat next to him. He opened Weibo on his phone and took a quick look at the hot topic list. ‘Li Shanshan’s Elevator Gate’ was the third. The first one was ‘Xia Ning threw female reporter on the casting couch?’

Chen Hong looked at his boss’ face through the rearview mirror. Who would have known the widely-known decisive, vigorous CEO of Shengshi, liked to browse Weibo as a pastime.

“How are the things going?” Qiao Yu turned off his phone and leaned back on the seat. He pinched the center of his eyebrows.

Chen Hong shot a glance to his boss through the mirror and answered, “Haicheng provided proof. The scandals can be cleared tomorrow. As to the person behind it, we’ve found out.”

“En,” Qiao Yu replied and lifted his phone. “Make it thorough.”

“Yes!” Chen Hong started the car.

“Also, I want to move here in two days, latest.” Qiao Yu looked at the buildings through the window. “Shengshi Real Estate is doing a good job. Add some year-end bonus for the branch people.”

“Yes.” Chen Hong looked at the cold face of his boss, thinking, That was not because of the good work from the branch. It was obviously because Miss Xia was living in a building from Shengshi Real Estate and Boss could chase after her more easily. He did not understand, how could Boss fall for a second-tier actress with his picky taste?

The car left not long before another one came in.

Zheng Ziming got off quickly to push the button for the elevator. He saw it was still on the twenty-something floor. He could not wait and walked up the stairs.

Ding-Dong! Ding-Dong! Outside, Zheng Ziming was panting and pushing the doorbell fast. Nobody replied. He started knocking on the door. “Asteria, are you in? Open the door. It’s me, Zheng Ziming.”

The elevator opened. Lu Qing walked out and saw Zheng Ziming’s anxious face. She could not help but ask, “What the heck is going on?”

“Go, go ask someone to open the door. Asteria is inside alone.” Zheng Ziming looked at Lu Qing with a serious face.

Lu Qing was scared by his look. She nodded blankly. “Okay, I will go now!”

Zheng Ziming kept pressing the doorbell and knocking.

Suddenly the door opened.

Xia Ning looked at Zheng Ziming and frowned. “What are you doing here?”

Zheng Ziming stared at her blankly for a second. He saw the girl with messy hair and his heart was relieved. He pulled her into his arms. “Asteria, you scared me to death.”

Lu Qing heard the noise and came, just to see Zheng Ziming holding Xia Ning. She stopped for a second, obviously not knowing what happened.

Xia Ning patted on Zheng Ziming’s shoulder and smiled. “Hey, I just went to sleep. Come on.”

Zheng Ziming let Xia Ning go and saw her usual face. He was still worried and took up her hands to check. He then tried to check her body, but she shied away.

“Hey, Zheng Ziming, I did not deny it when you said we grew up in the same pants. I was just saving your face. Don’t go any further.” Xia Ning wrapped her arms around her chest and stared at him with her guard up.

Lu Qing saw Xia Ning’s guarding gesture from behind. She smiled at Zheng Ziming and said, “Young Master Zheng, go harm someone else and let our Xia Ning go.” This Xia Ning looked quite different.

Zheng Ziming went blank for a second. Seeing Xia Ning’s gesture, he smiled. “I was just fooling around with you. Looks like you still treat me as a guy. Also, I want to let others know that I don’t have gender identity disorder.” His heart was completely relieved. She was really fine.