Chapter 29 - Are You Into Our Xia Ning, Young Master Zheng

Chapter 29 of 100 chapters

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After taking the two in, Xia Ning walked to the kitchen and poured some water for them. Then she sat on the sofa and looked at the two. “So you came back just to remind me that tomorrow is the day to join the crew?”

“Yeah, you know you have a very bad memory. If we forget to remind you, you might oversleep again. Haha…” Zheng Ziming laughed.

Xia Ning and Lu Qing stared at him as if he was crazy. Who the hell overslept? He was talking about himself. Xia Ning knew him longer, so naturally knew he always got up on the wrong side of the bed. As for Lu Qing, she knew because every time there was a meeting, this young master always showed up in the middle.

Zheng Ziming saw the two staring at him and stopped laughing. He coughed a little and said, “Asteria, it was that rich businessman Qian who asked someone to start the gossip about you and him traveling to Japan together. What do you want me to do?”

Xia Ning nodded. “En, I guessed it was him. Because I turned down his invitation before.”

Lu Qing joked, “Looks like our Young Master Zheng is going to step up and fight for the beauty? So how did you two know each other? I know you were classmates, but you said you grew up in the same pants. Are you guys childhood sweethearts?” That Present Qian was not crazy rich, but SE would never allow Young Master Zheng to attack someone on purpose. Xia Ning would have to endure it this time.

Xia Ning heard that and smiled. “Ziming and I grew up together. We’ve known each other for more than a decade now. He is the one I trust the most.”

Zheng Ziming looked up at Xia Ning and said with discontent, “How can you be such a sensational actress now? Do you want me to cry and make a fool of myself?”

“Please don’t. I don’t have tissue paper at home. I will get mad if your tears drown my place.” Xia Ning joked, “I’ve seen too much of your tears when you were little.”

Lu Qing looked at the two and smiled as well. “Didn’t realize Young Master Zheng is so sensational in private.” She knew they were hiding something from her, but it did not seem right for her to ask. After all, agents were not the same as friends.

“Nope, he is usually pretty sensational too. Otherwise, how come so many women follow after him?” Xia Ning continued.

Hearing this, Zheng Ziming felt a bit awkward.

The two stayed a little and decided to go. Zheng Ziming sent Lu Qing downstairs and looked at Xia Ning at the door. He smiled and said, “Asteria, I will go visit you when you are on the set. You are the leading actress this time.Jiayou 1 and work hard.”

“My first leading role. I am a bit not used to it.” Xia Ning laughed.

Zheng Ziming saw her smiling face and decided not to hide. “Earlier, I saw Qiao Yu’s car downstairs. I know I was overreacting, but I was scared.”

“Do you think I will still go crazy when I see him, like before? Now he is just like the most familiar stranger to me.” Xia Ning looked at Zheng Ziming with a wry smile. “Sorry, I am just worrying you all the time.”

“Don’t apologize!” Zheng Ziming looked back and said gently, “Silly, we’ve been friends for so long. If I don’t worry about you, who should I worry about?”

Xia Ning grinned. “Thank you, Ziming.”

After heading down, Zheng Ziming sat in the passenger seat. Lu Qing stared at him and seemed to have no intention of starting the car, “Are you into our Xia Ning, Young Master Zheng?”

“Are you crazy?” Zheng Ziming looked at Lu Qing as if he was looking at someone stupid.

Lu Qing nodded. “That’s good!”

“My god, what do you mean!” Zheng Ziming glared at Lu Qing with discontent.

Lu Qing darted a glance at him. “If Xia Ning was liked by you, she would have one more bad gossip.”

Zheng Ziming: “…” Can we still talk normally?