Chapter 3 - The Scandals

Chapter 3 of 100 chapters

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Xia Ning did not go home. Instead, she went straight to the agency.

SE Entertainment was one of the three biggest agencies in S city, with numerous actors and actresses.

The most famous actor was Lin Nan, who was the only one at SE Entertainment that won the Best Actor Award at both Cannes and Venice Film Festivals, not to mention all the domestic awards he received. However, he was already half retired.

Second to him was actress Cheng Feixuan, who also won the Best Actress Award at both Huazhong and Jinhong Awards. She focused on movies and was the well-deserved top mega-star at SE.

Xia Ning, on the other hand, debuted only one year ago. She did win the Golden Lion Award for Best New Actress, so was seen as a potential rising star.

Plus, the TV series that she was in had very good ratings, which brought her more attention and resources from the agency.

However, the agency was very unsatisfied to see more mud thrown at her right when she was gaining popularity.

Outside of the CEO’s office on the 23rd floor, two new actresses were looking at the closed door and whispering.

“Among all the scandals, which one do you think is real?” Fu Yao looked at Lian Xin who was right next to her.

“No matter which one is real, President Zheng will lose his temper this time.” Lian Xin sneered. “It’s just a Newcomer’s Award and she is already all over the place. Even Cheng Feixuan would not behave like this, and she’s won many awards.”

Fu Yao looked at Lian Xin’s face, filled with jealousy and hatred, and frowned. She was thinking what if all the rumors were fake?

After all, Xia Ning did not look like that kind of person. But she would not say it out loud in front of Lian Xin.

“What are you doing here? Is this somewhere you should be staying?” Lu Qing walked out of the CEO’s office when she saw the two. Her face turned cold.

“We were just worried about Sister Xia Ning,” Lian Xin explained immediately.

Lu Qing glanced at her and frowned. “You should be more worried about yourselves than her. The agency is arranging your debuts soon. Be better prepared for that if you really have so much time. Fortune favors the prepared.”

“Yes, yes, Sister Qing. You are right. We will go practice in a second.” Fu Yao dragged Lian Xin away in a hurry.

Seeing the two leaving, Lu Qing frowned even more. Nowadays the actors and actresses were getting worse and worse.

Compared to them, Xia Ning had a much more clean mind, even with all the dirt on her.

Fu Yao pulled Lian Xin to a corner nearby and breathed a sigh of relief. Finally safe.

But Lian Xin sneered on the side. “This Xia Ning is really shameless. It’s fine she crawled into people’s beds. But President Zheng and President Zheng Junior together? That’s really shameless.”

“Stop the nonsense!” Fu Yao frowned. “If President Zheng hears what you just said, you can kiss your debut goodbye.”

Lian Xin laughed without saying anything. Her eyes were filled with contempt for Xia Ning.

Inside the CEO’s office.

“You tell me who you have crossed. So many scandals after a simple ad shoot.” President Zheng stared at the beautiful yet cold girl, with an unpleasant look on his face.

Others usually get one scandal each time. For her, there were three at once.

Xia Ning stood in front of the desk and flipped through the tabloids.

She merely went to Z City, and now the rumors were flying. She did not even know she had the ability to teleport.

“President Zheng, you shouldn’t be asking me this question. I can guarantee I did not do any of these things. If I knew who is behind this, I would not be standing here. Moreover, isn’t it the agency’s responsibility to find out who is defaming me?”

President Zheng had a sudden headache hearing this.

This Xia Ning had real acting skills. All the directors she worked with spoke highly of her. Even the natural beauty of Xia Ning was accused to have been a result of plastic surgery, this proved how beautiful she was. Signing with an actress like her was beneficial for SE, who was struggling with good actresses.

But her personality was way too strong!

“Get out. Do your movies right. Don’t respond to any news.” President Zheng was deeply upset. He added, “And don’t get yourself into any more scandals.”