Chapter 30 - You Learned Your Manners Too Late

Chapter 30 of 100 chapters

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Early in the morning, Xiaosheng drove Xia Ning to the airport.

“Sister Xia Ning, after the notice from the agency yesterday, there are much fewer trolls on the Internet now. With Haicheng’s testimony, I want to see how they can defame you any further. Many artists from the agency are behind your back. Movie King Lin is one of them.” Wen Jing raised her phone in excitement.

Xia Ning opened Weibo on her phone. A lot of good news. She clicked on the official Weibo of SE Entertainment. The one on top was the clarification of her scandals, which was reposted by many artists.

“LinNanV: Worked with Little Sis Xia Ning before. She is a very hardworking actress. //@SEEntertainment:…”

“ChengFeixuanV: A very upright girl. Don’t understand why she got all the dirt. //@SEEntertainment:…”

“ShiHaoV: Little sis don’t be scared. Your bro’s MV role is waiting for you. No, the broad shoulder of your bro is waiting for you. //@SEEntertainment:…”

And some others who she was not familiar with. She knew this was Zheng Ziming’s work behind the scenes.

She took out her phone and started replying.

“SKXiaNingV: Thanks, Brother Lin. I need to learn from you. //@LinNanV:…”

“SKXiaNingV: The movie starring Sister Cheng is great. I’ve prepared money for the tickets. //@ChengFeixuanV:…”

“SKXiaNingV: Brother Shi’s album is going to be a big hit. How about a signed album for me? //@ShiHaoV:…”

Lu Qing and Wen Jing were browsing Weibo in the front when they screamed all of a sudden. Both of them turned to Xia Ning as Xia Ning was turning off her phone.

“You just responded!” Lu Qing stared at Xia Ning as if she was a monster. “What happened to you?”

Wen Jing also looked at Xia Ning without saying too much. But she was definitely thinking about the same thing. It was because ever since Xia Ning started her Weibo, she had never responded to anything. All the posts she sent out were also related to her work and usually sent out by Lu Qing.

“Is it hard to understand that you need to thank others for their help?” Xia Ning frowned. “This is basic manners.”

Then you learned your manners too late. Lu Qing and Wen Jing said silently.

Just for a few reposts, the comments under Xia Ning’s Weibo started flooding in.

“NaturalBeauty: A zombie account like yours actually do reply to posts. Tell us, is it the agent behind the screen?”

“URMyType: Lemon jiayou! No matter who tries to defame you, I will always support you.”

“MyGoddessLiShanshan: SE tried hard and even asked the top actors and actresses to protect this little mistress and b*tch.”

“LemonLoveLemon: Did the commenter above forget to brush his teeth this morning? Xia Ning is a hard-working actress. Watch her performance in ‘Chasing’. Her acting skills are good. Much much better than Li Shanshan who just wants a rich husband.”

“This Li Shanshan’s fan is so ridiculous. His own idol is shameless and he came to others’ Weibo to bark,” Wen Jing said unhappily. She looked at Xia Ning and saw her usual calm face, and continued, “Li Shanshan’s video is spreading online. Many are condemning her for wanting to marry rich. But her fans have strong hearts. Even after all this, they still say it’s just a misunderstanding. AS Hotel is under Shengshi Group. Many are suspecting that someone from Shengshi was unhappy about Li Shanshan’s publicity stunt involving President Qiao and leaked the video.”

Lu Qing glanced at Xia Ning and saw that her face was calm as usual. She finally felt relieved. In any case, she did not want Xia Ning to be involved with Qiao Yu.These rich bastards never treated actresses as equal human beings. Marrying rich was always just a dream. How many mistresses were able to be recognized, and which one of them was not condemned?

Something is wrong with Qiao Yu too, leaving his own son with someone else. Where was the wife?

Lu Qing suddenly looked at Xia Ning, “Xia Ning, did Enoch’s mum die?” How else can a kid call someone else mum?

“Cough…” Xia Ning was choked by her words. She looked at Lu Qing, speechless. How did she come to a conclusion like that? Did she just kill Xia Ning in her mind?