Chapter 32 - The Capture

Chapter 32 of 100 chapters

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“Sister Xia Ning, I never thought I could see Zheng Haodong so closely! So handsome!” Wen Jing looked back with an obsessed look on her face. She suddenly covered her mouth in excitement. “What… Zheng… Zheng Haodong is walking towards us.”

Xia Ning shot a glance at Wen Jing. This assistant was more than just a little noisy. How did Lu Qing decide to pick her back then? She would not have known Lu Qing’s theory of complementing characters. She was worried a boring person with another one would lead to despondency in the group.

Zheng Haodong walked over and stuck his hand out to Xia Ning. “Miss Xia, nice to meet you. I’ve seen your movies and TV shows. You’ve got good acting skills.”

Xia Ning stood up with her hand out too. She smiled. “Brother Zheng, you not only sing well but also act well too. It’s my pleasure to be able to work with you.”

Zheng Haodong took his hand back and blinked at Xia Ning. “Hearing your words makes me think you are one of my fans. I heard Director Li is very strict about the show. Let’s work together.”

“Sure, let’s help each other.” Xia Ning smiled as well. With Zheng Haodong’s joking, the atmosphere was lightened.

“I am going over there to say hi. Please make yourself comfortable.” Zheng Haodong nodded to Xia Ning and walked away with his people.

“Wow, Bro Haodong is such a gentleman.” Wen Jing was completely star-crazed. Xia Ning was a little speechless.

After Lu Qing was done with some work, she walked over and pulled Xia Ning to the side. She said to her in a low voice, “Listen to me, don’t get too close with Zheng Haodong.”

Xia Ning saw her serious face and asked, “Why?”

Lu Qing looked around and whispered, “This Zheng Haodong has a very ordinary background. But ever since his debut, he had almost zero scandals about him. Nowadays, every star uses publicity. Therefore, people say someone is behind him.”

Xia Ning did not reply and gazed at his vanishing back.

When the major artistes were ready and the traditional ritual was done, the shooting finally started.

On the other side, Qiao Yu was done moving to the unit next to Xia Ning’s. He brought his son to live with him and wanted Xia Ning to find out herself that he was the new neighbor. But after a long time, nothing happened in her unit.

Finally, Qiao Yu could not help but ring the doorbell for Xia Ning’s unit. The doorbell went on for a long time, but no one came to answer the door. Her phone was turned off too. He remembered her saying her schedule was full, so he called Chen Hong to check her whereabouts.

Before Chen Hong called back, Qiao Yu grabbed his phone to search for her news on Weibo. Indeed, he found one Weibo that was related to her.

ShengshiWeiyangTVShowV: Here comes the emperor and Weiyang![pic][pic] @ZhengHaodongV @SKXiaNingV Remember to love each other. Even though we all know you always love and hate [laugh].

The pictures contained some publicity stills. Zheng Haodong was wearing an emperor’s robe while Xia Ning was in a fresh and elegant outfit of a palace maid. Qiao Yu finally knew now. Xia Ning went to the set for filming.

“Daddy, when is Mummy gonna open the door for us?” Enoch looked up at his dad, his cute eyes filled with worry. Why was Mummy not opening the door for them?

Qiao Yu put away his phone, looked at his son and answered, “Your mum knew we were gonna come and was playing hide and seek with us on purpose. Daddy is going to find her and bring her back.”

Enoch looked at his dad with a deep look. He was confused. Was Mummy that childish?

Qiao Yu picked up the phone without any emotion on his face. He called Chen Hong. “I want to know Xia Ning’s schedule, now, at this moment!”