Chapter 34 - Love Scenes?

Chapter 34 of 100 chapters

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‘Shengshi Weiyang’ started shooting and a lot of people were commenting online. Many were not happy that Xia Ning was playing the role of Qin Weiyang and thought she would destroy the whole show.

HappyTop: Are you joking? Director, you must be blind to let a nameless actress play the role of our Queen Weiyang.

IamPinkBubble: Can somebody tell me who Xia Ning is? Director, come out and let’s talk about life.

ShiyanIsMyGoddess: I thought Weiyang was going to be played by our baby Shi? Who the hell is this Xia Ning?

QinsMoon: I won’t believe it if anyone says Xia Ning does not have anyone behind her! I’ve heard a long time ago that she is a b*tch who climbs up through casting couches.

After filming the scenes of the princess of Wei passing away and Weiyang being bullied by the other concubines, Xia Ning went back to her seat to take a break. She took out her phone, and saw the notification in Weibo and clicked in.

Lu Qing came over to stop her from reading but did not expect her to have already seen them.

“These comments are from the fans of the original fiction. You know, every TV show that’s adopted, the fans of the books are very picky and hate the leading actors and actresses,” Lu Qing said at once, hoping her glass heart would not be so broken.

Xia Ning did not talk but instead reposted something from the Shengshi Weiyang TV show.

SKXiaNingV: The script, the director and the artistes are awesome. Of course, the lunchbox too. @ShengshiWeiyangTVShowV

Xia Ning had been using Weibo for almost a year. Although most of her Weibo were related to work, her account still had more than three hundred thousand fans. Plus the scandals a while ago and the topic of confronting reporters, her Weibo fans now reached a million.

After she sent her post, the comments flooded in.

LemonLoveLemon: A proven foodie.

LittleSweetHeart: If you dare to take a pic of you having boxed-lunch, I will buy it.

TopoftheMountain: Don’t listen to those trolls. I think you are a good fit for the role of Qin Weiyang. I just want to tell the trolls: do it yourself if you think you’re that good!

DonutFalls4Me: I am certain this post was sent by Xia Ning herself. Does it mean we can see more from her?

Lu Qing naturally noticed Xia Ning’s Weibo. She saw the comments below and was finally at ease. “Looks like your fans are quite firm and supportive.”

Xia Ning glanced at her and said calmly, “I am not that famous and I don’t have any masterpiece. Being doubted is very common. Well, the next scene is coming up. I’m heading over.” As she was talking, she gave her phone to Lu Qing and walked towards the camera.

Watching her elegant back, Lu Qing was a bit helpless. She was the one who was trying to comfort her. How was she was comforted by her in the end instead?

She read a few comments under the post. The book fans were holding a firm ground. If she did not do well in the TV show, who knew how many trolls would turn against her.

The next part was Weiyang being framed by some palace maids and sent to the cold palace. She happened to meet the emperor who came to the cold palace. The emperor saved her and wanted to punish the maids for her, but she stopped him. The emperor thought she was kind and did not fuss. But she was only thinking less was always better than more. If she did do that, larger problems might find her. The two sat on the ground and chatted. The emperor lied and told her he was Prince Qi.

Weiyang happened to know that Prince Qi was in the palace today. She did not know much about the Prince Qi of the Great Kingdom of Qi, and could not say much. After they chatted for a while, someone came to pick him up.

Weiyang saw that person bowing down to the man next to her. Although he was apparently lower-ranked, his character was very strong. He was very calm. Realizing she was looking at him, he moved his eyes away immediately and did not show any curiosity.

“Cut! Well done!” Director Li stood up and said to Xia Ning, “Xia Ning, Lu Chuan, good job with the eye expressions. Let’s call it a day. Everyone go back and rest.”

Hearing this, everyone’s mood loosened up immediately. They had just started shooting and had been rushing the schedule. Everyone was a bit tired. Once they heard ‘rest’, of course, they were very happy.

Lu Chuan walked over and said to Director Li, “Director Li, it’s still early. Everyone must be hungry. Shall we go out for food and then rest?” His eyes fell onto Xia Ning and smiled at her. He joked, “I heard you have bed scenes tomorrow. Do you want to relax a bit first in case you get nervous tomorrow?”