Chapter 35 - Qi Le’s Provocation

Chapter 35 of 100 chapters

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Hearing about the bed scenes, Zheng Haodong walked over and laughed. “I should be the one who gets nervous. With such a beauty next to me, I can’t handle it.”

Xia Ning knew that there were bed scenes in the drama. She smiled. “But I still think the one at a disadvantage is you, Brother Zheng. Who doesn’t know that you are the Mr. McDreamy in the entertainment circle.”

Director Li next to them laughed. “Stop flattering each other because that’s useless. I am the one you should be flattering because I get to decide how long you are staying in bed. Haha!”

Xia Ning: “…”

Zheng Haodong: “…”

They did not think it was funny at all, for the serious Director Li to joke about this kind of things. And it was kind of dirty…

The entire crew was going out for food. Xia Ning could not say no. Otherwise, someone would say she was hard to wait on and unsocial.

After removing her makeup, she followed Director Li. Zheng Haodong and the others were walking in the front.

In the back, some actresses saw the ones talking and laughing ahead of them, and their facial expressions were not looking good.

“Sister Cui, don’t you think it’s unfair? Us aside, you’ve debuted before Xia Ning and you are more famous. Why should you be her supporting role? Do you see how well Director Li and Zheng Haodong are treating her? For what?” Qi Le, the actress playing Consort Shu, put on an upset face. She debuted two or three years ago and had been playing some small roles. Losing to others would have been fine, but how come some newbie like Xia Ning, who debuted a year ago and did not even star in that many TV shows, was lining up in front of her and became the female lead straightaway?

Cui Meng played the second female lead in this TV show. She was 29 years old this year and had played numerous roles after her debut, among which were some classics. She had also played the leading role in a few TV shows, but none of them was a big hit. However, she had good acting skills and therefore, had quite a few loyal fans.

“Stop talking nonsense. Director Li’s taste for actresses can’t go wrong. I think she is pretty good at acting.” Cui Meng smiled with a gentle voice.

The other actress who was playing Consort Hui, Gong Yao, sneered. “Good at what? Sister Cui, you really think some newcomer can easily get the leading role of this kind of grand production? You’ve been in the entertainment business longer than us. You know better what it is like in the circle.”

Cui Meng heard that and her face changed. Gong Yao was basically saying she was old. Yes, she was almost 30, but still not that famous.

Watching the people ahead walking away, Cui Meng frowned. “Shut it. You don’t have any proof so don’t talk nonsense about others. I did not hear anything today.”

Qi Le smirked. “Sooner or later, I will find proof!”

They finally picked a restaurant serving Hunan Cuisine near the hotel. With so many people, it was natural for them to drink.

“Even Director Li who was said to never drink is drinking today. Our beautiful Miss Xia, you have to have a glass. Don’t you think?” Lu Chuan was holding a glass and joking.

Although Lu Chuan was playing the silent Prince Qi, he was an active guy after work. He started from background roles and made his way to become the second male lead and had learned all his lessons. At this kind of occasion, he was naturally the ice-breaking king.

“Yeah, let’s see how much our beauty can drink.” The rest followed.

Xia Ning smiled and said, “I get drunk after a glass. I don’t want to lose my face.”

“Not wanting to lose your face or not giving us face? I think someone like Miss Xia would be used to accompanying people for drinking.” Qi Le was holding the teacup and staring at Xia Ning with a ghostly smile, her eyes full of deep sarcasm. “No, just used to drinking.”