Chapter 36 - Getting Back At Qi Le

Chapter 36 of 100 chapters

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The atmosphere in the private room suddenly got weird. All those who were joking quieted down and looked at Xia Ning awkwardly.

Both Lu Chuan and Zheng Haodong frowned at Qi Le, obviously disliking her words. No matter what Xia Ning was like, it would be a thousand times better than this ridicule.

Director Li looked at Qi Le unpleasantly. If it was not because the investor insisted on Qi Le, he would not have picked her. Just as he was about to speak up, Xia Ning beside him spoke.

“I really don’t know how to accompany people for wine, as I am just a newcomer. I don’t know about many things. But Miss Qi, you debuted earlier than me and must know a lot. Could you show me how to do that?” Xia Ning suddenly looked to Qi Le and put on a slight smile. “I will definitely learn from you with all my heart.”

Cui Meng darted a glance at Xia Ning. She was really direct, but it felt great!

“What… What nonsense are you saying…”Qi Le was so angry that she threw the cup on the table and glared at Xia Ning. What did she mean? Was she saying she knew everything about accompanying people for drinking?

Xia Ning looked at her and smiled, and did not say anything else. But the reactions around them were as clear as mirrors. Someone smirked. Everyone knew who was more used to accompanying people for drinking here.

Lu Chuan sneered at Qi Le. “Qi Le, we were just having fun with dinner. Is it fun to mock people by hiding behind your words? Don’t make a fool of yourself.”

“Well done, Lu Chuan. Are you on her side?” Qi Le glared at Lu Chuan and said, her eyes moving between him and Xia Ning. “Don’t tell me after only a few days, you are already falling for her? She is just an easy b*tch…”

Director Li slammed the table and looked at Qi Le coldly. “Get out now! If you don’t want the role, you don’t have to show up tomorrow.”

Qi Le looked at Director Li unbelievably. “Director! You…” A sign of humiliation flashed across her face. She grabbed her bag on the chair and walked out.

Bang! The door of the private room slammed.

Everyone in the room was not looking good. This Qi Le was crazy. No one would call others a b*tch in front of their faces. Did she do anything to you? No matter what Xia Ning’s personal life was like, as long as she was nice on set and worked well with others, that was enough.

“I’m sorry. Everyone’s mood is ruined because of me. I will be drunk after one glass, so I am only drinking this glass. A toast to show my respect.” Xia Ning stood up and raised the glass. She drank up a glass of white spirit.

“Good, good!” People nearby started clapping their hands and joking around. They poured Xia Ning another glass. “Let’s forget about the flies and drink.” All of a sudden the room was filled with laughter again.

Xia Ning smiled and waved her hands. “I can’t drink anymore.” She turned to Director Li sitting next to her and said, “Director Li, you look so happy today. Is there any good news? If I am not guessing wrong, it should be that the investment problem has been solved?”

As she was speaking, everyone looked to Director Li. They all knew there was some issue with the investor for this show, but no one dared to say anything. They admired Xia Ning’s courage.

Director Li heard and laughed out loud. “Xia Ning is really smart. A new investor came to us with a big amount. So starting tomorrow, there will be no need to rush the shooting like before.”

“Really? Ah, looks like we can have a good night’s sleep. Haha, come on, let’s drink a round.”

“Bottoms up!”

Everyone in the room was happily drinking. Towards the end of the meal, Xia Ning excused herself to the restroom as she was not into drinking. Just when she got to the ladies’ room, she heard some voices from the men’s room next door.

“It’s been such a long time since I saw you. I missed you so much. Wait for me at the same place tonight, ok?” The guy panted with a husky voice.