Chapter 37 - Attack At The Hotel

Chapter 37 of 100 chapters

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A man in black haute couture walked out from the men’s room. He shot a glance at the closed door of the ladies’ room and walked away. After that, some more steps were heard.

Xia Ning heard the sound outside and knew everyone was gone. She walked to the sink and looked at her calm face in the mirror.

In a private room, four men and four girls were smoking, with a bunch of glass bottles on the table.

“This sucks.” A man in the middle blew some smoke and loosened his tie. His face was showing impatience.

The girl sitting next to him handed over a glass of wine right away. She smiled. “What’s wrong, Young Master Song? How about me drinking with you?”

“With your mouth?” Song Chenfeng held the girl in his arms. Not caring about the people around them looking, he kissed her on the face forcefully. “You smell so good that I want to do you right here.” As he talked, he was getting handsy.

The people nearby started joking, “We can finally see Young Master Song doing it today!”

“What, little b*tch. Do you want me to do you as well?” Jiang Shaonan sitting nearby was as if he got provoked by this. He grabbed the young model in his arms by her breasts and started groping her too.

Chen Shiyan smiled flirtatiously and let Song Chenfeng touch her. She actually drank some wine and grabbed his neck to feed him. “Young Master Song, my movie…”

“As long as you are a good girl. Just a female lead in a movie? It’s just a matter of words.” Song Chenfeng squeezed her breasts and put on a dirty smile.

Young Master He heard this and looked at his watch. “Is Brother Qiao coming or not?”

Young Master Zhou followed on. “Could it be he did not come to J city at all?”

Song Chenfeng heard that and smirked. “He’s from such a big family. Maybe he thinks nothing of us at all.”

“Let it be. Ignore him. He can come if he likes. Let’s keep drinking.” Jiang Shaonan picked up the bottle and started drinking.

“Young Master Song, that Brother Qiao…” Chen Shiyan asked carefully.

“Why are you asking about him?” Song Chenfeng squinted his eyes and lifted up her jaw. “Do you little b*tch think I’m not as strong as him and want to seduce him? Huh?”

“Young Master Song…” Chen Shiyan’s face changed slightly.

“Get out!” Song Chenfeng pushed her abruptly.

Chen Shiyan almost fell. She felt very awkward and humiliated, but the young masters acted as if they did not see it at all and continued drinking. She grabbed her bag and excused herself to the restroom, and walked out. As she opened the door, she did not expect to see Xia Ning standing at the door.

Xia Ning seemed to be just passing by. She glanced at her and moved forward.

Chen Shiyan took out a mirror and looked at herself in it. Her face was red and lips swollen. Even her shirt was a bit messy. She looked at the person in front of her with spite. She knew her, Xia Ning!

When Xia Ning came back from the restroom, Lu Chuan and the rest started urging people to drink again. Even Zheng Haodong who claimed he needed to protect his throat started shouting for drinks.

The next round started again. When they returned to the hotel, it was already past midnight.

Zheng Haodong and Director Li were completely drunk. The former was because he was not good at drinking. The latter indeed drank too much. Xia Ning and Lu Chuan who were sober sent everyone to their rooms one by one.

Xia Ning was staying on the fifth floor. She walked out of the elevator and took out the key card to open the door. As the door opened, suddenly a hand grabbed her arm to drag her in. Her body was pushed onto a nude chest and her mouth was covered by a hand and she could not make a sound. Click click click! The sound of photo-taking followed and the flashlights were blinding her eyes.