Chapter 38 - My Life, Has Nothing To Do With You

Chapter 38 of 100 chapters

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The corridor on the fifth floor was empty. Xia Ning was being dragged into the room. She struggled and kicked the man behind her in a panic. Her mouth and nose were covered and she felt suffocated.

As the man behind her was dragging her into the room, he was also pulling her clothes. She hooked the door on the side with one foot and used her hands to break free from the man’s arm. But the strength difference between men and women was so big. Her foot could not hold on to the door anymore. Seeing the door was about to be closed, a sense of desperation rose in Xia Ning’s heart.

Bang! The door was knocked opened suddenly. A shadow went in and immediately pulled her over. Then he came in to beat up the man.

The man knew he could not win, so he grabbed the camera and wanted to run out.

Xia Ning was lying on the side of the door. She shouted, “Don’t let him go! He took photos!”

As those words came out, the shadow went up and then the man groaned in a dull voice. Bam! The camera fell onto the wall across and it shattered into pieces. The man took the chance and rushed out of the room. He ran away without a chance to take the film.

Seeing this, she felt relieved. But she quickly realized another problem. There was someone else in her room.

All of a sudden, her wrist was grabbed by a force and she was pulled into the room. Bang! The door shut.

“Who are you? Let me go!” Xia Ning shouted out loud. This time no one covered her mouth. She struggled and kicked her legs.

She kicked somewhere and a man groaned.

Click! The lights came on.

Xia Ning blinked her eyes to see the person in front of her with surprise. “Why are you here?”

Qiao Yu let go of Xia Ning and raised his hand to loosen up his tie. He looked at her coldly. “If I wasn’t here, what would have happened?”

Xia Ning picked up the bag on the floor and threw it onto the couch. She unbuttoned the top of her shirt and pinched her eyebrows. “Thank you for today.” After the tension, the alcohol started to get to her head.

Qiao Yu saw her movement and frowned. “You drank.”

“Yup.” Xia Ning replied calmly. She opened the fridge and grabbed a bottle of water. After a lot of water, she finally felt not that thirsty.

Qiao Yu saw her white neck, perfect jawline and half-opened collar. He pulled his tie again and his handsome face was full of unpleasantness. “You know you can’t drink much but did not take anyone with you. Do you want something to happen on purpose?”

Xia Ning put the plastic bottle on the fridge and smiled at Qiao Yu. “I am grateful that you saved me today. But my life, has nothing to do with you.” She thought of something suddenly and said to him, “Do you think this was a plot to seduce you again?”

“I just don’t want Enoch to have an unclean mum,” Qiao Yu said with a cold face.

“Is it?” Xia Ning smiled slightly. “But this is the reality already. I got pregnant without being married and what’s clean about that? Qiao Yu, sometimes I think you are ridiculous. Back then, you didn’t care about him. And now, you are playing the good daddy. I am curious as to what made you change.”

“Do you want to know?” Qiao Yu’s deep look fell on her, with some mysterious emotion.

Having abruptly looked into his deep eyes, Xia Ning frowned and moved her eyes away. “No. I need to rest now. You can go.”

After a long while, the door opened and closed again. The room fell into silence again.

Xia Ning fell onto the couch, her head aching like hell. The sealed memories came back to her like an unstoppable tide.