Chapter 39 - You Think You Can Get An Extra Look From Me by Doing This?

Chapter 39 of 100 chapters

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Outside the luxurious house, a car had been waiting there for a long time. But the person who went in the house had not come out yet.

A tall man walked down from the stairs. He was holding a briefcase in one hand and an open folder in another.

“Hi, Brother Qiao.” Suddenly a shadow jumped out from the flowering shrubs and dashed towards him, blocking him.

Seeing the girl in front of him, Qiao Yu frowned. He closed the folder and walked around her.

Xia Ning followed him immediately. “Brother Qiao, where are you going today? The library?”

“Oh, you are holding a briefcase. Are you working part-time?”

“Where do you work? I can go with you.”

Qiao Yu ran up and opened the car door directly. She grinned at Qiao Yu. “Brother Qiao, let me get you there. I’m a good driver.”

Qiao Yu did not even look at her and got into the car from behind, leaving Xia Ning standing in exhaust gas.

Outside the stock exchange, Qiao Yu walked out with a group of people. He said something to the British person in the front. In the end, they shook their hands and walked towards different directions with their own group.

Suddenly, a shadow rushed in front of Qiao Yu and handed him a bottle of water. “Brother Qiao, drink some water. I heard you just now. Your English is so fluent.”

“Brother, if she calls you Big Brother Qiao 1 , you will become the head of the beggars. Haha,” a man behind Qiao Yu joked. “Little sis, you did a good job following us here.”

Qiao Yu did not take Xia Ning’s water. He walked forward around her.

“Little sis, work harder.” Gao Yang blinked at Xia Ning.

Xia Ning saw herself getting ignored again and was not upset at all. Instead, she turned her head around and yelled at the tall figure, “Qiao Yu, I will find you again tomorrow.”

Seeing the lunch box in Xia Ning’s hand, Zheng Ziming felt a bit jealous. “Asteria, I know you are chasing after a guy. But how come you have become the nanny? Even if you make food for him, he might not want your favor. We’ve known each other for so many years but when did you ever bring me a lunchbox?”

Xia Ning rolled her eyes at him. “You have so many girlfriends and still need me to bring you a lunchbox? Don’t make my life harder. If we delay any longer, he might leave.” As she spoke, she got into the driver’s seat and drove the car away.

When she got there, Qiao Yu was walking out of the house. She got off the car immediately and gave him her lunchbox of love.

“Qiao Yu, I made this lunch for you.”

Qiao Yu did not even look at her and walked forward.

“You are so busy working. Take it with you.” Xia Ning followed him.

Qiao Yu suddenly stopped. Xia Ning felt so happy and handed him the lunchbox.

Qiao Yu took a look and grabbed the lunchbox only to throw it in the garbage bin next to him. He moved on.

“…” Xia Ning looked at the garbage bin and then looked to the direction where the sports car left. Finally, she walked to the garbage bin and picked up the lunchbox. She sighed. “Does it look that bad?” She cleaned her hands and opened the box. As she had her first bite, she spit it out immediately. She suddenly felt lucky that Qiao Yu threw this away.

In the ally. “Let me go. Let me go!” Two strong men were harassing Xia Ning. They threw her bag on the ground and started to take off her clothes. The well-made dress split into halves. She struggled like crazy and tears were coming out of her eyes.

All of a sudden two shadows showed up. Each taking down one, they drove away the two strong guys.

Xia Ning fell and sat on the ground, tears all over her face. But her eyes were on the tall and handsome man.

Qiao Yu took off his suit and threw it onto Xia Ning. Xia Ning immediately put the suit on and covered her exposed body. She did not even say thank you before an icy voice put out all her passion.

“You think you can get an extra look from me by doing this? This is the last time.” His cold eyes were as if they could see through her, directly to her heart.

Suddenly, her heart hurt like it was torn.

In the dark hotel room, Xia Ning opened her eyes suddenly. She moved her body and realized she fell asleep on the couch. She picked up her phone and checked the time. It was only six o’clock.