Chapter 4 - Movie King Lin Nan

Chapter 4 of 100 chapters

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After getting kicked out of President Zheng’s office, Xia Ning was not pissed at all. She could see why President Zheng was so upset.

SE had a lot of famous stars, but way more actors than actresses.

It was not like they did not develop the actresses at all, but they did neglect them a little. Therefore, some actresses left for SE’s rivals once they gained a little popularity.

Therefore, SE was being mocked by their rivals for not having a famous actress. Maybe SE wanted to turn the tables around, they started putting more effort into developing actresses. Xia Ning was a good example.

She signed with SE last year. Even though her debut was only a year ago, she could be seen as the new actress with the most potential besides the award-winning Cheng Feixuan. But if the actress had too many scandals about her, it could lead to nothing but a waste of all the previously-devoted effort and resources.

Plus, there were way too many people flinging mud at her recently. Just this trip had led to three scandals.

The first one said she was the new mistress to a certain real estate developer and had accompanied him to Japan.

The second said she shared a hotel room with a rich boyfriend and hadn’t even left the room yet.

The last one said she was reportedly getting drunk with another girl. With all the intimate hugs, it looked like she was coming out of the closet.

All these photos were extremely blurry, not to mention some were obviously photoshopped. But the Internet trolls were doing their best to attack her as if they were determined to defame her.

This kind of rumors was not good for an actress. But who on earth was behind all this?

Suddenly a figure crossed Xia Ning’s mind. She frowned as she hung her bag on her shoulder, and walked to the elevator. She pressed the down button.

Just as Xia Ning arrived at the first floor of SE International, she saw the reporters flooding the gate. She was barely a B-class actress. So many reporters after her. They really were treating her like someone big. She frowned again and started walking towards the side door. As she was turning around, she hit a strong and solid chest.

She stepped back and before she could see clearly who that was, she heard a familiar voice.

“What a coincidence, Miss Xia! I thought you were still having fun out there. Didn’t realize you came back already.” A tall and handsome man looked at Xia Ning and smiled.

Xia Ning took off her sunglasses and grinned at the man in front of her, “It should be me saying that. I couldn’t have dreamed of seeing you here at the SE tower, Movie King Lin.”

Lin Nan was the leading actor in her previous movie. She also won the Best Newcomer Award with this movie.

Lin Nan was already 36 years old. But he was well-maintained and looked as if he was only around 30.

He was very good-looking and had even better acting skills. He could have never avoided becoming famous. Since his debut, he had been at the bottom only once and had been very successful ever since.

Now, he had his own studio. But he never really left SE, his old agency. He was a nostalgic person in some way.

“There’s a movie for me recently, therefore I came back to negotiate. What about you, did the ad shooting go well?”

Sometimes he thought it was very strange. How could someone as disciplined as Xia Ning have all those tidbits on her?

Yes, she was disciplined. In fact, he had never seen any actress who was as disciplined as her. She never drank or smoked, nor did she flatter anyone. She was extremely quiet on the film set, and never talked to anybody outside the set either.

Xia Ning looked at him and smiled. “The process was very smooth, but the ending was not perfect. However, with Mr. Lin’s presence, it can be remedied.”

Lin Nan suddenly felt caught in the middle. Had he known, he would not have come over to say hi to her. Now he had to help her handle the reporters. He deserved this.

He looked to her, eyebrows raised. “How about a dinner for compensation?”